Sep. 5th, 2009

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Ok so the final stage in Operation Try To Make Fidget Hate Me is over - we went to the vets this morning!

He really, really did not want to get back into the cat carrier. I think he was afraid I was going to take him away and leave him somewhere again. There was wailing.

Fortunately the vets is only round the corner, so there was minimal wailing while driving. No other animals in the waiting room for the first few minutes, which meant he mostly calmed down. Then someone came in with a tiny tabby kitten (12 weeks old, I'm guessing, since it was getting a second set of injections today), then a massive labrador/retriever type dog came out and was loud and slobbery everywhere. Fidget didn't like that.

Vet was very pleased with Fidget's overall health and so on. He was very complimentary about his coat and skin being in such good condition - I told him it was because Fidg insists on his daily flea combing! His teeth are also still very good, and the vet is still happy with the age assessment we were given when we took him in, meaning Fidget is now approximately 8 years old.

The only minor problem was Fidget's ears - he's been scratching a lot recently, despite regular Frontline treatment. Vet has decided he has a mild ear infection, so we have drops to put in his ears twice daily for the next couple of weeks. If there is no improvement I have to take him back, but the vet said these drops should clear up most mild infections.

Fidget is now outside, wolfing down grass like you wouldn't believe.

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