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 who on earth decided the best way to give cats medicine was in tablet form? and who was the genius who decided that doses should be in "one-and-a-half" measures. What would have been wrong with "one tablet, three times a day" instead of "one and a half tablets twice a day". 

Suffice it to say, Mr Fidget is Not Impressed with the idea.

No scratches yet though, as Jamie is getting good at the wrapping him up in a towel so he can't wriggle. Gods, he lives up to his name though, when you try and give him pills.

Such a contrast from the injection, where he just sits perfectly still and doesnt move a muscle.

Still, he's taken three doses so far, which means there are seven left to go. I shall be glad when it is Thursday evening, and he is finished with it. Hopefully his eye will have got better, and I wont have to take him back to the vet for more!

Rugby at the weekend was awesome, except for right at the end of the day, with two horrible quotes from the EBC's pundits (yes, thats the EBC, not the BBC. British my arse, they're so Anglo-centric its vomit-inducing, even for the English). First came John "I know nothing about rugby" Inverdale and his "Well the first two games were really just a warm up for this one", which had Jamie and I choking on our beverages, followed by Austin "I'm a twat" Healy's "Well this morning we thought the tournament would come down to Wales v France, but after todays games its got to be Ireland v England!" Seriously, WTF?? Wales romped home by 40 points over an Italy which made Ireland and England struggle, are the only team on 3 out of 3 with a massive points difference. England and Ireland have been struggling so far, Ireland only won because they were able to take all the opportunities a rubbish Scotland provided, and England were lucky to scrape a win in France, in a rubbish, badly reffereed game. The man is talking complete bollox.

Made us angry. we were yelling at the screen and everything.

Yesterday we did Useful Things, like tidy the bedroom of clothes, and the living room of paper. We meant to do the front room too, but enthusiasm for tidying died so we played Zombies instead. This then put us in the mood for watching Slither, which we duly did and it was very entertaining. Then we watched Brucie's birthday celebration, which put Jamie in the mood to watch the Mask, so we watched that too. I'd forgotten how much that film makes me laugh.

Date: 2008-02-25 02:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm with you on the vomit-inducing part. I've got to the stage now where I won't watch the half time stuff, or the pre- and post-match waffle, cos it's just so much crap. And hell, I'm English. I think that all this talking it up makes for too high an expectation (which at the moment, frankly, they just aren't up to).

Got to say though - love Brian Moore's commentary. Yes, he supports England, which you have to forgive considering how long he played for them for, but he's still not shy of caling them dimwits, or having a go when they are being crap. I loved his slating of Balshaw for coming in to the ruck, rather than staying in position at full back - pure class!

I must say, though, I thought England deserved their win over France - if only for the fact that for the first time in years they actually started to play a passing and running game, rather than relying on the pack to grind out every point, or Jonny "I'm up my own arse" Wilkinson to kick it over. It makes a refreshing change.

Now, all England have to do now is realise just how good Sackey and Vainikolo could be if they ever got the ball passed to them, and we might be in with a fighting chance of not embarrassing ourselves overly much.

I still rate Wales as one of the leading contenders for this tournament. Not sure a Grand Slam is possible, as Ireland looked like they woke up for a few brief minutes, and France are going to be seriously fired up after losing to us, but Wales are very much on form at the moment - more so than any other British team.

Date: 2008-02-25 02:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yeah, why is Balshaw in your team? he's useless! And what is the Volcano for, if he's never going to get the ball and be able to run with it?

Brian Moore did make us laugh I have to admit that. He was the least Anglo-centric of the lot!

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