Dec. 18th, 2007

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apparently. Although I don't feel that Christmassy yet.

I've got my tree up, I've made and written my Christmas cards (even delivered one last night!), bought all my presents and wrapped most of them. But I still don't feel Christmassy.

Am working all this week, and then I'm off until 2nd January 2008. Which means I have 3.5 more days of stress to deal with before I can relax!

Plenty of stress to be dealing with as well, because of staff leaving and being ill, and stuff. Which is nice. And on Friday I'll have to organise cover for my holiday as well, because there are things I do every day that are essential and cannot be forgotten about, even though its Christmas (the joys of Treasury).

Fortunately, everything else can wait till I get back :-)

Christmas plans are not really afoot, although they currently include potentially socialising with [profile] black_faery and [personal profile] rhube, horrendously stressful Christmas food shopping in Tesco, two days of doing very little except eating very fine food (we are going to make a big pot of roast chicken broth, and we're boiling a ham and roasting a Turkey on Xmas Day, and there will be champagne breakfasts and posh chocolates and yummy things like that), some revision,  lots of telly, and muchos relaxing doing not very much.

No plans in place for new year celebrations, may well just do what we did last year, which was stay in and enjoy ourselves with wine and champagne and telly and games and things. Which was very nice indeed, even if I did break my thumb nail on the ice tray!

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