Mar. 7th, 2009 05:31 pm
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So I come home from my course, Jamie meets me at the door with the incredible news that not only did Wales beat New Zealand in the quarter final of the Sevens World Cup, but we also beat Samoa in the semis and the final is just about to kick off!

So we found a live stream on the internet, and there followed twenty minutes of frantic tension, as Wales eventually beat Argentina 19-12 to win the World Cup for the first time!!!!!

So we are very happy this evening.

Course continued boring, in the same vein as this morning. There was some new stuff this afternoon, but it was all fairly simple stuff. Cash flow forecasting, a couple of potentially icky formulae, but apart from that, nothing special. Luckily, thanks to the magic of BPP's timetabling, I don't have to go back tomorrow! In fact, my next day isnt till next Sunday. So I get a whole week to do the home study for this one day before I get new stuff shoved in my head.

Now for an evening of more rugby (Dragons v Munster in the Magners League just kicked off), curry (although its shop-bought microwave budget curry, not tasty takeaway curry or homemade curry), Empire Total War, and the tidying of my desk for the studying on.
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So they just did the draw for the 2011 World Cup pools.

Pool A - New Zealand, France, Tonga, Americas 1, Asia 1

Pool B - Argentina, England, Scotland, Europe 1, Playoff Winner

Pool C - Australia, Ireland, Italy, Europe 2, Americas 1 

Pool D - South Africa, Wales, Fiji, Oceania 1, Africa 1

We have Fiji. Again. And the defending champs, South Africa. Bah. Hard to say at the moment if any one pool is a particularly "easy" or "hard" one, as they seem pretty evenly matched. Pool B is possibly the easiest, but that really depends on how England and Scotland develop over the next two years, and if anything exciting happens to the Argentinian domestic game.

And of course, a lot depends on who actually qualifies for all those 4th/5th rank places. Lets not forget how Georgia nearly beat Ireland last year!

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so there was a  weekend, and things happened.

First there was Friday evening, which consisted of Argentina beating France (again) in the 3rd place play-off match in the Rugby World Cup. Rubbish game, France, like the cheese eating surrender monkeys they are, gave up halfway through, so Argentina stomped all over them.

Saturday morning I went to the gym with Jamie, then we went to Puss in Boots because I wanted to show Jamie a pair of thigh-high boots I'd tried on the day before when we went at lunchtime. They're matt black, with circular holes all down the outside, with little buckles inbetween each hole. I will be buying them on Saturday coming, so I shall show you them then, as I cannot find them on the website.

Anyway, so I tried them on, and Jamie loved them, and then we meandered back home and ate sausage and mash for lunch, which was tasty nice but very stodgy which made Jamie and me feel a bit ill, so we had to go and have a lie down. we took Mr Fidget upstairs and had lots of nice warm cuddles. I was curled up around the cat, who was all snuggled up against me and my cardigan (he loves my primark cardi!), and then Jamie curled himself up around me. It was very nice, and we dozed for about an hour or so.

Then I got up, gathered my things and headed over to [profile] black_faery's house, for an afternoon of girly-ness. There was much giggling and things to be had, but after 3 and a half hours, we had successfully transformed our hair. Ros now has red and black hair, and I have gone blonde :-) not chav blonde though, subtle caramel highlights. And it looks very nice, and I will put some pictures up later.

As we were finishing up, [personal profile] hungry_pixel arrived with cats and kittens and things, and duly collapsed of tiredness while we finished drying each other. Then there was Chinese takeaway, and chatting and playing with kittens and things, and there was house-buying paperwork of confusing.

I did not watch the Rugby World Cup final, because I knew it was going to be a terrible game, and I would just get annoyed with it. But Jamie watched it, and kept me up to date with the score and things, and I was much pleased to discover that England had lost, and that South Africa had won. I shall not gloat, for I am not like that. So I shall only mention it here, once, and let it alone. Besides, much more important things coming soon, Anglo-Welsh cup and European Cup starting in the next couple of weeks!

then I went home, and Jamie oohed and aaahed over my hair sufficiently. Then there was sleep. Then on Sunday morning I got up, drove back to Bagshot, and we drove to Swanley to have lunch with Caro and [profile] zero_pixel_coun which was very pleasant. Then home again, by which point I had developed a massive headache of doom. Which we think was because I'd taken out my contacts on the Friday, and had been wearing my glasses all weeeknd. So Jamie gave me a nice head massage, and painkillers, and then I had a shower. my head still hurt after all of that, so I put my new contacts in and my headache just disappeared!

Then we went to the cinema and saw Stardust, which was very good indeed. I have not read the book, but the film was very good and I am now tempted to buy the book and read it. I need a new book, actually.

And now I am back in work again. People in my department have oohed and aaahed over my hair sufficiently. We have decided that stripes make my hair look longer, which is good. And now I have to work. Boo. Don't wanna!
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you know,the one thats doing the rounds. I've seen it twice on my Flist so far, and I just spent a goodly while (well, fifteen mins or so) going through it. When I finished, I came to the conclusion that today is not the best timed day to look back across those particular time intervals, as everything vaguely interesting happened either a year or two before, or after the year in question!

About the only interesting thing that I can say came out of it, was a reminder to show you something I did yesterday. Forgive the picture quality, for I was in a hurry and only had my camera and not my scanner to hand. Will scan it properly soon. But, for those who prefer instant gratification regardless of quality, my picture that I drew can be seen below:

So, art aside, nothing else exciting has happened to me.

England somehow made it to world cup semis, don't get me started. I'm just glad the Australians and the New Zealanders are out. Shame about Scotland too, so now we're backing Argentina all the way!

*yawn* today has been a very dull day, and in truth, if I could turn back the clock and do it differently, I would.
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So, I suppose I've calmed down enough now to make some comment on this, I imagine you're expecting one.

England have qualified for the quarter finals, have set up a rematch with Australia, hopefully the Wallabies can repay them for stealing the title in 2003. Ireland have crashed out, given their poor performances and the alleged off-the-field troubles it is hardly expected. Scotland triumphed over Italy to make it to the quarter finals, facing up against Argentina makes them more likely to get to the semi finals than England (oh how we would laugh if the semi final line up was Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Scotland).

And of course Wales have flopped spectacularly against Fiji, drowning in pool B. Fair play to the Fijians, they obviously wanted it more than we did. And now our coach has been sacked, Welsh rugby is once again in disarray. The search for a new coach is on... and a complete overhaul of the system being promised by the WRU as well.

Didnt we do all of this eighteen months ago? You'd have thought we'd have learned something from the past.. ah well, never mind, thats Welsh rugby for you.

Am hoping they do not cancel the November clash with South Africa, expect the tickets will be cheap as they'll be desperate to fill the stadium and as the Wales Japan game showed, not many welshmen are willing to pay high prices for tickets at the moment, confidence is that low in the team. I would very much like to go, seeing as it was 7 years ago almost to the day when I went to Cardiff with my dad and my then boyfriend Gareth to see Wales play South Africa, just days after my father's father's funeral. It would be a very special moment for me to stand there once more, seeing those green and red shirts out on the field, singing "Cwm Rhondda" as we did on that day. I would like to repeat that experience, only this time with Jamie singing at my side. He of course understands the emotional attachment I have to that occasion, and that particular song (we sang it at Gaga's funeral, you see). It had me in tears at Wales v England earlier in the year (a full Millenium Stadium with the roof closed, all belting out those songs, its something very special).

But I digress. I have already had Troll trying to take the piss, I expect much more of the same from my work colleagues this week. Depends who is in, as it is mostly the sales guys who do rugby, not my immediate colleagues.

In other news-that-is-not-really-news, Jamie is still not feeling great. Although mostly it is his back which is hurting now, not his gut. He is off to see the Doctor tomorrow to see if there is anything they can do. Also, his arm where they stabbeded him with the needles for the blood tests and things is very badly bruised, in fact it is still bleeding internally as the bruise is getting steadily bigger. The nurse who put the venflon in screwed the caps on too tight, so that when they came to put the drip on, the other nurse couldnt get it undone, so she had to apply an amount of force, and there was much twisting, and we thing she perforated the vein a little. Jamie's mum (who takes blood samples for a living and is very very good at it - she specialises in doing it to children) was incensed when he told her about it. For those who care, a photo of Jamie's arm (and bruise) can be found here.

Lets see, what else. Mum phoned yesterday to tell me family related news, which mostly consisted of people being in hospital. Namely my Aunty Mu (Dad's aunt) who has some sort of chest infection (possibly pneumonia) and my Auntie Ann (Mum's aunt) who has had a minor stroke. Thus increasing the likelihood that I will meet my end either through a heart attack or repeated strokes. Nice to know what to look forward to, I suppose!

Tonight we made a very tasty chicken broth, which has all kinds of winter veg in it like parsnips and swede and things. I got to horrible massacre a roast chicken, which was gooey and fun. And it was very tasty. There is loads left, I may have it for lunch and dinner tomorrow!

I started playing the Sims again today, So far I have a Sim called Briony Edwards, one called Jamie Jones, and one called Ros Dando. I have a family set up called Caro and Garry Hewitt, but I find it very difficult to concentrate on two sims at once so I haven't played them yet. I have successfully made my Briony and Jamie sims fall in love, and Ros is a very good friend of Briony's, the only weird part is I guess that Briony is having a successful military career!

Today I found a group on Facebook for ex-Tasker Milward people, which I joined, and discovered lots of my old schoolmates are on there. Am undecided whether I want to catch up with all of them, or just the select few, but I am friends with three of them now (including the one I'm still friends with, and my ex Gareth). I may randomly poke a few people and see what response I get.

I think I'm going to stop typing now, as I've gone on for quite a while now.

G'night y'all.

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 I think the England fly-half spot is cursed. Not only is Jonny "I won the world cup" Wilkinson injured (Again), but now Olly Berkley has injured himself in training. In non-contact training. when he was nowhere near anyone else on the team!

now they have no number 10. tee hee.
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Lets see, 7 games over the last two days, so as you can imagine I have done little else but watch the rugby.

New Zealand and Australia got their cricket scores over Italy and Japan, although Australia didn't look as scary as they could have been, which is good for us as we have to face them next week.

England won, but should have done a lot better against the US of A than they did. Needless to say, Jamie and I were cheering for the Americans the whole game.

Today, Wales managed to beat Canada but did badly, we were down at half time and not looking all that convincing. but we pulled it back and once we'd clicked and started scoring there was no stopping us. South Africa ran rampant over Samoa, Scotland beat Portugal but again, not by as much as was expected. And now Ireland are trouncing Namibia, which isnt very interesting.

We are getting very annoyed with the ITV coverage. This morning, with merely ten or fifteen minutes build up time before the Wales game, what did they do? did they in fact build up to the games of the day? No, they spent ten minutes talking about England. All the Celtic home nations were playing today. The only game broadcast on ITV1 was the SA v Samoa game, because that was England's pool. Everyone else has been on ITV4 (except in the country of the team playing, where it was shown on the relevant ITV regional channel e.g. ITV Wales/STV/Ulster TV). So if you're a Welshman/Irishman/Scotsman living in England, you could only watch the game if you had sky or digital TV. When everyone goes digital, its not so bad, but for now, there are a lot of people I am sure who still have no access to ITV4. So thats disappointing. Plus the coverage is so biased towards England its untrue. IF I have to watch Jonny bloody Wilkinson scoring that bloody drop goal one more time I'm going to kill someone. (not because "Its England winning and I can't watch" but more like "It was 4 bloody years ago, give it a rest, you're nowhere near that good now so stop going on about it").

In other news, there is no other news, because all I've done this weekend is watch rugby!


Sep. 8th, 2007 12:22 pm
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Today has mostly been about Mr Fidget so far. Vets this morning at 9am, for his vaccinations. Can't believe its been over a year now since we got him. Feels like he's always been here.

So, he was fine on the way there, just a couple of cries. Complained a bit more once inside, but didnt get really upset until another cat came in and was making lots of noise. He was fine for the injection, the worming tablet was more tricky, but we got it down him in two goes. The vet intimated that he might be a bit fat. She said, if i were to recommend one thing, it would be to take what you are feeding now, and only give him 2 thirds of it. so i pointed out that we don't actually feed him that much, and he never eats it all anyway, so he must be scavenging from other houses.

Not much we can do to control his food intake if he's getting it outside of the house, but in a show of good faith I've only given him half a pouch of food this morning. He went out for a bit but is now snuggled up in the quilt sleeping off his feeling ill. He hasn't sulked at me though, which is good.

Tidying up the house just now, went to put some LARP kit into my old laundry bin where we keep stuff for hand washing, and spotted a minidisk in it which had fallen in off the shelf. tipped it upside down to get it out, and some fluff came out too. lookd back inside and there was a large clump of fluff so I reached in and took it out. To discover that I was now holding the dessicated remains of a dead mouse. So, lots of telling Mr Fidget off for leaving it there, and now i have thrown it all away. I have explained to Mr Fidget that dead mice belong in teh garden, and if he feels like bringing us presents, he should just give us an extra cuddle.

settling down in front of the telly now, for three world cup games :-)
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awesome. what a way to start the World Cup!

such a good game too, although France were playing very badly, making lots of mistakes. good news for Ireland I think.

Tomorrow we have three games, then 4 games on Sunday. Lots of rugby this weekend!

Especially looking forward to South Africa v Samoa, and of course Wales v Canada. The other games all look pretty one sided.

Yay for rugby.

It'll be nice to spend the whole weekend with Jamie actually, its been ages since we properly spent time together.

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