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Seems to be very handy thing, to keep a list of what I'm up to on here. Not that anyone really cares, I suppose, but at least if you want me for anything you can check first to see if I'll be around. Plus I can look back at it and get all excited about what's coming up next.

So, here's me schedule:

10/11 January - quiet weekend? ML rugby, nothing exciting
17/18 January - HC round 5, nothing else planned
24/25 January - HC round 6 - going to Wales to see Ospreys v Leicester
31Jan/1Feb - no rugby - possibly going to Garry's for Bloodbowl and kittens
7/8 Feb - Six Nations, Andy possibly visiting
14/15 Feb - Six Nations - hopefully going to Wales to see Wales v England
21/22 Feb - no rugby, currently no plans
28Feb/1Mar - Six Nations - currently no other plans
7/8 Mar - no rugby, currently no plans
14/15 Mar - Six Nations, currently no plans but this is about the time of year courses will be starting up again
21/22 Mar - Six Nations, currently no plans (vague idea about going to see Wales v Ireland, but depends on courses)

which basically means that if anyone wants to do anything on the weekends of 17/18 January, 21/22 February or 7/8 March I am available!

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