Jun. 28th, 2007


Jun. 28th, 2007 05:28 pm
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After a very useful day in work yesterday, where I got completely immersed in my spreadsheets and almost forgot to have lunch, today seems the complete opposite. I really can't be arsed today. MD is away (his wife is having baby today), immediate boss is too busy organising his new kitchen over the phone with his wife to pay attention, so I have been mostly reading stuff on the internet and writing up stuff for LARP (we've decided to write up an OOC group document for our newbies, as we have quite a few it seems, because we're bored of explaining everything over again - today I wrote up all about our OOC group structure and the group logistics).

Lets see, important events which have occured over the last few days which have had an impact on my life:
1. Rather shocked and saddened to read about Chris Benoit's apparent murdering of his wife and young son, and subsequent suicide.
2. Much more happy to read that the Welsh Assembly appears to have agreed on a coalition, which means no election re-run. Glad to see Plaid getting their hands on a bit of power too.
3. Even more happy to read that the WAG has actually made a decision on the Stradey planning application, and it was YES, which means that my rugby region (the Scarlets) can now move to a brand new sexy stadium in Llanelli which is a) closer and b) easier for me to get to. Yay!
4. Ros came over last night for Doctor Who, and we managed to talk her into seriously considering coming back to CP as part of House Daga! Which is awesome, as we desperately need girlies, and decent ones at that.
5. Benjy is coming down tomorrow evening, in preparation for our group meeting on Saturday. So weekend of LARP waah and partying and board games and cooking breakfast for everyone to follow :-)
6. Floods in Sheffield, which means there was a chance that my brother was floundering around somewhere in a river. However, it appears all he is suffering from is random rolling power cuts, as Sheffied is currently undergoing electricity rationing.
7. I got my holiday for this year! Not as exciting as Rome, but for our 2nd anniversary (which falls on the same weekend as Fayre!) Jamie and I are going to Brighton for the weekend, at the end of July. I've never been to Brighton before, and its been an age since I last saw the sea properly.

well thats me up to date.

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