Oct. 22nd, 2007

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so there was a  weekend, and things happened.

First there was Friday evening, which consisted of Argentina beating France (again) in the 3rd place play-off match in the Rugby World Cup. Rubbish game, France, like the cheese eating surrender monkeys they are, gave up halfway through, so Argentina stomped all over them.

Saturday morning I went to the gym with Jamie, then we went to Puss in Boots because I wanted to show Jamie a pair of thigh-high boots I'd tried on the day before when we went at lunchtime. They're matt black, with circular holes all down the outside, with little buckles inbetween each hole. I will be buying them on Saturday coming, so I shall show you them then, as I cannot find them on the website.

Anyway, so I tried them on, and Jamie loved them, and then we meandered back home and ate sausage and mash for lunch, which was tasty nice but very stodgy which made Jamie and me feel a bit ill, so we had to go and have a lie down. we took Mr Fidget upstairs and had lots of nice warm cuddles. I was curled up around the cat, who was all snuggled up against me and my cardigan (he loves my primark cardi!), and then Jamie curled himself up around me. It was very nice, and we dozed for about an hour or so.

Then I got up, gathered my things and headed over to [profile] black_faery's house, for an afternoon of girly-ness. There was much giggling and things to be had, but after 3 and a half hours, we had successfully transformed our hair. Ros now has red and black hair, and I have gone blonde :-) not chav blonde though, subtle caramel highlights. And it looks very nice, and I will put some pictures up later.

As we were finishing up, [personal profile] hungry_pixel arrived with cats and kittens and things, and duly collapsed of tiredness while we finished drying each other. Then there was Chinese takeaway, and chatting and playing with kittens and things, and there was house-buying paperwork of confusing.

I did not watch the Rugby World Cup final, because I knew it was going to be a terrible game, and I would just get annoyed with it. But Jamie watched it, and kept me up to date with the score and things, and I was much pleased to discover that England had lost, and that South Africa had won. I shall not gloat, for I am not like that. So I shall only mention it here, once, and let it alone. Besides, much more important things coming soon, Anglo-Welsh cup and European Cup starting in the next couple of weeks!

then I went home, and Jamie oohed and aaahed over my hair sufficiently. Then there was sleep. Then on Sunday morning I got up, drove back to Bagshot, and we drove to Swanley to have lunch with Caro and [profile] zero_pixel_coun which was very pleasant. Then home again, by which point I had developed a massive headache of doom. Which we think was because I'd taken out my contacts on the Friday, and had been wearing my glasses all weeeknd. So Jamie gave me a nice head massage, and painkillers, and then I had a shower. my head still hurt after all of that, so I put my new contacts in and my headache just disappeared!

Then we went to the cinema and saw Stardust, which was very good indeed. I have not read the book, but the film was very good and I am now tempted to buy the book and read it. I need a new book, actually.

And now I am back in work again. People in my department have oohed and aaahed over my hair sufficiently. We have decided that stripes make my hair look longer, which is good. And now I have to work. Boo. Don't wanna!

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