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Aug. 4th, 2008 06:38 pm
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Morgan Freeman's been in a car crash! I hope he's ok, I like him.

In other news, today has been excessively dull. My left shoulder aches like anything, my right hamstring also aches and my right ankle has been a little wobbly, but not anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Damn my climbing without having done any real exercise for a couple of weeks!

Plan was for Jamie and me to go to the gym together tonight, but we are both too sore so we will be doing it tomorrow evening instead.

Which means this evening I can devote to planning house moving things.

On my agenda tonight - how to arrange my new desk! I have lots of stationery, and arts and crafts type materials, and they all need somewhere to live. also the important paperwork needs a sensible, organised, permanent home.

Today I bought my gamecube controllers and memory card (all in the sale in Game!) so now I'm just waiting for my games to turn up so I can play them to death :-) Want them to be here already! Will also be cool because they are both cooperative games, so Jamie and I can play together.

Wanted to play something tonight, but none of the PS2 or Playstation games we have are interesting enough.

Also, Jamie investigated new wheels today, and it looks like its only going to set us back £25 or so. Which is good.

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