Apr. 2nd, 2007

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So Saturday was the day of party, for I had two parties to choose from! Of course I chose the party of the lovely [personal profile] madcatlady and the equally fabulous [personal profile] thirstypixel, rather than the fancy-dress housewarming of one of the girls in work,

Saturday morning was busy, with swimming and studying and shopping (jamie bought me new boots from the fetish boot shop in town), then showering and hair-straightening and packing and lots of driving and stuff.

Got to [profile] mr_epermithis2u's house at around half 5, whereupon we chatted for about an hour before getting ready to leave.

Got to the pub without incident, where everyone was looking fabulous. It was really nice to see everyone, in particular the recently-married ones, as well as [personal profile] rhube, [profile] beavvver, [profile] willowy_witch and [profile] penlington. I very much enjoyed being told repeatedly how gorgeous I was (except by the creepy guy at the bar, he was just creepy and not very pleasant). Everyone (apart from Jen, Gribs and Tim, who's opinions don't necessarily count in this particular instance anyway) loved my fabulous black and white shoes, so that was also cool.

I drank much, ate yummy buffet food, chatted, met new people (including the lovely [personal profile] cookwitch), even managed to avoid talking about LARP all evening, which was nice. Did manage to have several conversations about rugby too, which was very cool, considering how well my boys are doing, and a very entertaining discussion about chocolate Jesus (I see now they have cancelled the exhibition). I went on swings, which was a bad plan, I fell of the slide too, which with hindsight was also not a good idea, for I now have mud on my lovely black and white shoes. Although laughing at a very drunk [profile] black_faery was much fun.

My presents to the married couples were also appreciated which is nice, cos I was kind of worried about whether or not they would be. But that was cool. And I even managed to find a card for Ed which had badgers on the front, which was awesome.

I stayed up far too late, for even though we left at the relatively early time of something-past-one, I didnt actually go to bed till almost-three, due to sitting up chatting with Russell! However when I did sleep, I slept straight through till 10, which just goes to show what a difference not having a cat jumping on you makes when you're hungover and need rest! Didn't hang about long at Russells on Sunday, came straight back home for rugby and studying and things.

Rugby was relatively boring and rubbish, can't believe Northampton are into the semi finals! They didn't deserve to qualify for the quarters, let alone get an embarrasingly rubbish win over the French champs to get into the semis! The most boring game I think i've ever watched. And I've watched Guinness Premiership games, so that says a lot.

Mostly chilled out and studied for the rest of the day, Jamie made Awesome gammon for dinner - the gammon was like an inch thick, and he'd marinated it in honey and maple syrup for over a day before hand. Yummy!

Went to bed relatively early last night, cos I was so tired.

Had to be relatively awake in work today, but managed to do so without too many problems. DIdn't get a chance to have a chat with Chrissy at lunchtime though, which was annoying. Oh I don' t think I've mentioned it yet - Chrissy is leaving and my boss asked me if I want her job = a promotion and payrise and more accountant-related work and stuff. Need to chat to Chrissy before I say "Yes please" to John, but I can't see her having anything to say about the job which will make me say no thanks.

so yeah, thats kind of where we're up to now I guess.

Oh yes, and Doctor Who was on, and it was good, and there were space Rhinos in Nu-Rocks and it was awesome.

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