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Ok so doing this on iPhone so have to be brief. Went to caro's, went to Ed & kathy's to make banners, drank booze, didn't go clubbing, had lots of gossip, and giggling over caro finding rudeness in perfectly innocent remarks. Loki cuddles, and Puck cuddles, and even Tia cuddles, which was lovely. When I got home, Jamie was utterly broken and spent most of the afternoon and evening snoozing, so just pottered and watched tv.

Gym tonight, and sensible foods to be eaten. I'm still really pissed off with the whole maxi dress thing, I may write and complain. J has offered to take me dress shopping this weekend to try and find an alternative. And in addition a pair of shorts I ordered from next were too small in a size 12, even though the three trousers I bought all fitted perfectly. Stupid clothes sizing!

Work is still dull, it's month end but I won't be busy until at least the end of the week. And we move offices this weekend as well. Need to sort out train ticket as well.

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So yesterday was Ed and Rachael's wedding. It was awesome! Very them, if you know what I mean. I may have drunk rather too much mead - I'm feeling incredibly delicate today!

I think we eventually headed off to bed at about 4am. There was singing around the fire and it was cool. Other highlights include the first dance :-)

Didn't realise how drunk I was till we went to bed and I lay down. Didn't really get much sleep, so felt pretty rough when I first got up. Burger king on the way home stopped me feeling too rubbish in the car and a prolonged snooze in bed with J and the cat helped me feel vaguely human again. Fidg was very cute, actually, as soon as he realised I'd got in bed wearing my dressing gown he came racing over, dived under the covers and started kneading the gown like a cat possessed! Then he curled up as tight up against me as he could, and purred his head off. I'm guessing he's forgiven me for the kennels and the vet now!

Rugby now, with added pizza. Hopefully my hangover will go away soon!

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Ok so the final stage in Operation Try To Make Fidget Hate Me is over - we went to the vets this morning!

He really, really did not want to get back into the cat carrier. I think he was afraid I was going to take him away and leave him somewhere again. There was wailing.

Fortunately the vets is only round the corner, so there was minimal wailing while driving. No other animals in the waiting room for the first few minutes, which meant he mostly calmed down. Then someone came in with a tiny tabby kitten (12 weeks old, I'm guessing, since it was getting a second set of injections today), then a massive labrador/retriever type dog came out and was loud and slobbery everywhere. Fidget didn't like that.

Vet was very pleased with Fidget's overall health and so on. He was very complimentary about his coat and skin being in such good condition - I told him it was because Fidg insists on his daily flea combing! His teeth are also still very good, and the vet is still happy with the age assessment we were given when we took him in, meaning Fidget is now approximately 8 years old.

The only minor problem was Fidget's ears - he's been scratching a lot recently, despite regular Frontline treatment. Vet has decided he has a mild ear infection, so we have drops to put in his ears twice daily for the next couple of weeks. If there is no improvement I have to take him back, but the vet said these drops should clear up most mild infections.

Fidget is now outside, wolfing down grass like you wouldn't believe.


Jul. 17th, 2009 08:22 pm
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Well, the kitten is gone. It was the missing kitten, Indy. I knew it was, and I am very happy to reunite him with his [equally happy] owners. He is extra special to them because he is the son of their cat, and they also have his sister at home as well.

I had to ask where they got him, because I remain convinced that he is Fidget's little brother. Basically, they used to live two streets away, and they said it was a big hairy tabby cat that got their girl up the duff. Given Fidget's size, and his features, and Indy's features also, I would hazard a guess that the Dad is some sort of Coon or Wedgie cross.

Here are some photos of the absolutely adorable Indy:
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Yesterday evening we emptied our bookshelves in the living room, in preparation for them having to be moved today when the Sky man comes to install the HD box (the sky cables run round that half of the room, pinned to the skirting, going behind all three bookcases and the sofa). So my dining table is covered in Jamie's geeky Warhammer 40k novels, with Fidget's bed all tucked away behind them like he's in a fort (he loves it!), and the corner of the living room under the stairs is filled with DVDs and other books.

Mr Fidget went for an explore on the empty shelves - it was excessively cute. He pottered about on the shelf for ages, kept eyeing up the other bookcase, and the shelves above, but didn't attempt to move onto them.
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Also, last night we made delicious new food - in fact it was so delicious I'm going to have to tell people about it. But I'm not going to post about it here, I'm going to post about it in [ profile] bread_and_salt, because thats what it's for.
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Jamie and I were just out in the garden, I was sitting on the bench and Crotchy jumped up and sat on my knee, kneading my cardigan with his front paws and purring his head off as I stroked him. He did this quite a lot last night as well, when I was outside chatting with Caro.

I asked Jamie what we were going to do about him, because we need a permanent solution. The most sensible option would be to call Cats Protection and have them re-home him. However, Crotchy's been a part of our lives for 4 years almost now, and we're as much attached to him as we are to our own cats. Neither of us have the heart to just hand him over to a complete stranger, to never see him again. So we've decided. We're going to make a massive effort over the summer to integrate Crotchy into our house. Fidget and Crotchy get on perfectly well outside the house, its just inside the house where Fidget gets a bit territorial about the whole affair.

I've just done some reading up online about integrating a new cat into the household, and I think it might be possible. Especially with Jamie home during the day for the forseeable. The study upstairs (Andy's bedroom, as was) is pretty isolated from the rest of the house, because of our ridiculous cowboy job hallway. So its perfect as a "safe" room for Crotchy, especially as we cleaned it up and hoovered etc the other day so it was fit for human habitation at the weekend. So its not so much filled with Fidget's hair and so on, but still smells of him enough to get Crotchy used to it. And as they already know and recognise each other, its just going to be a patience game, slowly integrating Crotchy's smells into the rest of the house.

We think we'll keep Crotchy out of our bedroom as much as we can though, keep that as Fidget's "safe" room.

I think where we've gone wrong before, is we've shut him in the bathroom/kitchen, so the place where Fidget normally gets fed is the area which ends up smelling of Crotchy. Which is obviously not going to go down well with the Fidget.

If it does work out though, we're going to have to rename him. Or at least, just pretend to rename him so that when I take him to the vet to get him checked out, I don't have to answer the "what is your cat's name?" question with "Crotchspider!". Will most likely shorten that to Spider, although I'm not keen on that because I already have a cat called Spider who has a small place in my heart, and I don't want to duplicate (my next door neighbours when I was young had a three legged tabby called Spider). So, any suggestions welcome for my little big nosed blue boy.

Here's a picture or two, to inspire you:
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So Tydfil's texted a couple of photos of the lads:
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Ok, so I promised more photos of Bo and Rosco, and photos of kittens.

pics here )


Apr. 13th, 2009 11:47 pm
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He's back!!! Mr Popodopolous has woken up from his hibernation, and has re-appeared in our garden. Jamie just called me outside and the hedgehog was bimbling about in my border. He's huge now! and he let me stroke him, and didn't curl up into a ball or anything. He's incredibly cute.

pic here )

In other news, Mr Fidget has suddenly decided he likes milk. Jamie had a small glass of it earlier, and Fidget was straight in it. It was very cute. He hasn't had much though, and a close eye will be kept on him tomorrow to ensure there are no negative side effects. He did go COMPLETELY CRAZY afterwards though, maybe some sort of sugar rush!
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So while I was out today, Mr Fidget was doing his level best to scare the shit out of Jamie.

J was in the house. Heard a cat outside, a deep long angry threatening growl. Not recognising it, he went to investigate. It was coming from the alley out the back, close to the back door.

It was Mr Fidget. Not his usual, high-pitched, girly meow. A proper vicious, "I'm going to kill you" sort of noise.

Further investigation revealed another cat, a big tabby and white fella with a shiny blue collar. We've seen him out the front a few times over the last couple of weeks, and whenever I've seen Fidget spot him from the study window, he's reacted rather negatively. Doesn't like new cats.

Anyway, Fidget had this cat pinned up against the wall, backed into a corner. He couldn't get past Fidget to get out of the alley to safety. Fidget was raking away with all four sets of claws, biting, the whole shebang. There was blood on the other cat's flanks.

Jamie's reaction was predictably panicked and instantaneous. Straight out the back door, grabbed Fidget with both hands and threw him inside. Didn't get a chance to find out how badly injured the other cat was, for as soon as Fidget was out of the way, he was off. Legged it down the alley and out of sight.

Fidget was not injured. And after a nice big brush from Jamie to calm him down, he settled into a heap in the middle of the bed and fell asleep, which is where I found him when I came home.
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I failed to tell you this story when I got into work, even after spending my cycle in composing the post in my head. So now you get the less pretty, shorter version as I scramble to get the words down before I go for a post-gym shower.

Those of you who have visited my house, or seen enough pictures, will get the gist of the layout of these terraces. Long narrow properties, with bathrooms and kitchens extending out of the back of the standard 2-up 2-down living and bedrooms. In our case, our ground floor extends for quite a way, and from our bedroom, the back window of the tiny half-bedroom directly above the kitchen looks out over the vast square expanse of the bathroom roof.

Since our house has become a fashionable hotspot for up and coming stray cats to get a sneaky warm snooze and a bit of grub, we have taken to opening this upstairs window for the cat while we are away from the house, rather than the downstairs one, on the basis that Crotchspider can't get up on the roof anymore (we don't think so anyway). Fidget is very used to this now, although if he's out when we're in the house, he will sit forlornly on the dining room windowsill waiting quietly for someone to let him in, rather than go upstairs and let himself in, as it were (note - he doesnt cry or scratch the door or anything, he just sits there silently. when its dark, seeing a black cat sitting in the unlit alleyway can be difficult. he doesnt seem to have realised this yet).

This morning, I was eating my breakfast at the dining table, in the company of Mr Fidget who, having finished his breakfast, was looking out of the window deciding if he wanted to go out or not. All of a sudden, quite unexpectedly, his ears flattened against his head and he let out this unearthly howl. I recognised the noise as "There's a cat I don't like sitting in my alleyway. How dare it!" but the reaction was a little over the top for the usual suspect - Fidget doesnt really get that agitated by Crotchspider anymore unless he's being really persistant. So I got up, leaned over and saw next doors ginger boy peering interestedly in through my back door. He heard me move (paper thin walls!) and ran a short way down the alley, then stopped to look at me. He has the most gorgeous, innocent and curious face. Almost like he doesnt realise when he's being an idiot. Anyway, he buggered off down the path, so I resumed eating and Fidget resumed his staring.

Once I'd finished, there was no sign of him. I took Fidget upstairs, thinking "I will let him out upstairs and then he wont instantly run into the other cat and start fighting". Hmmm. How wrong can one be?

We have a bedside cabinet thing in front of the window, to help Fidget get in and out. I put him down on that, and he was instantly up, face pressed against the glass as I opened the window. He jumped up onto the windowsill, and stopped, half in and half out. Still staring intently. I leaned over, looked out, and who should I see on the bathroom roof, but next door's cat! He was right near the edge, over the alleyway side. Fidget wasn't moving, so I stroked him a couple of times (it gives him the courage to stand up for himself, instead of making me do it). He jumped down, ran over to the other cat, and stopped about a foot away from him. The other cat hissed rather ferociously, and backed away until he was very precariously balanced on the edge of the roof. Fidget inched closer, the ginger tom hissed again, so Fidget smacked him round the head and pushed him off the roof! I heard his wail of despair, and an almighty thump as he hit the floor. I raced downstairs, but he had moved by the time I got to the window. So then I had to go outside and check to make sure he was ok.

Which of course he was. He was pottering round the garden, being curious at things, as if nothing had happened. While Fidget sat and sulked on the roof corner.

I have no idea what happened after that, as I had to go to work, but I did see the ginger cat leaving the garden so I'm assuming Fidget eventually came down and got on with things.

However, I did notice as well, that as I was leaving, Crotchspider also turned up and was sitting by the back door!


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You may remember my saying that we had new neighbours and that they had a cat. A big ginger bruiser, by all accounts. We've seen him out and about a few times, I've tried to make friends with him. To me, he seems skittish and afraid, wanting to come and be curious but scared of us, wanting fuss but at the same time not wanting to be touched.

This evening, when Jamie came home, this was the sight greeting us on the dining room windowsill:

As you can see, he is a similar size to Fidget, but where Fidg is all muscle and sinew, Potato is a little podgy and not as beefy.

Anyway, we were giving Fidget loads of fuss, then I decided to take the above photo. We both left Fidget in the living room, and went into the dining room to take the photo. Fidget obviously then realised that we were paying this other cat more attention than him, and he came flying in, leapt up onto the table and shoving his face in the face of the other cat (insomuch as its possible to do so, through a closed window). Potato jumped down into the alley, so Fidget runs round into the kitchen and starts making a huge fuss to be let out.

So we let him out. As Jamie said, its important for Fidget to be allowed to assert his dominance over the other cat in his own territory. Fidget immediately launched himself at Potato, who legged it up the fence to get away. Fidget didn't follow, instead choosing to return to the window and jump up, I guess checking to make sure the other cat hadn't scented it. Then he jumped up onto the wall, and ran down the wall towards the other cat. Who, deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, legged it down into his own alleyway.

Fidget started stalking up and down the wall, I guess deciding whether or not to jump down on top of the other cat. At which point I plucked him off the wall, and took him back inside.

There is a lot of noise coming from next door, I guess they have friends over or something. So I'm not sure if the cat was outside to get away from the noise, or if he was outside because they were too busy entertaining to remember to let him in.

Anyway, no harm done, ginger cat is more aware than this house is not his house, and Fidget is happy.


Jan. 29th, 2009 02:09 pm
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Mrs Caro has laid down a gauntlet. I must repond!

The challenge? Which ginger kitteh is which? Lets see how we do... Fortunately, all the ones with ginger pies in have captions, so I am able to share some funny Lolcats as well!


Lolcats and identikats below the cut )

Wonder how well I've done? I'm sure Caro will correct me later on (I will make her, in fact, since she is at my mercy this evening).

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At Caro's request - a more detailed update on Bo and Rosco.

So the boys are now almost 11 months old, and they are beginning to behave less like crazy kittens and more like young adult cats. Its not as obvious as it was when Elmo hit that adolescent cat age and started trying to hang around with the adult cats, probably because there are no adult cats at David and Tydfil's to act as role models for the younger cats. They are still racing about the place, and very playful and so on, but there was a definate shift towards a more relaxed, approachable friendly attitude. When we arrived, they were both very welcoming, coming up to say hello with hardly any skittishness or Loki-esque scaredy cat behaviour.

Rosco is still enormous! Of course, he's not going to shrink between visits, but it still surprises me when I see him. He hasn't been properly weighed in a while, but apparently he jumped on the bathroom scales not so long ago and they reckoned he was 1st 4lbs. He'll get weighed properly when he goes back to the vets in March/April time, to get his booster vaccinations. Other than perhaps being slightly podgy round the middle, he is in very good health. His coat is wonderfully soft and snuggly, and although he is big and awkward, he's not scared of being picked up (especially by Jamie). He also very much loves to be groomed, and I spent a good while sitting on the kitchen floor dragging him over the tiles as I pulled the brush through his tail/leg fur. He's not a lap cat though, prefers to sit on the floor or in his basket.

Bo, on the other hand, is much more cuddly. He still doesnt like to be picked up, which is understandable, but he's a lot better now than he was. Its probably got a lot to do with the fact that he's not being manhandled by a vet every five minutes at the moment, so he's had a chance to chill out and be a normal cat for a while. He is very playful, and loves to chase his brother around. He likes to sit next to people on the sofas, and loves having a fuss. Is not as easy to groom as Rosco, because he is so playful he will try and grab anything you are holding (he was grabbing my phone when I was taking photos of him!). He has developed a rather interesting obsession witn pens and pencils - if you leave a pen lying around and he finds it, he picks it up in his mouth, takes it into the kitchen and plays with it by the back door for ages, and then hides it somewhere. It was very amusing to watch. He is also going upstairs more often now, and came in to see us in the morning when we woke up. I picked him up and put him on my bed, and he immediately flumped down in a heap by my pillow and purred his head off while I fussed him and used him as a pillow.

They are both exceedingly happy. Just about all we're waiting for now, is for Bo's hearing to recover (which is a question of time), and for the vets to decide that he's well enough to be vaccinated. As once they are vaccinated, then they can start going outside, where they will have more space to run and jump, and it will probably stop them from getting too fat.

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Bore da! Wales is sunny, with bright blue skies today. Yesterday it wasn't so sunny, and it absolutely hounded down with rain just as we were driving away from the stadium. But I'm getting ahead of myself..

in which we go to the rugby, and there are cats )
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So the rearranging of the bedroom furniture went fairly well in the end, we're both pleased with the end result. However, I'm still struggling to get in a full night's sleep, which is very irritating. Saturday night was by far the worst night I've had in a good while, hardly slept a wink, between Jamie's snoring and Fidget's rather irritating "lets go exploring the bedroom in the middle of the night" antics. Last night was better, but I still woke up more times than I'm used to (the one time I get woken up by Fidget wanting a cuddle under the duvet I don't mind so much). We think Jamie may be subconsciously afraid of the lack of wall to his right, as when I woke up this morning I was on my side facing out of the bed, but very close to the edge. Jamie was on his side, facing away from me, but with his back right up against mine with miles of space on the other side.

So tonight we are going to see if we should sleep the other way around. Which may be a blessing in more than one way, as Fidget tends to wake up the person on the left of the bed for cuddles in the night, so sleeping on the other side I would avoid that as well.

Other than furniture moving, cleaning and general sneeziness from the dust, the weekend consisted of indulgent food (fry-ups, biscuits, ice-cream and home-made fish and chips among the offerings), lots of Guinness (well, for Jamie, anyway), much rugby, some painting of miniatures (I did my night goblin fanatics, Jamie started his handgunners) and the watching of Sweeney Todd.

Among the failed acheivements was me not dying my hair, us not making it as far as the gym all weekend and us not having done any laundry or tidying up downstairs. But considering what we did get done, this isn't really all that bad.

This week is mostly all about getting back into the habit of doing things. Going to the gym. Not eating too much crap. Tidying up some more. Boss is on holiday so work should be quiet, which is handy given how tired I am. Highlights of the week are going to include the first episode of Battlestar Galactica new series (or second half of last series, if you want to look at it like that), and the rugby at the weekend. Also, Jamie had a surprise phone call from one of his oldest friends the other day, so on Sunday we are going to go and see him and his fiance as well, which will be interesting.

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