Jun. 25th, 2009

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Yesterday evening we emptied our bookshelves in the living room, in preparation for them having to be moved today when the Sky man comes to install the HD box (the sky cables run round that half of the room, pinned to the skirting, going behind all three bookcases and the sofa). So my dining table is covered in Jamie's geeky Warhammer 40k novels, with Fidget's bed all tucked away behind them like he's in a fort (he loves it!), and the corner of the living room under the stairs is filled with DVDs and other books.

Mr Fidget went for an explore on the empty shelves - it was excessively cute. He pottered about on the shelf for ages, kept eyeing up the other bookcase, and the shelves above, but didn't attempt to move onto them.
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Also, last night we made delicious new food - in fact it was so delicious I'm going to have to tell people about it. But I'm not going to post about it here, I'm going to post about it in [livejournal.com profile] bread_and_salt, because thats what it's for.
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So as I am driving up to Milton Keynes tonight after work, I am unable to go for my Thursday night run as usual.

So I've done it at lunchtime instead. We're almost right on top of the Thames here in my office - it's only a short walk away. So I ran down the Thames path, from Caversham Lock up to the mouth of the Kennet, and back again. Pretty much took me almost all the way home - the Kennet's mouth is just round the corner from our place.

I now face an uncomfortable afternoon being all sweaty in the office - we have no showering facilities!

Am recouperating with a nice ham and cheese panini and some squash :-)

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