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So yesterday was Ed and Rachael's wedding. It was awesome! Very them, if you know what I mean. I may have drunk rather too much mead - I'm feeling incredibly delicate today!

I think we eventually headed off to bed at about 4am. There was singing around the fire and it was cool. Other highlights include the first dance :-)

Didn't realise how drunk I was till we went to bed and I lay down. Didn't really get much sleep, so felt pretty rough when I first got up. Burger king on the way home stopped me feeling too rubbish in the car and a prolonged snooze in bed with J and the cat helped me feel vaguely human again. Fidg was very cute, actually, as soon as he realised I'd got in bed wearing my dressing gown he came racing over, dived under the covers and started kneading the gown like a cat possessed! Then he curled up as tight up against me as he could, and purred his head off. I'm guessing he's forgiven me for the kennels and the vet now!

Rugby now, with added pizza. Hopefully my hangover will go away soon!

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So, I meant to go to the gym last night, I really did. Was all up for it when I was in work, and then somewhere on the walk home I think I dropped my enthusiasm, because once I got home I had just enough inclination to hoover the front room and do some exam practise for Tax, before collapsing in a heap and refusing to do anything else.

Swimming tonight though, I absolutely must go, for my arms are feeling 100% better after the climbing and I need to do exercise!

Yesterday aftermoon kind of slipped a little, instead of my nice healthy afternoon snack of carrot sticks, I instead guzzled down an alarming quantity of shortbread. Ooops.

Today I am back on track though (well, except for the hula-hoops I'm currently shoveling down) for even though I spent part of today's lunch money on coke yesterday, I successfully scrounged £2 off a work colleague and managed to pick up a nice baguette, me crisps and some buy-one-get-one-free Dr Pepper Zero (which is tasty nice and zero calories, yes I know its still bad for me, but one vice at a time, ok?).

Have been having an interesting few days in work, Tuesday we had massive power cut and system was down for ages. Yesterday we had total system failure in the afternoon. Today we had mini system failure this morning, but I've managed to keep myself busy until now. System is back up and running now though, so once I've had lunch I can actually do some work!

Day off tomorrow, which is going to consist of the following:
1. Nip down the canal and take photos of the swan's nest for Ro
2. Drive to Guildford and buy climbing gear - ostensibly we're just going down for shoes for Jamie, but I fancy we'll have a look at harnesses and things as well. we've got £190 to play with, so if Jamie's shoes cost £75 ish that means we should have enough spare to get harnesses from the cheaper end of the range (£50 ish each)
3. Drive to Wales. This is the biggie, as its a 4 hour drive from ours to Mum & Dad's. If we can leave by 12, we'll get there before rush hour starts, which is useful.
4. Spend evening with Mum and Dad. This will involve tasty food, some sort of wine, my beautiful little girl-cats who I don't get to see anywhere near enough of (its their birthday next week as well, they'll be 14).

Saturday is the wedding of excessive-having-to-drive-around-the-place, but it should be a laugh.

Then on Sunday we'll be having lunch with Jamie's Mum and Dad, and probably talking a great deal about the new kitten that they have decided to get. He's a very cute brown tabby, answers to the name... Rosco! After showing them pics of Caro's litter, they have fallen in love with the Maine Coon tots, and are going to be taking home a hillbilly :-) which is awesome.
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Right this is probably going to be quite longwinded, as I got up to lots of stuff this weekend! But I shall try and keep it relatively brief.

Friday )

Sunday )

Work Christmas dinner tonight, so its going to be yet another long tiring day, and another big, heavy meal! Really need to get exercising otherwise I'm going to put on a whole heap of weight over Christmas! Jamie's mum has given us a strange exercise machine, and we've got a rowing machine on its way to us in the post, so with any luck I'll be able to sort something out!

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I'm in the local paper! Ok, so its not quite as good as being on TV, but its better than nothing!

Me and the guys in my office went Ice skating on the fake-ice rink they've put up in the Oracle shopping centre last Friday.

we were the first people of the year to have a go on the 'ice', so there was much fuss over the whole thing. local radio DJ's there doing a running commentary, trying to drum up more custom etc. photographers, tons of spectators. a fake snow machine (which was blowing large amounts of soapy bubbles over us).

there's a picture of Shelley and Michelle, and a picture of me. We're all having a massive 'snow' fight on the 'ice'. the first line of the article reads "These shoppers got carried away by the Christmas spirit..."

is very funny. I will post pics of the iceskating when I get round to it.

just finished packing for the weekend, have a very hectic schedule ahead:

tomorrow is Tash and Andy's wedding, so its up early to straighten my hair, then a 3 hour drive to Ross-on-Wye to check into the hotel. swift change of outfits, re-straighten the hair if I have time, then nearly an hours drive to the Castle where the whole thing is taking place.

Once the whole thing is over (and I will be stone cold sober for most of it!) we drive back to the hotel, so its going to be a very long day tomorrow!

Saturday we have to be up and about at a fairly sensible time, as we face a 2.5 hour journey from Ross-on-Wye to Llanelli, where we will be joining ~9000 other people in cheering on the Llanelli Scarlets in their vital Heineken Cup clash against French giants Toulouse (I will not go on, as I know none of you care about rugby). The game should be awesome.

After that, its a quick drive round the corner to Jamie's parent's where we are going out for a family dinner thing with everyone.

Sunday means driving back from Swansea, via Mike Dymond's place in Wiltshire. Its going to be a very long (but hopefully very enjoyable) weekend!
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Having a rather successful morning so far.

Am still buoyed up by Wales's excellent performance in the game against Australia yesterday, just such a shame that they weren't able to play the last line out.

Although, our line outs were reasonably terrible throughout, so I'm not sure it would have made much difference. Was a big anti-climax though, especially since Hook's kick was so awesomely good.

Jamie's gone to Wales today, to fetch his car from his parents (where it was taken yesterday by the RAC so his dad could fix it), which means I was up at stupid o'clock, taking him to the station. I took advatage of this to go to Tesco's early, and managed to do my weekly shop and pay for it and have it all in the car 15 mins after the shop opened! Which was awesome, considering Jamie's usually so lazy we don't even get to Tesco before 12.

Was really nice wandering round a practically empty supermarket.

As I was leaving, I got a call from my friend Carol (you know, the one who's having the engagement party in Wales later on this month) with excellent news regarding travel/accommodation. Basically, if I get the train to Cardiff, she'll come pick me up as she has to go into Cardiff anyway that day, and her mum will give me a lift back to Pembrokeshire, so I can stay the night with my folks!

I've just booked my train tickets, and its only going to cost me twenty quid as well, which is awesome. So I am in a good mood.

I have also been having much fun playing with Fidget and a laser pointer that I found upstairs. Now, I was already aware of the entertainment potential of laser pointers and cats, having seen Darren playing with Caro's cats, but I had no idea Fidget would be so entertaining.

If you turn it off, he spends at least ten minutes hunting around trying to find it, and then gets really confused when it reappears elsewhere in the room. Also, when it touches him, rather than trying to catch it, he just starts vigorously washing whatever bit of him it touched. I've seen him trying to eat bits of stuff off the floor cos he thinks thats what made the red dot, and the other day I had him chasing the dot in the front room, but then went to the loo. 2 minutes later, he's in the bathroom, meowling his head off cos he can't find the dot, forcing his way in to find me and then spending a further ten minutes trying to find the dot in the bathroom. I think he's cottoned on to the fact that the light only appears when I'm nearby, but other than that.. Its very funny.

He's definately getting more vocal now he's properly settled in, he'll cry if we're upstairs and he's downstairs on his own, and he says hello to us when we come home from work as well. And he gets very loud when its dinner time.

He's not a big fan of the fireworks though, and since we live in such a culturally diverse area of Reading (see how politically correct I was there), they've been going off for a lot longer than usual. Which is rubbish. But lots of cuddles and grooming and fuss seem to calm him down enough.
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mumble grumble mumble

Why do they have to be so expensive for the guests!!

Since the systems have been down in work for 3 days now, I've been investigating costs to get to Vegas in March, and its proving too costly (as Jamie doesnt want to come, and I can't spare a whole weeks holiday, at year end), which is really annoying me, cos I'd really like to be there.

I got the invite for Carol's (old school friend) engagement party in the post today, 24th November, which is fine cos I already booked it off, but its not in Pembrokeshire like I was expecting (where I would be able to get the train to, and have parents to put me up/take me to and from the party). No, its in Llantwit bloody Fadre, which is just outside Cardiff (literally just around the corner from where I was born/used to live). Impossible for me to get to without spending loads of money, nowhere for me to stay without a) spending loads of money on a hotel or b) not drinking and driving the hour and a half to my parents house after the party.

I think I'll text Carol and see if she has any bright ideas.


Not to mention the absolute fortune that Tash's hen weekend is costing me.

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