Sep. 13th, 2009

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So yesterday was Ed and Rachael's wedding. It was awesome! Very them, if you know what I mean. I may have drunk rather too much mead - I'm feeling incredibly delicate today!

I think we eventually headed off to bed at about 4am. There was singing around the fire and it was cool. Other highlights include the first dance :-)

Didn't realise how drunk I was till we went to bed and I lay down. Didn't really get much sleep, so felt pretty rough when I first got up. Burger king on the way home stopped me feeling too rubbish in the car and a prolonged snooze in bed with J and the cat helped me feel vaguely human again. Fidg was very cute, actually, as soon as he realised I'd got in bed wearing my dressing gown he came racing over, dived under the covers and started kneading the gown like a cat possessed! Then he curled up as tight up against me as he could, and purred his head off. I'm guessing he's forgiven me for the kennels and the vet now!

Rugby now, with added pizza. Hopefully my hangover will go away soon!

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