Jul. 9th, 2010 12:26 am
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When I was walking home from work today, I saw something rather unusual. A snake, swimming in the canal!
snake! )

I've had a nose around online, and I reckon it was a grass snake.

It was just swimming along, and then when it saw me watching it, it stopped and just floated, completely still, until it decided I wasn't a threat and kept on swimming. I saw it disturb a coot and her young, but from what I've read they only eat amphibians and sometimes fish, so I doubt it would try to eat the coot babies.

I love having this little slice of nature right behind my house. It's awesome.

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So this morning I got up early to go swimming. I was working on the basis that the pool opened at 8am, so I'd set my alarm for quarter to 8. I got up, left the house, got to the pool just after 8am. Pool does not open till 8.30.

Bugger, says I. Can't go home, because then I wouldn't want to go back. So I'll just wander the streets for a bit. Ended up going for a walk through the enormous cemetery over the road. I like it in there because its so peaceful. Even though its right next to the road, you can't hear the traffic (this happens in all cemeteries, I think its awesome). there were information leaflets by the entrance, which I'd not seen before. Includes information about the history of the cemetery, and a map to help you find graves. So I wandered about, looking for stuff it mentioned, like specific memorials and the remains of the original chapels.

The cemetery is Grade II listed. Two of its memorials are also Grade II listed. and the whole cemetery is a wildlife heritage site. Semi-improved grassland, with many rare/protected plant species.

When I got to the line that says "There is a family of Muntjac deer living in the cemetery" I started to think, okay, I've never seen deer here, that can't be right.

So I'm wandering around, trying to find stuff. what should appear out from behind a shrub, but a female deer! I couldn't believe my eyes! She didn't see me, was just pottering around grazing. So I carefully followed her, until I was in a position to take a picture.
pic behind cut )She's very small, but very cute! You can see in the pic, she was very aware of me, she kept moving away and I was having to do my best not to scare her.'s_Muntjac

So yeah, a decent night's sleep, followed by an early morning nature experience, followed by a refreshing swim, means I'm feeling a lot happier today. Breakfast time now though!


Apr. 13th, 2009 11:47 pm
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He's back!!! Mr Popodopolous has woken up from his hibernation, and has re-appeared in our garden. Jamie just called me outside and the hedgehog was bimbling about in my border. He's huge now! and he let me stroke him, and didn't curl up into a ball or anything. He's incredibly cute.

pic here )

In other news, Mr Fidget has suddenly decided he likes milk. Jamie had a small glass of it earlier, and Fidget was straight in it. It was very cute. He hasn't had much though, and a close eye will be kept on him tomorrow to ensure there are no negative side effects. He did go COMPLETELY CRAZY afterwards though, maybe some sort of sugar rush!
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I was settling down to do some revision yesterday, using the dining table because the study was full of laundry and mess. I looked up out of the back window and saw a bird flying overhead. I had to do a double take - it was a red kite! A proper huge one as well, just gliding over the estate.

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Today has been so relaxing so far. We chilled out until about ten thirty or so, then had quick showers before popping out.

We took my laptop back to Novatech, where we were greeted with dismay "Oh no!" says Jim. "Not you again!". They are sending it back and I will be getting a new one (again).

Then we went to Homebase (via Toys R Us) where we bought a new cordless drill (complete with hammer action for drilling into walls with), some screws and a new dragon tree (which Jamie has named Frankie).

Then we popped to Tesco to get some bits and bobs, and came home.

We had barbecued lamb steaks for lunch, with some salad and nice mediterranean bread (we got a small disposable bbq because we felt like barbecuing the lamb!),

While we were out in the garden cooking the lamb, we had Mr Fidget curled up in the border on one side, being all cute, Crotchspider curled up on the floor by the BBQ being all cute. Then we heard some cat fighting noises from a few gardens away, so Fidget went to investigate. Then we heard some rustling and looked behind the bbq, underneath the holly bush, where Mr Popodopolous, our resident hedgehog, was emerging from his little nest inside the half-full bag of bark chippings. It was in the full sunlight, so we assume it must have been too hot for him. He pottered out, sniffing away, completely ignored the cat who was sat right next to him (mind you, the cat completely ignored him too!), wandered up to Jamie, sniffed him, then wandered off to sleep in the tarp which is down the side of the shed, where it is all shady.

He is a very handsome looking hedgehog, and he is very used to us now. I really like having so much wildlife in my garden. I also saw an enormous dragonfly flying over as well, which was awesome.

Now I need to do some sorting out of stuff, as I need to bring a bookcase into the study to put my ACCA books on. Jamie is currently zonked out on the sofa having a snooze - its a hard life!
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For those of you who appreciate my photos of local wildlife!

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Today on my way into work I saw the first clutch of ducklings on the Kennet this year. Nine. Nine! They were all brown and fluffy and oh so small, very cute indeed. Swimming madly around going "meep meep".


I also saw one of the swan families, and two herons. And some grebes. I like the herons a lot, actually, they're one of my favourite water birds.

I have such a fabulous walk/cycle into work every day :-)

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