Jan. 15th, 2009

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And while yesterday I was looking forward to it with a degree of excitement, today reality is biting and I am now somewhat dreading it, new shiny dentist or not, he's still a dentist!

Although I am interested to see what my x-rays look like, given the large increase in metal in my teeth since the last one I saw! I'm also looking forward to telling him my dentist story.

I have one more hour to go in work, and then I have to cheese it across town on my bike to get to the surgery. I rather sensibly booked the afternoon off, so this afternoon will be filled with going to the gym, laundry and housework. but not chocolate.
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Yay, dentist is over now. All in all, it wasn't so bad. Had my check-up, he took his x-rays, and advised me that I need three fillings. Well, I need one new filling, one old filling replacing, and one old filling repairing, to be more accurate.

Appointment booked for 5th February, is going to cost me lots of money (well, £185) but will be worth it I think in the end. My new dentist is from South Africa, and he's very friendy and useful and explained things in a sensible way and everything. Of course, it remains to be seen how nice a dentist he is as he has not yet been anywhere near my mouth with needles or drills!

When I came home, Crotchspider was the cat greeting me at the door, not Fidget. Which was a little weird. A quick search for Fidget located him fast asleep in his bed upstairs. So I am currently sitting in the living room with Crotchspider for company. I know I shouldn't, and the RSPCA told me not to encourage him, but he's so cute and friendly. I can't help myself.
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What happened to my afternoon off? I came home, chilled out for a bit, went to the gym, came back, started undercoating miniatures in the bathroom and watched the first episode of Lark Rise to Candleford (somehow I failed to realise there was a series 2, when I accidentally discovered it at the weekend and it was already three episodes in - God bless the BBC iPlayer!), and now its 5pm already.

There were so many things I was going to do this afternoon! Oh well, at least I've made a start on the mammoth task that is undercoating a Games Workshop army. Ought to put some washing on as well, I suppose. Don't think I'll be attempting the washing up though, I'll leave that one for Jamie to tackle when he comes home.

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