Jun. 9th, 2008

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Well my cunning plan for Saturday (as posted on Saturday morning) fell over sort of halfway through, when a brief stay at the cat show became several hours at the cat show with much accompanying wine.

Bad Caro!

I got a lift back with Ros and Matt, and promptly threw up and fell over into bed as soon as I got home. I slept through till about 9.30, when Jamie woke me up so we could watch Doctor Who. Watched Dr Who, then went straight back to bed and slept till 4.30 am or so. Had to get up and go to the loo, came back to bed, went back to sleep, woke up again around 6am when Andy came home (he'd been out on the lash with a hot Polish girl), went back to sleep but eventually got up at around 8am feeling very refreshed!

Pottered about the house while Jamie carried on snoozing, made myself tasty breakfast (eggs and toast). Jamie got up, he had a bit of a headache but we decided to go out anyway.

Drove to Guildford in the baking sunshine, got to climbing place around half ten. Spent ages in the shop getting rock shoes for Jamie, and harnesses for both of us, and the relevant bits of kit. Then became members of Craggy Island, and went for a climb :-)

We were both feeling it after not very long (not so much muscles, but general tiredness and Jamie's headache and the heat - after all, I hadn't really eaten anything the day before!) so we only did 5 or 6 climbs each. Stuck to the grade 3 & 4 routes, the 4's were quite tricksy, so I think next weekend we have already decided to go again and spend a decent amount of time there, so maybe we'll nail the 4s and try a few 4+ or 5's. We left there around a quarter to one, and drove home, via a nice pub called "The Hunters Lodge" which is pricey but has a lovely garden (and the food looks fab, one weekend when we have spare cash we're going to actually have lunch there on the way home from climbing) and Sainsburys, where we did the food shopping.

Once home, we decided to spend the afternoon sorting out Bloodbowl models, but inside was all dark and dingy so we went outside. However, outside it was too hot and sunny, so I did a mercy run to Argos to pick up a parasol and base while Jamie did the washing up. Then we sat outside and did stuff. Jamie cleaned up his wood elf team for undercoating (my god that was a huge effort - every single model had ridiculously obvious mould lines all the way around them), while I cleaned up my two new chaos dwarves and undercoated the Chaos Dwarf team (only the Minotaur had been painted previously, and one hobgoblin). Then I set about painting a chaos dwarf. He looks kinda cool, with his big silly hat :-)

My two bull centaur models arrived today, so this evening I will clean them up, glue them together and undercoat them as well, before carrying on with dwarf painting.

Its quite nice to have evenings and weekends which I can do what I like in, without having to feel guilty because I ought to be doing other things like revision, or sorting out LARP stuff.

I have plenty of housework to be getting on with as well though!

As you will have seen from the previous post, Rosco and Bo are all settled in with Jamie's parents now. Apparently they are having a whale of a time. Rosco managed to find his way upstairs yesterday, they couldnt find either kitten because Bo had gone exploring underneath a huge pile of stuff, and Rosco had escaped upstairs.

Also in the cat world - We got Fidget a catnip cigar at the show on Saturday - all he's done since I took it home is lick it and chew it and sit around in a bit of a drugged up haze :-) very cute.

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