Sep. 9th, 2007

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Lets see, 7 games over the last two days, so as you can imagine I have done little else but watch the rugby.

New Zealand and Australia got their cricket scores over Italy and Japan, although Australia didn't look as scary as they could have been, which is good for us as we have to face them next week.

England won, but should have done a lot better against the US of A than they did. Needless to say, Jamie and I were cheering for the Americans the whole game.

Today, Wales managed to beat Canada but did badly, we were down at half time and not looking all that convincing. but we pulled it back and once we'd clicked and started scoring there was no stopping us. South Africa ran rampant over Samoa, Scotland beat Portugal but again, not by as much as was expected. And now Ireland are trouncing Namibia, which isnt very interesting.

We are getting very annoyed with the ITV coverage. This morning, with merely ten or fifteen minutes build up time before the Wales game, what did they do? did they in fact build up to the games of the day? No, they spent ten minutes talking about England. All the Celtic home nations were playing today. The only game broadcast on ITV1 was the SA v Samoa game, because that was England's pool. Everyone else has been on ITV4 (except in the country of the team playing, where it was shown on the relevant ITV regional channel e.g. ITV Wales/STV/Ulster TV). So if you're a Welshman/Irishman/Scotsman living in England, you could only watch the game if you had sky or digital TV. When everyone goes digital, its not so bad, but for now, there are a lot of people I am sure who still have no access to ITV4. So thats disappointing. Plus the coverage is so biased towards England its untrue. IF I have to watch Jonny bloody Wilkinson scoring that bloody drop goal one more time I'm going to kill someone. (not because "Its England winning and I can't watch" but more like "It was 4 bloody years ago, give it a rest, you're nowhere near that good now so stop going on about it").

In other news, there is no other news, because all I've done this weekend is watch rugby!
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ok, so Caro posted pics of a spider she saw in her garden. mistakenly labeled as a Wolfie.

I can quite categorically state that the spider I have taken pictures of this evening is most definately a Wolf Spider. There are photos and a couple of videos on Since Caro's warnings did not seem to work the first time around, I will reiterate:

If you do not like spiders, please do not click on the link to see the pictures. This particular spider is a very old Wolf Spider, and is therefore massive and scary. I take no responsibility for anyone who complains about how scared they are upon seeing the pictures, you know what they are.

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