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Two things - one which was (at the time) hilariously funny, and one which is just weird.

The funny one first. Last night, Jamie was playing with my phone, and he found the message reader application. So he turned it on. And this bizarrely deep male voice started reading out my text messages, in a very peculiar fashion. Emphasising in all the wrong places. Made a pretty good effort at the more unusual words too. Had me and Jamie almost in tears. The funniest texts were Caro's, talking about the pies. And the way it deals with emoticons. :-) becomes SMILEY, SMILE. :-( is SMILEY, SAD. In a very stern and unforgiving tone. Next time I see people, I will have to demonstrate because its so silly.

The weird - we had a leaflet through the door yesterday from "Islamic Help", asking for clothes/shoes/toys to help poor people in foreign countries like Afganistan, Bangladesh and so on. Its written in very bad English, so whoever wrote it obviously does not speak English as a first language.

However, after the bit which starts "Dear Sir/Madam. We wish you a good health" and asks for the donations, it says (in big bold letters) "Please Do Not Put Any Religious Books in the Bag, Because it's a Sin".

WTF? Jamie is now suggesting we get a bag, fill it with Bibles, and put it out the front on Saturday morning. and then "Leave bag full please as early as possible outside where driver can see it in all weathers. Please tie bags well to keep rain out."

I was half tempted to do it, until I read the bit about Sin. I mean seriously, what the hell?

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