Jan. 26th, 2009

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Jan. 26th, 2009 11:16 am
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Have taken my car in for its MOT - spent a little while beforehand hoovering and generally cleaning it, so it doesnt look so awful. Fingers crossed for a nice easy pass. The only thing I am possibly going to fail on is emissions, because my exhaust is frequently damaged by the roads round here. But it hasn't been making any crazy noises, so we should be ok.

After we dropped off the car, we popped to Morrisons to buy lunch. I picked up a pack of Anadin Extra, as we have run out. Used the self-service tills, so when I'd scanned everything, it said "wait for authorisation - age restricted item". It could only have been the Anadin. Anyway, the nice old chap comes over, and says "ooh, i'll need to check, you've got to look over 25, see. which one of you is paying?" to which I say "me", so he says "do you have any ID?". Out comes my driving license, which of course proves I am actually 25. I only had to be over 18, but I had to look over 25. Its not looking over 21 anymore, they've made it harder!

So yeah, little bit weird, never been ID'd for pain killers before, but nice to think that the man thought I looked younger than I actually am.
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At Caro's request - a more detailed update on Bo and Rosco.

So the boys are now almost 11 months old, and they are beginning to behave less like crazy kittens and more like young adult cats. Its not as obvious as it was when Elmo hit that adolescent cat age and started trying to hang around with the adult cats, probably because there are no adult cats at David and Tydfil's to act as role models for the younger cats. They are still racing about the place, and very playful and so on, but there was a definate shift towards a more relaxed, approachable friendly attitude. When we arrived, they were both very welcoming, coming up to say hello with hardly any skittishness or Loki-esque scaredy cat behaviour.

Rosco is still enormous! Of course, he's not going to shrink between visits, but it still surprises me when I see him. He hasn't been properly weighed in a while, but apparently he jumped on the bathroom scales not so long ago and they reckoned he was 1st 4lbs. He'll get weighed properly when he goes back to the vets in March/April time, to get his booster vaccinations. Other than perhaps being slightly podgy round the middle, he is in very good health. His coat is wonderfully soft and snuggly, and although he is big and awkward, he's not scared of being picked up (especially by Jamie). He also very much loves to be groomed, and I spent a good while sitting on the kitchen floor dragging him over the tiles as I pulled the brush through his tail/leg fur. He's not a lap cat though, prefers to sit on the floor or in his basket.

Bo, on the other hand, is much more cuddly. He still doesnt like to be picked up, which is understandable, but he's a lot better now than he was. Its probably got a lot to do with the fact that he's not being manhandled by a vet every five minutes at the moment, so he's had a chance to chill out and be a normal cat for a while. He is very playful, and loves to chase his brother around. He likes to sit next to people on the sofas, and loves having a fuss. Is not as easy to groom as Rosco, because he is so playful he will try and grab anything you are holding (he was grabbing my phone when I was taking photos of him!). He has developed a rather interesting obsession witn pens and pencils - if you leave a pen lying around and he finds it, he picks it up in his mouth, takes it into the kitchen and plays with it by the back door for ages, and then hides it somewhere. It was very amusing to watch. He is also going upstairs more often now, and came in to see us in the morning when we woke up. I picked him up and put him on my bed, and he immediately flumped down in a heap by my pillow and purred his head off while I fussed him and used him as a pillow.

They are both exceedingly happy. Just about all we're waiting for now, is for Bo's hearing to recover (which is a question of time), and for the vets to decide that he's well enough to be vaccinated. As once they are vaccinated, then they can start going outside, where they will have more space to run and jump, and it will probably stop them from getting too fat.


Jan. 26th, 2009 04:27 pm
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My car hasn't been MOT'd yet. we hadn't heard anything all day, so Jamie rang them at about 4pm, and they hadn't done it yet. If they don't call us by 5ish, then it will be too late to go pick up the car, as the traffic is awful at tea-time and its on the other side of town. We could probably get to the garage by half 5, but we'd never get home by 6, and I've got a Sainsbury's delivery coming between 6 and 7. So if they don't call soon, I'm going to have to leave work early tomorrow and pick it up after work, which means cycling over to the garage (which from work, means going up an extremely steep hill and then down the other side) and then driving back across town, through the rush hour.

Unavoidable really, but its a pain. Especially since I haven't been anywhere near as useful as I'd have liked to have been today. We didnt get back home from our trip out this morning till about half 11, 12ish, and then we were so tired from our early start we just kind of collapsed in a heap and snoozed till about 2. And then we had lunch and read books and things, so it was only getting on for half 3 by the time we started doing useful things!

Jamie's tackling the mountain of washing up in the kitchen, while I'm doing general tidying in the dining room. So far, the main highlight has been the discovery of hidden Christmas chocolate, which I am now eating. 'Divine' fair trade chocolate coins. Nomm nomm nomm. 

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