Oct. 12th, 2007

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There is such a sense of satisfaction to be had in knowing that you are not in work but all of your collegues are. well, apart from Michelle, who's flying to Phoenix, Arizona this afternoon.

Its especially pleasing when you consider that it means they are having to put up with the worlds most useless managers, and you are not.

Welcome to my Friday!

So far today has been very pleasant. I had a lie in, spend much time playing with my hair, packed a bag for the weekend, have rescued bedding type stuff from my car, to put into Ros's when she gets here, have moved my car from down the street to right in front of my house, and i have chocolate.

well, had chocolate, its all been eaten now. mmm galaxy.

Just popped to the shop to pick up said chocolate and some booze for the weekend. Two amusing things happened.

First thing, as I walked out of my front door, I encountered two of the local cats having a disagreement over territory. It was very funny. The bigger cat was the mangy white-and-black cat that Mr Fidget loves to beat up so. The other cat was the skinny black-and-white cat that lives further up the road. but it was the mangy white one that was doing all the growling and the posing. the black cat was just sauntering round ignoring it. both ignored me, although the black one did let me stroke his head as i went past. the white one ran away from me. 

I think tis cos it knows that Mr Fidget lives here, and he is afraid of our house. Is quite funny actually, because I'm so used to never seeing other cats (apart from the grey pikey) because Fidget is so strict about his territory out the back, I forget that he doesnt have any territory out the front.

ANyway, second fun thing, I got asked my age in the shop because the bloke reckoned I looked under 21. how sweet.

have now reached that part of the day where you are ready to go, but its not time to go yet, but there isnt enough time to really get stuck in to doing anything else. hmmm. maybe i'll tinkle the ivories for a bit.

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