Aug. 2nd, 2007

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I don't often direct people's attention to news stories, but I think its unlikely some of you will have seen them...

First, a rather horrible story involving animal cruelty. which I wanted to show people because I read the other day that animal cruelty cases are on the rise and I want more people to think about it.

The second is a more lighthearted story, showing that "I have a flag" is still a valid land-claiming tactic..
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I left my bag at home today, so I had no house keys (or office keys, for that matter), no phone and no wallet (therefore no money) all day. This wasn't so much of a problem food wise, as I already had my lunch in the office kitchen. but it did mean I was stuck in the office all day, and didn't go out at lunchtime.

And then when I got home I had to sit around outside waiting for Andy to get home to let me in, as Jamie is in London and still isnt home.

I don't like being in the house on my own. I mean, I can quite happily entertain myself, and often Jamie and I will just be doing our own thing, but somehow it seems that being in the house completely on my own (Andy is at the gym) feels like I'm just killing time until Jamie gets back. I have done some useful things, like clean the hob, and do some laundry. but mostly i've been sat around doing not very much.

got some new books in the post today - Raymond E Feist ones. the sequel to Magician, and the next one after that. can't read them yet though (I've not read them before - its all part of my being made to read more fantasy books by Jamie) as I want to re-read Magician before I read them, and I can't do that till I've finished the book I'm reading at the moment, which is called "Spirit Gate" and looked awful (was the free book for joining the SF&F book club) but I've started to get into it now. It has big huge eagles in it, and an interesting setting from a religion/politics view.

hmm, sitting as I am next to the book case, with my laptop all accessible and decent music on the telly (music I wouldn't be able to listen to if Jamie were here, actually, he hates Oasis) I am all overcome with a desire to catalogue all my books, and write reviews of them all. big job I know. but it could be an interesting project. I ought to do something with the webspace I pay for at any rate.

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