Dec. 11th, 2008

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Well, to be sensible I've taken today off work as well. Following Jamie's progress through the disease, it seemed like a good idea.

He came down with it properly on Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday were the worst days, Monday he still felt rubbish and Tuesday he went into work but came home early because he wasnt over it yet.
I came down with it properly on Sunday. So Monday and Tuesday (my exam days!) were my worst days, yesterday I still felt rubbish, and today I haven't gone into work because I'm not over it yet. So I should be ok to go in tomorrow.

Which means I have another day of feeling like I ought to be doing useful things, since I'm at home and all, but being too ill to really do everything. It was a massive effort yesterday to put up the tree, and the other decorations, which led to me doing nothing but playing PS2 all afternoon and snuggling with Mr Fidget.

So on today's list of "useful things that I really ought to attempt doing, since I'm at home and all" are:

sort out the recycling box in the bathroom
put the clothes away in the bedroom
and put away all the clean/dry washing up

shouldnt be too hard, I haven't given myself a massive list of things to do

I shall start though, by having a shower, as this will instantly make me feel 100 times better. Then on to useful things!

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In fact, it might even be worth of a "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Jamie and I are going to see The Lion King in London on the 3rd January!!!!!

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