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Two things - one which was (at the time) hilariously funny, and one which is just weird.

The funny one first. Last night, Jamie was playing with my phone, and he found the message reader application. So he turned it on. And this bizarrely deep male voice started reading out my text messages, in a very peculiar fashion. Emphasising in all the wrong places. Made a pretty good effort at the more unusual words too. Had me and Jamie almost in tears. The funniest texts were Caro's, talking about the pies. And the way it deals with emoticons. :-) becomes SMILEY, SMILE. :-( is SMILEY, SAD. In a very stern and unforgiving tone. Next time I see people, I will have to demonstrate because its so silly.

The weird - we had a leaflet through the door yesterday from "Islamic Help", asking for clothes/shoes/toys to help poor people in foreign countries like Afganistan, Bangladesh and so on. Its written in very bad English, so whoever wrote it obviously does not speak English as a first language.

However, after the bit which starts "Dear Sir/Madam. We wish you a good health" and asks for the donations, it says (in big bold letters) "Please Do Not Put Any Religious Books in the Bag, Because it's a Sin".

WTF? Jamie is now suggesting we get a bag, fill it with Bibles, and put it out the front on Saturday morning. and then "Leave bag full please as early as possible outside where driver can see it in all weathers. Please tie bags well to keep rain out."

I was half tempted to do it, until I read the bit about Sin. I mean seriously, what the hell?

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anyone else think Geoffrey Rush looks like an older Richard E Grant on his stamp?
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When will I learn that in weather like this (windy, very rainy), cycling to work is a bad idea? What I really should have done, is put on my other jeans, and my waterproof boots, and put these jeans in my bag, and walk in with my big golfing umberella. What I've actually done, is wear my normal trainers, and my jeans I want to wear all day, and cycle in with no spare trousers or anything.

My legs are soaked, and now they are getting cold. And there is nothing I can do about it because in my haste to be tidy yesterday I took home the spare trousers that were in my drawer.

It is not fair!

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What happened to my afternoon off? I came home, chilled out for a bit, went to the gym, came back, started undercoating miniatures in the bathroom and watched the first episode of Lark Rise to Candleford (somehow I failed to realise there was a series 2, when I accidentally discovered it at the weekend and it was already three episodes in - God bless the BBC iPlayer!), and now its 5pm already.

There were so many things I was going to do this afternoon! Oh well, at least I've made a start on the mammoth task that is undercoating a Games Workshop army. Ought to put some washing on as well, I suppose. Don't think I'll be attempting the washing up though, I'll leave that one for Jamie to tackle when he comes home.
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Well, to be sensible I've taken today off work as well. Following Jamie's progress through the disease, it seemed like a good idea.

He came down with it properly on Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday were the worst days, Monday he still felt rubbish and Tuesday he went into work but came home early because he wasnt over it yet.
I came down with it properly on Sunday. So Monday and Tuesday (my exam days!) were my worst days, yesterday I still felt rubbish, and today I haven't gone into work because I'm not over it yet. So I should be ok to go in tomorrow.

Which means I have another day of feeling like I ought to be doing useful things, since I'm at home and all, but being too ill to really do everything. It was a massive effort yesterday to put up the tree, and the other decorations, which led to me doing nothing but playing PS2 all afternoon and snuggling with Mr Fidget.

So on today's list of "useful things that I really ought to attempt doing, since I'm at home and all" are:

sort out the recycling box in the bathroom
put the clothes away in the bedroom
and put away all the clean/dry washing up

shouldnt be too hard, I haven't given myself a massive list of things to do

I shall start though, by having a shower, as this will instantly make me feel 100 times better. Then on to useful things!

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There is one benefit of course, to my exams being over, and that is I can now get on with the business of being ill without feeling guilty that i ought to be doing some revision or something.

Now that irritating loud organ music that jumped lots (the 'surprise' last track on my Saint-Saens CD) has woken me and Mr Fidget up (I may have snuggled up with the cat and gone to sleep for an hour or so..) I am going to go downstairs, wrap myself up in comfort making clothes (Jamie's big fisherman's rib jumber, to be precise), eat a Dr Oetker pizza and play Champions of Norrath on the Playstation. Because I can. 


Nov. 21st, 2008 10:53 pm
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So much for no social life! While not a big advocate of "going-out-on-the-lash-every-weekend", tonight was a leaving do/reunion do for work, so I decided to go along. Several vodkas and a free glass of champagne later... I'm at home and a little worse for wear, but the pluses far outweigh the downsides...

Jamie came out drinking with us, and everyone loved him. It was great to see some people who I don't normally see, including people who don't work with us any more. there was free food in Revolutions, and free shots (although I didnt drink any of them). I've decided to have a party, and invite work people and non work people, and see who turns up. It will be fun!

Now, to end our night of chav-esque Friday night socialising, we are going to walk round to the takeaway and get some sort of takeout food. for although there was free food in the pub, I am hungry!!

Fidget is very cross with us, because we didnt come home till like quarter to 11, so he is starving and dying. I am just glad I remembered to leave the window open for him, so he was able to go outside today!


Nov. 1st, 2008 10:49 am
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Jamie is paying the price for his outing last night - the mix of Champagne, wine and beer (in that order) has given him a horrendous hangover. He got up way before me, but has now gone back to bed to try and sleep the worst of it off. Its very funny. He's not really been drinking at all for about two months or so, at most he's had maybe two bottles of Magners over an afternoon of rugby. So to go out and drink loads of booze (especially that mix of booze) has really affected him. He says he drank less than he would have done previously, but he feels worse!

So once again I am on my own. Painting more goblins. I finished the one regiment last night, I've started on the second one this morning.

Fidget isn't being quite so lazy today, after spending the night under the covers (first half of the night curled up in my arms, second half curled up with Jamie) He got up early (waking me up by standing on my hair in the process) and has even been outside already! When I got up he came barrelling up the path, and as soon as I sat down he was there, curled up and asleep in seconds. Now he's stolen my chair and is all curled up quite happily.

Plans for the day inclue:

painting goblins
Sainsbury's delivery
watching rugby

and very little else. possibly I might make some fairy cakes (in fact, I might do that this morning, while Jamie is asleep, and surprise him with them when he wakes up. That might be nice. But first, I must go to the shop and see if they sell crumpets, for I have a craving for crumpets for breakfast. and I can get some chocolate milk for Jamie too, as that will also cheer him up (plus its his money I'll be spending, as I have no cash!)


Oct. 8th, 2008 07:24 pm
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I am very pleased with myself. Yesterday I sent a letter to the BBC News Magazine. And it got published!!!!
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We went out, and we successfully hunted aubergines! Got them from the green grocer in Smelly Alley and they look very nice. Now to get Jamie to help me with the dyeing of hair! He is all scared in case he does it wrong :-)

Oh no!

Aug. 4th, 2008 06:38 pm
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Morgan Freeman's been in a car crash! I hope he's ok, I like him.

In other news, today has been excessively dull. My left shoulder aches like anything, my right hamstring also aches and my right ankle has been a little wobbly, but not anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Damn my climbing without having done any real exercise for a couple of weeks!

Plan was for Jamie and me to go to the gym together tonight, but we are both too sore so we will be doing it tomorrow evening instead.

Which means this evening I can devote to planning house moving things.

On my agenda tonight - how to arrange my new desk! I have lots of stationery, and arts and crafts type materials, and they all need somewhere to live. also the important paperwork needs a sensible, organised, permanent home.

Today I bought my gamecube controllers and memory card (all in the sale in Game!) so now I'm just waiting for my games to turn up so I can play them to death :-) Want them to be here already! Will also be cool because they are both cooperative games, so Jamie and I can play together.

Wanted to play something tonight, but none of the PS2 or Playstation games we have are interesting enough.

Also, Jamie investigated new wheels today, and it looks like its only going to set us back £25 or so. Which is good.

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Well my cunning plan for Saturday (as posted on Saturday morning) fell over sort of halfway through, when a brief stay at the cat show became several hours at the cat show with much accompanying wine.

Bad Caro!

I got a lift back with Ros and Matt, and promptly threw up and fell over into bed as soon as I got home. I slept through till about 9.30, when Jamie woke me up so we could watch Doctor Who. Watched Dr Who, then went straight back to bed and slept till 4.30 am or so. Had to get up and go to the loo, came back to bed, went back to sleep, woke up again around 6am when Andy came home (he'd been out on the lash with a hot Polish girl), went back to sleep but eventually got up at around 8am feeling very refreshed!

Pottered about the house while Jamie carried on snoozing, made myself tasty breakfast (eggs and toast). Jamie got up, he had a bit of a headache but we decided to go out anyway.

Drove to Guildford in the baking sunshine, got to climbing place around half ten. Spent ages in the shop getting rock shoes for Jamie, and harnesses for both of us, and the relevant bits of kit. Then became members of Craggy Island, and went for a climb :-)

We were both feeling it after not very long (not so much muscles, but general tiredness and Jamie's headache and the heat - after all, I hadn't really eaten anything the day before!) so we only did 5 or 6 climbs each. Stuck to the grade 3 & 4 routes, the 4's were quite tricksy, so I think next weekend we have already decided to go again and spend a decent amount of time there, so maybe we'll nail the 4s and try a few 4+ or 5's. We left there around a quarter to one, and drove home, via a nice pub called "The Hunters Lodge" which is pricey but has a lovely garden (and the food looks fab, one weekend when we have spare cash we're going to actually have lunch there on the way home from climbing) and Sainsburys, where we did the food shopping.

Once home, we decided to spend the afternoon sorting out Bloodbowl models, but inside was all dark and dingy so we went outside. However, outside it was too hot and sunny, so I did a mercy run to Argos to pick up a parasol and base while Jamie did the washing up. Then we sat outside and did stuff. Jamie cleaned up his wood elf team for undercoating (my god that was a huge effort - every single model had ridiculously obvious mould lines all the way around them), while I cleaned up my two new chaos dwarves and undercoated the Chaos Dwarf team (only the Minotaur had been painted previously, and one hobgoblin). Then I set about painting a chaos dwarf. He looks kinda cool, with his big silly hat :-)

My two bull centaur models arrived today, so this evening I will clean them up, glue them together and undercoat them as well, before carrying on with dwarf painting.

Its quite nice to have evenings and weekends which I can do what I like in, without having to feel guilty because I ought to be doing other things like revision, or sorting out LARP stuff.

I have plenty of housework to be getting on with as well though!

As you will have seen from the previous post, Rosco and Bo are all settled in with Jamie's parents now. Apparently they are having a whale of a time. Rosco managed to find his way upstairs yesterday, they couldnt find either kitten because Bo had gone exploring underneath a huge pile of stuff, and Rosco had escaped upstairs.

Also in the cat world - We got Fidget a catnip cigar at the show on Saturday - all he's done since I took it home is lick it and chew it and sit around in a bit of a drugged up haze :-) very cute.
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So Mr Fidget woke me up at 6am today. I tried to go back to sleep, but when he woke Jamie up at half six it became obvious that neither of us was going back to sleep.

So we are now both pottering round the house in our dressing gowns, muttering to ourselves about how ridiculously early it is.

Not that we were planning a lie in - the alarm was set for 8am on account of New Zealand v Ireland kicking off at 8.35am, but six is still a lot earlier than eight, especially on a Saturday!

So plan of action is:

Go to shop to buy milk
Make pancakes (the only consolation available for being up so early!)
Watch NZ v Ireland
Drive to Newbury
See Caro and co at cat show
Drive home
Watch South Africa v Wales
Spend rest of day playing with bloodbowl miniatures while watching Churchill Cup rugby on TV

Which to me, looks like a pretty good day lined up ahead.

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The river has started hatching! By which I mean the waterfowl that inhabit the river have started hatching out. This morning I saw my first clutch of goslings (Canada geese), there were five, possibly six. Still rather young.

Then further down I saw my first clutch of cygnets! Not the same nest as the one I took photos off the other day, she's still sitting (I saw her adjusting her eggs this morning). This one is closer to town, and she has five beautiful little grey fluff balls following her around. Somebody was feeding them bread, they were so cute!

I will take my camera tomorrow, and bring pictures to show you all :-)

Um, snow?

Mar. 4th, 2008 09:05 am
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Ok, who's bright idea was it to start snowing on me as I walked to work? My face is freezing!!

It was kind of awesome though, cos the snowflakes were all tiny and every one that landed on me was a perfectly formed star. it was beautiful.

Cold, but beautiful. 
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My lovely caramel stripes are gone. I is a brunette again! (mocha brown, to be precise). And oddly enough, pretty close to my natural colour. I've decided Garnier Nutrisse Creme is now my favourite hair dye, as it smells nice, makes very little mess, produces almost zero reaction from my extremely sensitive scalp and creates results which are pretty much the same as the picture on the box. I don't have a picture to show you, as my camera is upstairs and you get rubbishly lit pictures in the bedroom.

Yesterday I had a minorly rubbish day (work stress, hormones, not a good combo) but Jamie did lots of cheering me up and since we didnt go shopping last weekend there was no food, so we had tasty curry from Sardar Palace. Their lamb korma is just gorgeous!

Today we woke up stupidly early for little reason (Jamie blames Fidget, for he was stuck in the bedroom and started fussing at the door at six). We went into town, and Jamie had a hair cut, while I wandered about looking at shiney things. Then we went to the Pitcher and Piano for lunch, Jamie had a huge chicken burger thing and I had soup, which was very nice indeed. Then we went to Eclectic Games and Jamie bought Zombies!!! for he felt I needed more cheering up. Then we came home and had a game of Zombies!!! and it was lots of fun. Now that I think about it, I find it very odd I've never played it before.

Then I chilled out and did some drawing (although my sources of inspiration are lacking in this house, I miss all the fabulous reference books in my parents house). I did a picture of a goldfinch feeding on a teazel. Then I ran out of things to draw, so I watched some telly (David Tennant's "Who Do You Think You Are?"). Then it was rugby time, but I didnt really want to watch the Ospreys slaughtering Connacht, so I dyed my hair instead. And made pancakes :-)

And now I need something else to do... Once the rugby is over (in 15 mins or so) I will try and get Andy and Jamie to play Zombies!!! some more...

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well that was interesting.

party was going well, everyone had made an effort with the dressing up etc (Apart from Steve and David), photos are on facebook if anyone cares.

going well until both Mark&Shelley and Sheena&Steve both decided to have big arguments, there was broken glass and people storming off, and bleeding all over the place and things.

Kerry and I left once things had calmed down enough, and walked back to mine, and Kerry has just left in a cab for her house.

was more eventful than the last party at Shelleys to be sure, but all very odd. can see myself sending lots of texts tomorrow to make sure everyone is ok.

Jamie and Andy are out getting drunk in celebration of Andy's 30th, which was today, so I shall be heading off to bed I think, for I have drunk much bacardi and several 'slippery nipples' on an empty stomach.

goodnight y'all

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