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Ok so doing this on iPhone so have to be brief. Went to caro's, went to Ed & kathy's to make banners, drank booze, didn't go clubbing, had lots of gossip, and giggling over caro finding rudeness in perfectly innocent remarks. Loki cuddles, and Puck cuddles, and even Tia cuddles, which was lovely. When I got home, Jamie was utterly broken and spent most of the afternoon and evening snoozing, so just pottered and watched tv.

Gym tonight, and sensible foods to be eaten. I'm still really pissed off with the whole maxi dress thing, I may write and complain. J has offered to take me dress shopping this weekend to try and find an alternative. And in addition a pair of shorts I ordered from next were too small in a size 12, even though the three trousers I bought all fitted perfectly. Stupid clothes sizing!

Work is still dull, it's month end but I won't be busy until at least the end of the week. And we move offices this weekend as well. Need to sort out train ticket as well.

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Here's more details! Jamie got offered the job with the one-woman-band new(ish) startup company. Salary is the same as he was on at Page, with (on the face of it) a better commission scheme. It is in Bracknell, which means driving to work again, but its 10 mins down the road and very accessible, especially with the flexibility in the hours (she starts earlier and finishes by 5pm), so he should miss most of the traffic. He also gets a laptop and phone (probably a Gooseberry or similar, I would have thought), and is able to work from home as all he needs to access everything is an internet connection. So thats handy.

Not starting till 7th September, because of Renewal and stuff, and her needing to get the office sorted out for a second person etc. But we are very happy nonetheless. Means he can enjoy the next 7 weeks as relaxing time off, rather than stressful job-hunting nightmare.


Feb. 4th, 2009 09:13 am
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So today's journey into work was possibly the most dangerous one I have ever done. My entire road (and both pavements) are made of ice. Its like a skating rink. I almost fell off my bike trying to get on the damn thing! Had another slip at the end of my road, as I turned onto Cholmeley Road. At the end of that road, next to Newtown Primary School, the road goes down a really short, steep hill to the tow-path by the canal. The gritting (if any) stops at School Terrace, so the hill is never gritted at all. One big sheet of ice. Fortunately, I'd already received a phone call from Jamie to warn me about it, so I knew to get off my bike (not before it had already slipped on the ice) and walk down the hill in the gutter, as this was the only place where the ice wasn't totally covering the road.

Once on the tow-path it wasn't so bad - icy, but as long as you went in a straight line and maintained a sensible speed it was ok. Was slightly late into the office, but thats the first time this week so I'm not too concerned!
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I feel like I'm the only person in the world who has to go to work today. I know this is untrue, and that in order for me to be doing the things I'd rather be doing, other people would have to be in work anyway (like the barmaids and chefs in the pub, for example). Its just very unfair, that Jamie has already finished (At 12) and gone to the pub and then homeward to watch the rugby, which kicks off at 2.05. And I have to stay here. Where there are 7 or so other people in the office, who also would all rather be at home not working.

I spent most of my morning in the filing room, tidying it up and sorting stuff out. Better than working, I suppose.

Briefly met up with Jamie at lunchtime to sort out one of my Christmas presents (he's very sweet, he bought me a book of music for the piano, even came all the way home to check I didn't already have it.. but didn't check well enough!), exchanging the "Cats" music for "Chicago". Even saved him money, as the Chicago music book was cheaper than the Cats one by £2!

Now I want to go home, and play "Class" on my piano. And watch Sweeney Todd because I bought Jamie some extra Christmas presents the other day (being as how his presents he bought for me were much better than the presents I'd bought for him) and included in those was the Sweeney Todd DVD for £5 from HMV. Odd, but both the single disc edition and the two disc special edition were the same price in the sale! (I also got him Zoolander for £3, and the Duffy album).

But I have to stay here till half five, so I guess there's going to be more filing activity this afternoon. It does need to be done, although I don't think I'll be able to finish it today - there's 15 cupboards (each with 5 shelves). So far I've done 3 of them, which took me 2 hours. I have 3 hours or so to go, so I should get another 3 or 4 done today. Do the rest next week, I think. Roll on my 4 day weekend!
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Anyone else out there back in work today? I'm the only person in from my particular bank of desks, so I'm all alone with noone to talk to! Fortunately for me, I have tons of work to do and music to listen to, so its not going to be awful. Just dull and quiet.

Doesnt really feel like I've been off for any real length of time, or had a real break. I guess the 3 hour drive to Wales doesn't really help with that!

Hopefully my 4 day weekend this week will feel more like a break - we're not doing anything for New Years (as usual) so there's no huge drive, no massive drinking, no lack of sleep to contend with. Just 4 days off with nothing to do except relax and have fun. With added trip to London on Saturday to see the Lion King in the theatre, which I am very excited about!

Did enjoy coming into work with my bright red hair and seeing how people react. Lots of raised eyebrows and similar. Although it does mean I have to go to Boots at lunchtime and buy new shampoo, as all the shampoo/conditioner I have at home is the John Frieda Sheer Blonde stuff! Need some sort of colour-protecting shampoo for this one I think, as red has a tendency to fade quickly.

Crotchspider is still making a nuisance of himself - we've bought some cheap cat food so when we do cave and feed him, he's not eating the [slightly less cheap] food we buy for Fidget. Am thinking we might try and get in touch with his owners again using the collar method - we really ought to have kept their details the last time we did this!
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So why I am I stuck in the office while Jamie gets to snooze in bed for as long as he likes?

Doesn't seem fair to me.

Weekend was fun, up at the house of Caro, with Ros. Lovely to see Caz, and Kathy and Ed as well. Highlight of the weekend, well there are probably several, but the one I am most surprised/pleased with were my unexpected Zuki cuddles in the middle of the night on Saturday. It was incredibly cute and very pathetic, and not at all like her!

It seems I missed out on Mr Fidget making lots of mess everywhere as well, for he Jamie tells me tales of huge poos in the litter tray (very unusual for him, although this time he did manage to get it all in the box and not half over the side), and of throwing up huge fur balls. poor little thing. He was very happy yesterday though (once I'd changed out of my smelling-like-Caro's-cats clothes) and I got lots of cuddles. He still loves his cat bed very much. And I think I worked out why, for I laid my head on it and lo! It is extremely comfy indeed.

I am all tired and snoozy, and also thirsty, but not thirsty for any of the readily available liquids, which is annoying. And I have to concentrate, which isnt good. I did however have time (and brains to remember) to put more music on my mp3 player, so I now have a selection of musical soundtrack songs, and some Stereophonics and a couple of Sting tracks to add to what was already there (tom jones, manics, take that, only men aloud, various others), so I can just plug in my headphones and get on with it. Maybe.

Meeting up with Jamie for lunch to go xmas shopping for his family, that should be fun :-)
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Well, an update of sorts, as I really don't have much to update about!

Jamie has bought a new bike, as his old bike (the one we bought from halfords at the same time as my original bike-that-was-stolen) is now two years old and starting to die a little. And he keeps falling off it because its not great in bad conditions. So he has a bike which costs about 3 times as much as the old one did, and has all kinds of shiny kit on it, like Rock Shox front suspension, and Shimano posh hydraulic disc brakes. And its super light, cos its all made of aluminium, and its shiny and black and silver and very swish.

So he is very happy. Although it was very funny the other day when he was getting all excited about it and he said "I'm getting a bike for Christmas!!!", so I said "well if it's for Christmas, then you can't have it until Christmas Day, and I'm going to have to hide it somewhere in the house and wrap it up for you". So now he's getting a bike "near Christmas" so he can have it straight away! He's like a little kid, he's so excited.

He's also managed to sell his old bike already, to some guy in work. Which is great.

I am almost caught up on my work now, from being off for over a week (study leave, then exams, then lurgy-death). I did all the VAT reinvoicing for December, which nearly drove me mad, and now I am halfway through catching up on the cash allocations. By the end of tomorrow I should be caught up and able to function normally again! Next week will be a quiet one in work, because its coming up to Christmas so people are starting to be on holiday. Not me though, I ran out of holiday cos of all the studying I had to do, so I have to come to work next week, Mon - Weds (although I should get the afternoon off on Weds). Also the week after, between Xmas and new year, I have to be in the office, but hardly anyone else will be. In my little bit, I'll be all on my own as both N and I are off next week. I do have 2nd January off though, because I thought that was pointless.

Battled my way through the Woolies closing down sale today, to get hemming tape to fix Jamie's DJ trousers. 40% off! So i bought two packs :-) I think its a real shame Woolies is closing down, I will miss it. Plus I have no idea what will take its place here in town - a Wilkinsons would be handy as we don't have one of those, and it fills a similar useful niche. Don't know where else in town I would have thought of to go for my hemming tape, Woolies was my first choice.

Mr Fidget's Christmas present arrived in the post today, so I am looking forward to taking that home and wrapping it up for him tonight. Its a cat bed, which we're going to put on the dining table as he loves to sit on it and watch his territory out of the window. Hope he likes it! Otherwise it will be finding itself a new home in Swansea or Milton Keynes!

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And feels all the closer for it now being the time between the Secret Santa/Christmas party and Christmas itself!

Yesterday was Secret Santa day, all the presents were in (apart from one, which mysteriously appeared when the sales director arrived after lunch), there were even extra presents for the people who weren't actually in the secret santa in the first place. Which was nice.

We did the present opening at 5pm, which took us neatly up to the end of the day. Most people had good presents (I had a rugby ball), there was only one really rude present (a blow-job kit and a chocolate Kama Sutra). Nic got a rather pretty pendant, Michelle got perfume, Ira got a crazy wooden logic puzzle thing. John liked his beer.

Overall a success. However, the Christmas tree I bought in Tesco back in 2006 for the finance office (costing me £2.47) has finally died, its feet have broken and it is now leaning crazily against the desk divider screen thing. Might have to purchase a better tree for the office next year!

Then we went out for the do. I went with Jo and Lisa to get ready in the hotel (We borrowed Frank's room), then we met up with everyone in the hotel bar for a couple of drinks. Table was booked for 8.30, so we wandered over after 8. We went to Loch Fyne, and it was fabulous. I had tomato soup to start, then I had the pan-fried duck breast, which was gorgeous. And the chocolate tart to finish, which was incredibly rich and I couldnt finish it. Some people were drinking more than others, but I only had a couple. Left early, when people were still drinking coffees, because it was past my bedtime! Jamie drove in and picked me up, so I didnt have to walk too far as well which was good, as my feet were hurting. I was wearing high(ish) heels, but chunky ones, with my crazy red tights and a black, off the shoulder jumper dress thing. Apparently it worked fairly well. I have no pictures.

I do like my funky red tights though - may go to Primark at lunchtime and see if I can find more!

When I got home, I stayed up for a bit chatting with Jamie and cuddling a Mr Fidget who was very pleased to see me (he gave me lots of snuffly cat kisses). I caught up on the internet goings on, and spurred by Mrs A, went online and downloaded Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah', to join the fight to stop Alexandra Burke's X-Factor version from getting Christmas #1. It occurs to me, having received an invite this morning to join a different Facebook group set up to help Terry Wogan/Aled Jones reach #1, that to really p*ss off the X-Factor lot, we should all go online adn download every single apart from the X-Factor one that is trying to be Xmas #1. So that's Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah', the Terry Wogan/Aled Jones track, Only Men Aloud's 'All By Myself' and that one that the One Show has made, with John Sergeant. Download them all!
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so this whole VAT cut issue. Not only is it still causing me mountains of hassle at work, but I really am starting to get annoyed with it from a consumer point of view. How is it supposed to encourage me to shop?

I bought fidget a new collar yesterday, as he lost his purple one (the new one is an incredibly cutesy pale baby blue - icky, but it was that or baby pink!). It was £2.99 on the shelf. "Fair enough" says I, and buys it. At the till, I get my VAT discount. A whole 7p. Oooooh.

And today, I bought a skirt from Next (I have a thing about skirts right now, I need more of them! probably because they always fit better than trousers). Label says £30. Goes through the till, it actually costs me £29.36. A saving of a whole 64p. Makes no difference to my brain when it comes to rationalising the cost, because if the label had said £29.36, my brain would have just gone "ok, its £30" and carried on from there.

So what is the point????


Nov. 21st, 2008 10:53 pm
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So much for no social life! While not a big advocate of "going-out-on-the-lash-every-weekend", tonight was a leaving do/reunion do for work, so I decided to go along. Several vodkas and a free glass of champagne later... I'm at home and a little worse for wear, but the pluses far outweigh the downsides...

Jamie came out drinking with us, and everyone loved him. It was great to see some people who I don't normally see, including people who don't work with us any more. there was free food in Revolutions, and free shots (although I didnt drink any of them). I've decided to have a party, and invite work people and non work people, and see who turns up. It will be fun!

Now, to end our night of chav-esque Friday night socialising, we are going to walk round to the takeaway and get some sort of takeout food. for although there was free food in the pub, I am hungry!!

Fidget is very cross with us, because we didnt come home till like quarter to 11, so he is starving and dying. I am just glad I remembered to leave the window open for him, so he was able to go outside today!

epic fail

Nov. 14th, 2008 10:45 am
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i forgot to put my out of office auto reply thingy on when I left work last night, ooops.

i'm sure it wont really matter though, very few people email me from outside the office anyway (I love not having a customer facing role).

so far today, I have failed utterly in doing anything vaguely useful. well apart from fixing my root-regrowth problem (the one downside to being blonde, is you have to keep redying it constantly to stop yourself looking awful). So I now have a more uniform blondeness again. I has also booked myself in for a hair cut, as its started to get too long and out of control. Not sure how short I am going to go, I may be brave and go shorter than last time, we shall see. that is in 2 weeks time, so its cut and styled all nice the morning of the day we go down to Wales for the weekend, to see Jamie's parents, Bo and Rosco, and the Wales vs Australia international.

I have to be in town to meet Jamie for 12, so I don't have much time this morning left for studying. I have rescued my F5 books from upstairs (where my desk is surrounded by laundry and other rubbish, and is inaccessible), but I need to pop to the shop to get food first otherwise I will starve and die. So its a small amount of work this morning, followed by much more this afternoon. I am just going to look at F5 today, because its the easier one of the two, and I should be able to get through quite a lot of it by the time Jamie comes home from work. Of course, as soon as he comes home, I will be far to busy opening all the Games Workshop stuff (I like it when Christmas comes early!), eating steak and watching the rugby and Children in Need to do anything else!

Tomorrow is the hard part, because I have to study while there are so many more cool things to do, plus Jamie will be here to distract me :-(


Oct. 1st, 2008 12:00 am
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Fleas! Everywhere I go, there are fleas!

admittedly, this is because when in the house, everywhere I go, Fidget goes, and he is the one harbouring all the fleas!

is becoming very irritating now. Still can't frontline him for another week. Flea collar appears to be useless, as he is covered in fleas! Jamie is currently combing him with a flea comb to get them all out. Fidget is purring excessively loudly, at least he was until Jamie tried to turn him over to get to his belly fur! He loves his flea comb, he really does. Its quite pathetic actually.

We de-fleaed the house, but he seems to be bringing them in all the time from the outside. We're half convinced its cos he sits in the patch of sun beneath the holly bush, right next to where Mr Popodopolous (the hedgehog) is living, so they're all jumping onto him there. They don't bother me too much, I don't react much to flea bites, but Jamie is really not happy about the whole thing. Hopefully once the weather properly turns, it will die down again.

We are also suffering the annual influx of spiders, as the weather starts to turn. Lots of the ones with the teeny tiny bodies, and the really long legs. There's about 4 in the bathroom that I know of, three in the dining room and there was one in the kitchen. And I found one in the bedroom the other day as well. No big ones yet, last big spider (by big, I mean hairy and fat and black) was the mouse spider in the toilet a few weeks ago. Which is a good thing.

I rediscovered the joy of Wii Sports boxing this evening. Lots of fun, and surprisingly hard work too.

I have also discovered the weird thing about being in college all day. I don't really speak to anyone there, on account of not knowing anyone at all (having not done day release courses before, I've never met these people before. were I on weekend courses, it would be ok, I would know people), and there's one huge bunch of guys from KPMG who are all too busy talking to each other to be friendly to anyone else. So unlike in work, when I'm talking all the time and emailing Jamie all the time, now I'm sitting quietly not saying anything, not talking to anyone for most of the day. its very odd indeed. I look forward to going into work on Friday and seeing people.

Ah yes, the one other thing of note that I did today - I finally got round to changing my name on Facebook :-) I am now Tink Edwards! Its already confused one person in work!

And since its past midnight, I shall finish by saying Happy Birthday to mr [ profile] beavvver  :-)
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Although not as a result of the management accounting I have been learning about this morning. Just a regular headache. Probably caused by me having forgotten my orange juice and my raisins today, so having nothing but water to get me through till lunch.

Is weird being here on a normal day, rather than at the weekend. Popped into the office on my way in, to drop off a helium balloon (its our temp's 65th birthday today, so we've made a bit of a fuss) and to turn on my out of office (i forgot to do it on Friday), then left again and came next door to learn.

So far so good, nice easy introduction to the new material, although I'm having to dredge back up knowledge from the first exams I sat, two years ago! Fortunately its all coming back to me, and I think once I've got home and tidied my desk up, I will get out my notes from Management Accounting and have a refresh.

Have also come up with a fairly sensible working/learning/revising plan for the next 10 weeks, which shouldn't be too stressful. At least this week, I only have to concentrate on the one module. Next week things get complicated, as I'll be starting another course!

Anyway, its all going according to plan at the moment, which is the main thing.

Weekend was nice and quiet - didn't go anywhere or do anything (except a couple of short trips into town and one to Morrisons). Made a tasty pork stir fry on Saturday evening, and a really yummy lamb curry last night. Am taking advantage of my finishing earlier than usual this week, so will be cooking a cottage pie tonight as well. We also cleaned up the study and bedroom, hoovered and anti-flea-sprayed. Still have some things to do, laundry and stuff, but the house is actually looking pretty decent now.

Right, better go eat my lunch I suppose.

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So last week, 

[personal profile] rhube started talking about cute fuzzy baby things that existed in her general vicinity (more specifically, ducklings and cygnets). Having expressed interest in seeing our swan's nest, I endeavoured to photograph it for her (and anyone else who cares).

I forgot to do it on Friday morning. I failed miserably to do it yesterday, so this morning I put my camera in my bag (complete with fully charged batteries) and made sure to take photos on the way to and from work.

Unfortunately, this meant I got completely and utterly soaked, as it decided to rain both on the way in and on the way home (worse on the way home).

Still, I persevered, and took some photos.



I also saw my old manager when I was walking home (you know, the one who got fired for writing rude things about us and the company on his livejournal). I smiled and said hello, and he pointedly ignored me. Ah well.

None of my seeds are sprouting yet. I know I should wait more than a day but i'm impatient dammit!

Also, today I bought bird feeding devices and have hung them up on the washing line. Should be able to watch them from the sofa, and when the weather is better, from the bench in the garden.

I have a plan(tm) for the front garden - I'm going to wait till the weather gets nicer, clear it out (will need skip) and turn it into a herb garden with lots of pots of herbs in it. It gets more sun than the back, and has more space for pots and things. Plus it will be nice to look out onto when the front room becomes our living room.

I suppose I ought to do useful things. I can't be bothered though, thats the problem.

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So, I meant to go to the gym last night, I really did. Was all up for it when I was in work, and then somewhere on the walk home I think I dropped my enthusiasm, because once I got home I had just enough inclination to hoover the front room and do some exam practise for Tax, before collapsing in a heap and refusing to do anything else.

Swimming tonight though, I absolutely must go, for my arms are feeling 100% better after the climbing and I need to do exercise!

Yesterday aftermoon kind of slipped a little, instead of my nice healthy afternoon snack of carrot sticks, I instead guzzled down an alarming quantity of shortbread. Ooops.

Today I am back on track though (well, except for the hula-hoops I'm currently shoveling down) for even though I spent part of today's lunch money on coke yesterday, I successfully scrounged £2 off a work colleague and managed to pick up a nice baguette, me crisps and some buy-one-get-one-free Dr Pepper Zero (which is tasty nice and zero calories, yes I know its still bad for me, but one vice at a time, ok?).

Have been having an interesting few days in work, Tuesday we had massive power cut and system was down for ages. Yesterday we had total system failure in the afternoon. Today we had mini system failure this morning, but I've managed to keep myself busy until now. System is back up and running now though, so once I've had lunch I can actually do some work!

Day off tomorrow, which is going to consist of the following:
1. Nip down the canal and take photos of the swan's nest for Ro
2. Drive to Guildford and buy climbing gear - ostensibly we're just going down for shoes for Jamie, but I fancy we'll have a look at harnesses and things as well. we've got £190 to play with, so if Jamie's shoes cost £75 ish that means we should have enough spare to get harnesses from the cheaper end of the range (£50 ish each)
3. Drive to Wales. This is the biggie, as its a 4 hour drive from ours to Mum & Dad's. If we can leave by 12, we'll get there before rush hour starts, which is useful.
4. Spend evening with Mum and Dad. This will involve tasty food, some sort of wine, my beautiful little girl-cats who I don't get to see anywhere near enough of (its their birthday next week as well, they'll be 14).

Saturday is the wedding of excessive-having-to-drive-around-the-place, but it should be a laugh.

Then on Sunday we'll be having lunch with Jamie's Mum and Dad, and probably talking a great deal about the new kitten that they have decided to get. He's a very cute brown tabby, answers to the name... Rosco! After showing them pics of Caro's litter, they have fallen in love with the Maine Coon tots, and are going to be taking home a hillbilly :-) which is awesome.


Mar. 10th, 2008 10:57 am
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I really don't like this whole consecutive weekends for courses thing I've got going on. Due to Tax on Sunday last, and Law on both days this weekend, today is now day 9 of my marathon 13-days-without-a-day-off. And I'm starting to get a little sleepy and distracted. I'm also hungry, which doesnt help, and since I didnt have time to do the food shopping this weekend, I have no food! May have to nip over the road and get something snacky to get me through to lunchtime.

Fortunately, I have plenty of work to be getting on with, otherwise I'd be going quite mad!

I am hoping that work wont be too stressful this week, because I'm not sure if I could cope if something went horribly wrong!

Of course, I'm not going to have much in the way of relaxing weekends anyway, for the next few weeks, cos of all the work I have to do for my courses! Don't have to do too much for Tax, cos I've only got one day's worth of home study, but before the next Law weekend (5/6 April) I have to do all the home study, practise questions and then do the first course exam!

And with the rugby this weekend, that wipes out Saturday completely. The following weekend is Easter, so I'll be at Caro's on the Saturday, but at least I'll have the monday off to do work (I shall be relaxing on Good Friday!). The weekend after is the next weekend of my Tax course, so I'll not be doing any work then, and then its the second Law weekend. So lots of work in the evenings for me.

So yeah, busy busy busy.

Wow when put like that the exams really don't seem all that far away! And also, by the time that schedule is done, it'll be halfway through the year already, and I'll be hurtling towards our 3rd anniversary! Where has all this time gone?

Still, at least it doesnt provide much opportunity for spending money irresponsibly!

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Although, of a minor nature I suppose, in the grand scheme of things.

My laptop has died! Thankfully, its covered by a 2 year warranty, and the internet shop i bought it from opened a branch literally 5 minutes down the road from us, so while I was learning this morning, Jamie took it down with the receipt and they're checking it out as we speak. if they can't fix the problem, they'll rescue my hard drive and replace the laptop. So I'll be able to recover all my music/photos/files, which is handy, as none of its backed up anywhere!

Still, things are on the up. the magical numbers 12 - 16 have made my day, and so far Scotland are up 9 - 3 against England, which is fabulous.

Last night in the pub i mistakenly took on some bets with work colleagues about this weekends games, I have 10 quid riding on the Italy France game tomorrow (I have Italy, Alan has France) and I had a tenner on the Wales game too (which I have of course won).

First day of Corporate and Business Law today, it was actually relatively interesting and so I am not so concerned about it now. I just need to stay on top of things and make sure my exam technique is good, and I'll be fine. For both exams. So I'm happy about that.

And of course there are kittens and they are (as usual) exceptionally cute. nothing cheers me up quite like cats, I have to admit. Whether they're mine or not!

Which reminds me, the route I use to cycle to town is full of kittens! Sort of 6-8 month old kittens I think, in a variety of colours. There's a ginger one who looks a bit like Elmo, a really friendly black one, another ginger one, a black and white one with longer hair, I spotted a silvery-grey spotty one (similar pattern to the spotty Bengals) today, and a grey and white one. They're all very cute, I always see them pottering about, a few of them are friendly enough to stop and say hello to, but most are wary of the noises my bike makes so wont come too close. But they make me smile on my way to and from work every day (and to and from my courses, because the courses are in the office next door to my work!)
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So glad I had a spare days holiday! Was going to carry it over to next year, but after lunch today I got so tired I decided to book tomorrow off, so I now don't have to go back to work until the 2nd January. 

Work Christmas Dinner was on Wednesday evening, in the Bel and the Dragon pub down the road. Getting ready was like that Boots ad, with all the girls doing their hair and makeup in the office! Kerry and I shared a bottle of wine as we got ready, which was nice.

Food was awesome. Period. Cannot say enough nice things about the food in that place, it was awesome. Roasted red pepper, ginger and lemon grass soup. Full on turkey dinner (roast potatoes and veg was fan-tas-tic). Chocolate brownie (yum) with banana and butterscotch icecream. all swilled down with some very tasty wine. I wore a black halterneck catsuit and looked fabulous, Kerry took some pics but not on digital so wont see them now till after christmas.
it was fun.

Now I get to relax and chill out and do very little for 12 days. 
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apparently. Although I don't feel that Christmassy yet.

I've got my tree up, I've made and written my Christmas cards (even delivered one last night!), bought all my presents and wrapped most of them. But I still don't feel Christmassy.

Am working all this week, and then I'm off until 2nd January 2008. Which means I have 3.5 more days of stress to deal with before I can relax!

Plenty of stress to be dealing with as well, because of staff leaving and being ill, and stuff. Which is nice. And on Friday I'll have to organise cover for my holiday as well, because there are things I do every day that are essential and cannot be forgotten about, even though its Christmas (the joys of Treasury).

Fortunately, everything else can wait till I get back :-)

Christmas plans are not really afoot, although they currently include potentially socialising with [profile] black_faery and [personal profile] rhube, horrendously stressful Christmas food shopping in Tesco, two days of doing very little except eating very fine food (we are going to make a big pot of roast chicken broth, and we're boiling a ham and roasting a Turkey on Xmas Day, and there will be champagne breakfasts and posh chocolates and yummy things like that), some revision,  lots of telly, and muchos relaxing doing not very much.

No plans in place for new year celebrations, may well just do what we did last year, which was stay in and enjoy ourselves with wine and champagne and telly and games and things. Which was very nice indeed, even if I did break my thumb nail on the ice tray!
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i seem to have come down with a bad case of LJ related apathy. nice things keep happening and I want to tell people about them, but I am always thinking of them when i am nowhere near LJ, and then when I am in a position to make a post I find that I cannot be arsed anymore.

But, while I sit here waiting for my face mask to dry so I can peel it off, I shall make use of my time in briefly going over the nice things that have happened.

On Friday Ros came over and dragged me (well, I say dragged like it was a real chore and I would rather have been somewhere else, which is as far from the truth as it could have been!) to a party of one of her work mates. turns out her work mates are really cool people, and their friends are cool also (and include many people I know/recognise) so that was fun. We were drinking in the flat till about eleven or so, and then we went over the road to the Face Bar, Readings "alterntive" club. I say club, its more like a goth school disco. Anyway, fun was had, and we eventually rolled up at my house in a taxi at half 2 or so. Jamie was still up so we chatted for a little while and then Ros went home.

Weekend was fabulous because I did sweet F.A. for most of it! There was much rugby (my team beat Saracens, but didnt qualify for the EDF semi finals - boo! - and the Barbarians kicked South Africa's ass in a very satisfactory fashion. there was also the first Sevens tournament of the series, although we didnt win anything there). Saturday evening we were supposed to be joining Minty and the Reading ex-Stormwolf types for a celebration of Minty's birthday, however the world conspired against us and we were unable to go. Jamie made it up to me (for I had been looking forward to Pie) by taking me to Frankie & Benny's for food, as we had nothing in the house to eat due to us having already planned to eat out. I was brave and had a fish dish, but overall it wasnt great.

Sunday we popped into town and Shopped (although not as much as I would have liked, for Jamie needs new clothes but he wasnt in the mood to go clothes shopping). I bought new makeup (new foundation, new nail varnish and new lip colour) for the Christmas Party, and we generally had a nice time wandering about. Then we came home and relaxed some more. 

Work on Monday was good, because there was new manager (only temporary, unfortunately, but a damn sight better than the last one!) and basically, we had a brief chat in the afternoon and it left me feeling incredibly motivated and happy, which was very good. As a result, I have been more focused and driven in work (not in a crazy way) and its a good thing. hopefully this will continue.

As mentioned before, there is a Christmas Party and it is tomorrow evening. So its a themed party ( "To Russia With Love". I will be wearing a black and gold chinese style dress (rather short), with black tights and my lurvely black fetishy boots with the open back and the straps. I am getting my hair cut (and therefore straightened) tomorrow afternoon, so will hopefully look absolutely fabulous. Will put pics up on Facebook most likely after the event (as then work people can see them).

Jamie is being a sweetheart and has taken Friday off work, so he can stay up late and come pick me up afterwards (last year I had to leave at midnight or I'd turn into a pumpkin). Party finishes at 1am, but last year carried on at someone's house, so I have no idea how long it will go on for this year!

I feel all clean now, for I have peeled off my face mask and everything. Am looking forward to getting my hair cut though, my hair has been getting a little uncontrollable of late and it will be nice to get it back under control.

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