Aug. 2nd, 2010

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Ok so doing this on iPhone so have to be brief. Went to caro's, went to Ed & kathy's to make banners, drank booze, didn't go clubbing, had lots of gossip, and giggling over caro finding rudeness in perfectly innocent remarks. Loki cuddles, and Puck cuddles, and even Tia cuddles, which was lovely. When I got home, Jamie was utterly broken and spent most of the afternoon and evening snoozing, so just pottered and watched tv.

Gym tonight, and sensible foods to be eaten. I'm still really pissed off with the whole maxi dress thing, I may write and complain. J has offered to take me dress shopping this weekend to try and find an alternative. And in addition a pair of shorts I ordered from next were too small in a size 12, even though the three trousers I bought all fitted perfectly. Stupid clothes sizing!

Work is still dull, it's month end but I won't be busy until at least the end of the week. And we move offices this weekend as well. Need to sort out train ticket as well.

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