Jun. 10th, 2007

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I now own a wheelbarrow. its green, and rather cheap and nasty I have to say. B&Q value wheelbarrow - you have to construct it yourself!

its working well enough though, the only problem is my house is a ridiculous shape/design. this means I have to wheel my barrow (full of dirt) from the garden, down a narrow alley, round a 90 degree turn through the back door (up a large step) then an immediate 90 degree left turn through the kitchen/living room door (up an even larger step), then through the living room around all the furniture, down the hall (again, very narrow), and going through the front door involves going up over a step and then down two steps. And if that wasn't bad enough, the front garden design is so rubbish I have to go up another small step before I can unload.

I've done seven trips so far (I think) but its very very hot and very hard work. But the pile of earth is now starting to look smaller, which is good.

I measured it before I started, and just ran the numbers through a calculator - there was nearly 19 cubic feet of soil piled up in the garden!

Hopefully it wont take me much longer to move the rest, and then I can focus on sweeping up the rest of the mess and having a general tidy up. Then I'll be able to sit out in my garden and actually enjoy it (at least I would, if I had anything to sit on - all the garden furniture is at the LRP event!)


Jun. 10th, 2007 02:49 pm
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strangers can talk.

for only the second time in the two years I have lived in this house, a stranger who lives on my street has volunteered conversation!

Previously, the only person I've had a conversation or two with is the nosey old woman who lives in the end house, two doors down. and thats only cos she takes parcels in for us if we're not here.

Even the weird hippy folks next door don't even say hello when I see them in the street.

but I was merrily emptying my wheelbarrow, and i saw a tall ginger bloke (think he lives a few doors down) and he smiled at me, and then the next time I went out with my barrow he was walking past, and he actually stopped and started talking to me!

I'm amazed, I really thought nobody did that anymore.


Jun. 10th, 2007 03:44 pm
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earth all moved. rubbish cleaned up. garden all pretty.

front garden looks rubbish though, and smells of cat poo.

i also look rubbish, for i am all bruises and muddy smudges and blisters. and sweat. lots of that too. its stupidly hot and sunny, and i have been toiling for some time.

need a shower methinks, then I must do the washing up, otherwise jamie will shout at me when he gets back.

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