Jan. 15th, 2007


Jan. 15th, 2007 10:57 am
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Seems like its been a while since I last posted anything of interest on here, so lets have a go at an informative update.

Hmm seems like it was last year when I last posted anything other than a meme! So, whats happened since then.

Well obviously there was a new year, and as Andy was celebrating that in Bristol with his idiot public schoolboy 'friends', Jamie and I had the house to ourselves. Which was lovely - we just relaxed and drank wine and chilled out and had fun. I managed to destroy the nail on my right thumb while excavating ice from the ice tray for the champagne bucket, which was exceedingly painful, and Mr Fidget got all scared by the combination of fireworks outside and on the telly, so he came upstairs and hid in the quilt with me and Jamie for a while, which was very cute.

On New Year's Day we went for a cycle down the river, and nearly drowned (well thats a slight exaggeration, we got to Sonning and were going to go further, but the path is very close to the edge and the river had flooded, so we had to turn back). I did take some lovely photos of the flooding, but my camera somehow wiped them all when I was transferring pics to the computer, and I lost them.

Have been back in work since then, which is going alright. My application to register with the ACCA went through without a hitch, so as soon as I get my documentation through in the post, I can sign up for my first three accounting exams, which will take place in June.

Today, I have very little to get on with in work (the majority of the tasks I have to do rely on the system updating overnight, and for various reasons it has repeatedly been failing of late, and it failed to update on Friday night), and my immediate supervisor Mark is on holiday in Egypt with Shelley, who is the only other person here who has work I can do, as I'm taking over a lot of the things she does.

Which means I have spent the majority of the morning rearranging my desk and making it look pretty.

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