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Jan. 26th, 2009 11:16 am
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Have taken my car in for its MOT - spent a little while beforehand hoovering and generally cleaning it, so it doesnt look so awful. Fingers crossed for a nice easy pass. The only thing I am possibly going to fail on is emissions, because my exhaust is frequently damaged by the roads round here. But it hasn't been making any crazy noises, so we should be ok.

After we dropped off the car, we popped to Morrisons to buy lunch. I picked up a pack of Anadin Extra, as we have run out. Used the self-service tills, so when I'd scanned everything, it said "wait for authorisation - age restricted item". It could only have been the Anadin. Anyway, the nice old chap comes over, and says "ooh, i'll need to check, you've got to look over 25, see. which one of you is paying?" to which I say "me", so he says "do you have any ID?". Out comes my driving license, which of course proves I am actually 25. I only had to be over 18, but I had to look over 25. Its not looking over 21 anymore, they've made it harder!

So yeah, little bit weird, never been ID'd for pain killers before, but nice to think that the man thought I looked younger than I actually am.
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Well, an update of sorts, as I really don't have much to update about!

Jamie has bought a new bike, as his old bike (the one we bought from halfords at the same time as my original bike-that-was-stolen) is now two years old and starting to die a little. And he keeps falling off it because its not great in bad conditions. So he has a bike which costs about 3 times as much as the old one did, and has all kinds of shiny kit on it, like Rock Shox front suspension, and Shimano posh hydraulic disc brakes. And its super light, cos its all made of aluminium, and its shiny and black and silver and very swish.

So he is very happy. Although it was very funny the other day when he was getting all excited about it and he said "I'm getting a bike for Christmas!!!", so I said "well if it's for Christmas, then you can't have it until Christmas Day, and I'm going to have to hide it somewhere in the house and wrap it up for you". So now he's getting a bike "near Christmas" so he can have it straight away! He's like a little kid, he's so excited.

He's also managed to sell his old bike already, to some guy in work. Which is great.

I am almost caught up on my work now, from being off for over a week (study leave, then exams, then lurgy-death). I did all the VAT reinvoicing for December, which nearly drove me mad, and now I am halfway through catching up on the cash allocations. By the end of tomorrow I should be caught up and able to function normally again! Next week will be a quiet one in work, because its coming up to Christmas so people are starting to be on holiday. Not me though, I ran out of holiday cos of all the studying I had to do, so I have to come to work next week, Mon - Weds (although I should get the afternoon off on Weds). Also the week after, between Xmas and new year, I have to be in the office, but hardly anyone else will be. In my little bit, I'll be all on my own as both N and I are off next week. I do have 2nd January off though, because I thought that was pointless.

Battled my way through the Woolies closing down sale today, to get hemming tape to fix Jamie's DJ trousers. 40% off! So i bought two packs :-) I think its a real shame Woolies is closing down, I will miss it. Plus I have no idea what will take its place here in town - a Wilkinsons would be handy as we don't have one of those, and it fills a similar useful niche. Don't know where else in town I would have thought of to go for my hemming tape, Woolies was my first choice.

Mr Fidget's Christmas present arrived in the post today, so I am looking forward to taking that home and wrapping it up for him tonight. Its a cat bed, which we're going to put on the dining table as he loves to sit on it and watch his territory out of the window. Hope he likes it! Otherwise it will be finding itself a new home in Swansea or Milton Keynes!


Feb. 14th, 2007 02:26 pm
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I have new shoes.

They are red.

I haven't had red shoes (proper shoes now, not stupid sandals I only ever wore once, they don't count) since I was a kid!

I like my new red shoes. And they were £5 off as well (for no discernable reason).

Yay for red shoes
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Well Christmas was the usual months-of-build-up-with-no-real-climax that it always is.

I didn't go anywhere, didn't spend it with anyone other than Jamie and Fidget, and it was very pleasant.

Andy went home, so it was just us. We stayed up late on Christmas Eve to open our presents, build Fidget's present (I got him one of those climbing fame cat scratching post things) and generally have fun. On Christmas Day we lazed about, had a champagne breakfast, watched TV, played Arkham Horror (one of my presents from Jamie), ate an awesome duck roast and some cake. Watched lots of Family Guy, special Christmas Doctor Who and the Strictly come Dancing special.

I was blonde (well, gingery blonde) for most of Christmas Day, but then I went red. Scarlet Power in fact, as yesterday we drove to Swansea for some Boxing Day rugby action - Ospreys vs Scarlets. We took Jamie's family with us, as a concession to us not spending Christmas with them. Which meant spending some time with them first, and a turkey/ham dinner for lunch, which was very nice. The rugby itself was a very good game, even though the Scarlets lost 50-24. Everyone had a nice time. Trouble is, the drive really knackered us out, so even though it was only 10pm when we got home, we were practically asleep in the car!

Today has been a lazy day, as we are both too tired to do anything! Just tidying up after Christmas, although we did go out shopping. I now have a new pair of brown trainers, and a new all-in-one printer/scanner/copier which is awesome. We've just finished setting it up and have been playing with it, printing off photos. The quality is very very good, I am very impressed!

Am very glad I booked today off work!
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So Jamie and I are shopping on Sunday. We're driving to Tesco (which takes us past a retail park containing such fabulous outlets as Hobbycraft, Toys 'R' Us, Homebase, Staples, Comet etc) and Jamie says "do you want to have a wander round any of these while we're here?"

I opt for Hobbycraft, so we go in to see if we can find him a remote control helicopter. We can't, and on the way out Jamie spots the newly opened Bensons for Beds megastore a few doors down. So we go in to "see how much mattresses cost".

Ten minutes later, we're walking out of the shop clutching a receipt and eagerly awaiting our Tuesday afternoon delivery.

But, I can hear you cry, this is not much of a saga. Well the story continues..

here )
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Weekends are nice. For several reasons, the most obvious of which being there is no need to be going to work and getting up early.

I still got up fairly early though, even after being woken up by Andy about an hour and a half after I fell asleep last night, when he came home drunk and decided to spend half an hour stood outside having a very loud conversation with our neighbour, across our open bedroom window! I can't wait to move upstairs and have the bedroom overlooking the back. Roll on Friday!

Woke up about 8am, when the postman arrived and noisily shoved our letters through the door. The tenancy agreement to sign arrived, although we're refusing to sign it at the mo, as they want us to adhere to the inventory from Sept 2004, which is a) signed (and agreed to) by the previous tenants, and b) utterly inaccurate. Fortunately, we have a copy of the inventory from July last year, which we have made amendments to, and Jamie is going to take it in at lunch on Monday and yell at them.

Have been out and about all day, mostly in town, where many exiting things happened. These included:-

Getting my hair cut. My hair was getting unruly and looking rather daft, so now I am sporting a much shorter, lighter, prettier hairstyle which is so much better than what I had previously. I've experimented with layers, and a side parting, and a sort of fringey-type-thing (which is definately not a Fringe).

I also successfully bought a new pair of shoes, which is something of a triumph. See, I was looking for a new pair of shoes for work, that weren't too expensive. Trouble is, its hot in the office, but dress code prohibits open toed shoes, for some unknown and ludicrous reason. And current shoe fashion trends means sandals, or flip flops, or those ballerina style shoes, or shoes with stupidly pointy toes. All of which I hate, except the sandals, and I'm not allowed them.

I managed to find a decent pair of heeled ballerina shoes in Shoe Express for just over a tenner, and they're surprisingly comfy. I am pleased.

I also got a new Bernard Cornwell book for just 3.99, and had a lovely meal in Pizza Express. Made me all look forward to my holiday, cos it was all very Italian and posh.

Is only a week and bit till my wisdom teeth removing operation, and I can't wait. I had my pre-op last week, and since I'm ludicrously healthy it didnt take long. The op is on July 4th, so I get a whole week off to recover before I have to fly to Rome on the 11th. Which is better than the original plan, as the op was supposed to be on the 6th, and you're supposed to have 7 days to recover, so I wouldn't have really been in a state to fly.

Dave Young's birthday today, so we're off over to Lucy and Dave's house for drinks later. They're all out having all you can eat chinese buffet, but we didnt want to waste 30 quid on that. And I'm not drinking tonight, as I'm going to drive, cos L+D's house is too far to walk.

Am having a contact lens thingy tomorrow morning too, so hopefully I wont have to wear my stupid glasses all the time too. Which will be good for Fayre and Renewal, as I'd kinda like to be able to see what I'm shooting at!


Jun. 3rd, 2006 11:49 pm
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we had a barbecue today, to celebrate the awesomely hot weather. However in order to have a barbecue, we had to go and buy a barbecue and all the relevant bits and pieces (such as tongs, and charcoal, and food and stuff). we had the sausages, but nothing else.

the barbecue we got is great cos it was a) cheap b) very larpy and c) can be used to burn charcoal (to cook on) or logs (to keep warm next to) which is awesome. it works very well.

Spent large amounts of time out of doors today, which is nice. Wandered around town, including getting Jamie's passport renewal form in the post (kind of important as we are off to Italy next month), and picking up my amazon parcel - the David Attenborough Life Collection (huge DVD box set of ALL the Life of series he did) and the first season of House (which is awesome also). Spent lots of time in the garden sanding benches and stuff as well, and as a result now have pink shoulders. its not so bad though, doesnt hurt and its just nice to be able to go outside and have so much sun that it does burn.

next doors cat came over for the barbecue too which was cute. he ate bits of chicken and was being very cute. i have photos that i took with my new digital camera, I will upload them when I can be bothered!

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