Feb. 4th, 2009


Feb. 4th, 2009 09:13 am
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So today's journey into work was possibly the most dangerous one I have ever done. My entire road (and both pavements) are made of ice. Its like a skating rink. I almost fell off my bike trying to get on the damn thing! Had another slip at the end of my road, as I turned onto Cholmeley Road. At the end of that road, next to Newtown Primary School, the road goes down a really short, steep hill to the tow-path by the canal. The gritting (if any) stops at School Terrace, so the hill is never gritted at all. One big sheet of ice. Fortunately, I'd already received a phone call from Jamie to warn me about it, so I knew to get off my bike (not before it had already slipped on the ice) and walk down the hill in the gutter, as this was the only place where the ice wasn't totally covering the road.

Once on the tow-path it wasn't so bad - icy, but as long as you went in a straight line and maintained a sensible speed it was ok. Was slightly late into the office, but thats the first time this week so I'm not too concerned!
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anyone else think Geoffrey Rush looks like an older Richard E Grant on his stamp?

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