Mar. 7th, 2009 05:31 pm
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So I come home from my course, Jamie meets me at the door with the incredible news that not only did Wales beat New Zealand in the quarter final of the Sevens World Cup, but we also beat Samoa in the semis and the final is just about to kick off!

So we found a live stream on the internet, and there followed twenty minutes of frantic tension, as Wales eventually beat Argentina 19-12 to win the World Cup for the first time!!!!!

So we are very happy this evening.

Course continued boring, in the same vein as this morning. There was some new stuff this afternoon, but it was all fairly simple stuff. Cash flow forecasting, a couple of potentially icky formulae, but apart from that, nothing special. Luckily, thanks to the magic of BPP's timetabling, I don't have to go back tomorrow! In fact, my next day isnt till next Sunday. So I get a whole week to do the home study for this one day before I get new stuff shoved in my head.

Now for an evening of more rugby (Dragons v Munster in the Magners League just kicked off), curry (although its shop-bought microwave budget curry, not tasty takeaway curry or homemade curry), Empire Total War, and the tidying of my desk for the studying on.
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So after crawling into bed on Saturday evening, utterly exhausted from the events of the day, I slept like a log, and woke up bright and early at half eight ish on Sunday morning. I felt completely restored, both physically and emotionally, so I got out of bed feeling pretty good.

It was only after I'd got out of bed and moved around for a bit I realised my legs/arms were a bit sore. All that walking, and stairs, and the cold, and the excitement, and the clapping and cheering and waving and so on from the day before had taken their toll, and my calves, thighs and shoulders in particular were aching.

Since I didn't do much yesterday, apart from sit and watch TV, it just got worse as the day wore on. Even this morning, my legs are still aching. Hopefully after the gym tonight they will get better.

So anyway, yesterday morning I was feeling all refreshed and recovered. Until Jamie put the recording of the game on, and I was transported straight back into the whirlwind of emotions I felt yesterday. Game was just as exciting from an armchair perspective, plus was interesting to hear the commentary/punditry as well as pre- and post-match interviews.

In one of the post-match interviews, one of the Welsh players made particular mention of the atmosphere created by the fans, and the arrival of the bus and things, and it was nice to think "I was a part of that".

Jamie went to the gym once he'd woken up, and I cycled over to Tesco to pick up the ingredients for the curry I'd promised to make him for dinner. Was good to get out of the house and in the fresh air, but I collapsed in a tired heap again when I got back home.

We started watching the Italy - Ireland game, but it got boring in the second half so we went back to bed for a snooze. Then tackled the mountain of washing up, and watched Bee Movie, which was ok - funny in places, but not brilliant.

Then I made a really tasty chicken curry, following a James Martin recipe off BBC Food.

This morning I am experimenting in making my own lunches again, in an attempt to get me away from eating crisps/snacks and drinking fizzy drinks/ribena. So I have two garlic chicken baps in the fridge, with mountains of grapes, and am drinking water. From tomorrow it will be chicken pitta bread with salad, but I did the shopping late so I couldnt have that today.

I cut my fingertip on my knife when I was chopping my coriander. Its not deep, but it was rather irritating. Luckily I didn't get any ginger or garlic into my cut - that would have been horrible.

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So we woke up this morning around 9ish, and so began a most excellent day. I had a shower, got dressed and made breakfast, while Jamie caught up on missed sleep and also showered. sausages, scrambled egg and beans. Tasty!

We watched Saturday Kitchen, which was a Valentines Day special sort of thing, and they had the usual two chef's table guests, but the twist was, the bloke had arranged with the show to propose to his girlfriend on air, which was very sweet. She was somewhat shocked, but said yes of course :-)

Then there was a short period of waiting, as it was too early really to leave, but we had already done everything we needed to do packing wise. So we bounced nervously and excitedly in our chairs until it was time to leave. We drove to Cardiff, via the sorting office to pick up an undelivered parcel. I had intended to drive the first stretch, but I was a little overexcited so Jamie took over once we'd got petrol in Tesco, and he drove till Membrey Services.

We swopped over there, and swopped back at Magor, after the bridge. Drove into Cardiff, got there around three-ish. As Jamie used to live there, we know a handy spot near the town centre for parking the car, and there's usually always a space. Then we walked into town from there, stuck our head round the door of a pub to check the score in the France v Scotland game (which was 0-0 after 20 mins). Decided not to bother finding somewhere to watch that, so wandered round Cardiff for a bit soaking up the pre-match atmosphere.

Then we wandered over to the stadium, initially planning to see if they were showing the France game on a big screen. When we got to the entrance of the stadium, it quickly became obvious that the crowd gathered was arranged in such a fashion for watching the team bus go past into the stadium (in two lines either side of the road, lots of police making sure they stayed in place). It was 4pm, so an hour and a half before kick off. We stuck around in the crowd, quite near the gate, at the front of the mass of people. Shortly afterwards, we heard the roar of the crowd round the corner up the road, then the police escort hoved into view. Two mounted police on gorgeous brown horses, followed by two police motorbikes. Then came the team bus, followed by more bikes and horses. So there was much cheering and yelling and chanting of "Wales! Wales! Wales!". It was amazing. And to cap it all off.......

Neil Jenkins looked at me!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a real fangirly squee moment. It was hilarious.

Once they'd gone into the stadium, we made our way over to gate 5 and headed inside. Our seats were in the middle tier, the first time we've been sat up there. In the stand behind the posts, but off to one side, so about halfway between the posts and the edge of the pitch. Wales were playing towards us in the first half, and away from us in the second, so as you look at the game from the point of view of the telly cameras, we were on the right hand side.

We were mostly surrounded by pleasant people, which is always nice, although throughout the game there was far too much of people going back and forth to the bar/toilet, always at the wrong moment and getting in the way of the view.

So we were in our seats a long while before kick off, and got to watch the teams warming up. We were entertained by that school choir that were runners up on Last Choir Standing last year, and they were awesome.

It was a full house. 74,594 was the official attendance, and the entire place was buzzing. The roof was open, which made it colder, but did nothing to dampen the spirits or reduce the noise. If anything, we were making even more noise to compensate!

The anthem almost had me in tears. The confidence I'd been feeling all week about the likely result had all but disappeared by then, and there was a tight knot of anxiety and nerves in my stomach. By the time we'd sung the anthem, I felt physically sick.

And then the whistle blew, England kicked off and for the next 40 minutes I was screaming and singing as loud as any other Welshman in that crowd. Then came 10 minutes of quiet, as Jamie disappeared for a break and a stretch of the legs (there isn't much space for legs in these stadiums!). Then came the second half, and another 40 minutes of screaming, singing, hiding my hands behind my eyes.. lots of tense moments, lots of nervousness, and by the time the final whistle blew, and we'd won the game, I had run out of any energy with which to celebrate.

We made our weary way back across town, stopping only to get a small burger each from Burger King (and for me to have a wee!), and to get Jamie some coke from Sainsburys. A quiet five minutes sitting in the car, then we drove home. Well, Jamie drove, I collapsed in the passenger seat. I was meant to be taking over at some point, but was so tired and drained that Jamie agreed to drive the whole journey, in exchange for a cup of coffee at Membrey, and me cooking him a curry for dinner tomorrow!

Got home at about half ten - would have been earlier, but there are a number of stretches of roadworks on the M4 which have average speed cameras, and one of them has a speed limit of 40 mph! Very irritating, but we got through it.

I am utterly exhausted. But very happy.
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Bore da! Wales is sunny, with bright blue skies today. Yesterday it wasn't so sunny, and it absolutely hounded down with rain just as we were driving away from the stadium. But I'm getting ahead of myself..

in which we go to the rugby, and there are cats )
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Seems to be very handy thing, to keep a list of what I'm up to on here. Not that anyone really cares, I suppose, but at least if you want me for anything you can check first to see if I'll be around. Plus I can look back at it and get all excited about what's coming up next.

So, here's me schedule: )

which basically means that if anyone wants to do anything on the weekends of 17/18 January, 21/22 February or 7/8 March I am available!
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Back from our flying visit to Wales. I am currently cold, and a little bit hungry, and tired and I have a headache. So thats not great. But I've had a lovely few days.

Christmas Day )
The Wales bit )
The rugby bit )
The Fidget/Crotchspider bit )
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So a brief post about my weekend so far... Friday drive to Jamie's parents was marred only by the closing of the M4 just as we were going through Port Talbot, so Jamie took us on a detour through Swansea (during rush hour) and across the Gower through the marshes to get to the house. Then there was tasty chicken curry, lots of awesomely cute puss cat (Rosco and Bo are huge! and gorgeous! and so sweet!), a nail biting finish to the Scarlets game, a nice quiet drink in the pub and bed. Then there was being woken up by Rosco's demands for cuddles and love, driving into Cardiff, having a look around the area we're thinking of moving to (very nice, actually, even managed to find the right street without any kind of map), finding an awesome place to park right next to town, pottering around town (in the very freezing cold), getting a red dragon painted on my face, buying a new memory card for my camera (as I'd forgotten mine!), buying a proper women's fitted replica rugby shirt from the WRU shop outside the stadium, hot pasties eaten outside Cardiff Market, and the most awesome game of rugby viewed from the awesome seats of awesome that my Dad got me (12 rows from the front, five seats away from the tunnel). Then there was a painless drive home, a Mr Cod takeaway dinner and lots of Fidget cuddles!

Now we are re-watching the game, as there are a couple of incidents we want to have a look at again, and to see what all the pundits say. Because WE WON THE GAME!!!! 21 - 18. The only northern hemisphere team to beat a southern hemisphere team this Autumn Test Series. It was brilliant. Real edge-of-the-seat stuff. Atmosphere in the stadium was brilliant, I'm so glad I was there!!!

So in short, the weekend is going really well so far. Also, it feels like Sunday night, so I will be very happy when I get up tomorrow and I don't have to go to work!

I did take photos this weekend, I will get them onto my computer tonight (need to go find the cables for my phone and camera) and do another post later on. You will definately want to see the Bo and Rosco ones, as they are lovely.
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So this weekend we went to Wales to visit Jamie's parents, see Bo and Rosco for the first time since they left Caro's, and to swap the Metro for the new Ford Ka.

Was lovely to see D&T, they were in fine form as always. Across the two days, they managed to call Jamie by the names of all three of their sons (!) and at one point, when telling me about something (Jamie not even in the room), D refered to T as "your mother" instead of "Tydfil", which made me smile.

random stuff & car )
the Bo and Rosco update )
Right I'd best go do some work!


Mar. 15th, 2008 07:16 pm
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Grand Slam Winners!!!!!!!!!!!

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Although, of a minor nature I suppose, in the grand scheme of things.

My laptop has died! Thankfully, its covered by a 2 year warranty, and the internet shop i bought it from opened a branch literally 5 minutes down the road from us, so while I was learning this morning, Jamie took it down with the receipt and they're checking it out as we speak. if they can't fix the problem, they'll rescue my hard drive and replace the laptop. So I'll be able to recover all my music/photos/files, which is handy, as none of its backed up anywhere!

Still, things are on the up. the magical numbers 12 - 16 have made my day, and so far Scotland are up 9 - 3 against England, which is fabulous.

Last night in the pub i mistakenly took on some bets with work colleagues about this weekends games, I have 10 quid riding on the Italy France game tomorrow (I have Italy, Alan has France) and I had a tenner on the Wales game too (which I have of course won).

First day of Corporate and Business Law today, it was actually relatively interesting and so I am not so concerned about it now. I just need to stay on top of things and make sure my exam technique is good, and I'll be fine. For both exams. So I'm happy about that.

And of course there are kittens and they are (as usual) exceptionally cute. nothing cheers me up quite like cats, I have to admit. Whether they're mine or not!

Which reminds me, the route I use to cycle to town is full of kittens! Sort of 6-8 month old kittens I think, in a variety of colours. There's a ginger one who looks a bit like Elmo, a really friendly black one, another ginger one, a black and white one with longer hair, I spotted a silvery-grey spotty one (similar pattern to the spotty Bengals) today, and a grey and white one. They're all very cute, I always see them pottering about, a few of them are friendly enough to stop and say hello to, but most are wary of the noises my bike makes so wont come too close. But they make me smile on my way to and from work every day (and to and from my courses, because the courses are in the office next door to my work!)
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Fidget )

Rugby )

Yesterday we did Useful Things, like tidy the bedroom of clothes, and the living room of paper. We meant to do the front room too, but enthusiasm for tidying died so we played Zombies instead. This then put us in the mood for watching Slither, which we duly did and it was very entertaining. Then we watched Brucie's birthday celebration, which put Jamie in the mood to watch the Mask, so we watched that too. I'd forgotten how much that film makes me laugh.


Feb. 23rd, 2008 10:10 pm
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     Team       P W D L  PF   PA PTS

Not that I want to brag or anything, but we're the only team on 3 out of 3.

Still not ready to shout out from the rooftops how we're going to win a Grand Slam, but it does feel strange to be winning again...


Feb. 2nd, 2008 06:22 pm
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England 19 - Wales 26

in your face, England. 


Jun. 28th, 2007 05:28 pm
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After a very useful day in work yesterday, where I got completely immersed in my spreadsheets and almost forgot to have lunch, today seems the complete opposite. I really can't be arsed today. MD is away (his wife is having baby today), immediate boss is too busy organising his new kitchen over the phone with his wife to pay attention, so I have been mostly reading stuff on the internet and writing up stuff for LARP (we've decided to write up an OOC group document for our newbies, as we have quite a few it seems, because we're bored of explaining everything over again - today I wrote up all about our OOC group structure and the group logistics).

Lets see, important events which have occured over the last few days which have had an impact on my life:
1. Rather shocked and saddened to read about Chris Benoit's apparent murdering of his wife and young son, and subsequent suicide.
2. Much more happy to read that the Welsh Assembly appears to have agreed on a coalition, which means no election re-run. Glad to see Plaid getting their hands on a bit of power too.
3. Even more happy to read that the WAG has actually made a decision on the Stradey planning application, and it was YES, which means that my rugby region (the Scarlets) can now move to a brand new sexy stadium in Llanelli which is a) closer and b) easier for me to get to. Yay!
4. Ros came over last night for Doctor Who, and we managed to talk her into seriously considering coming back to CP as part of House Daga! Which is awesome, as we desperately need girlies, and decent ones at that.
5. Benjy is coming down tomorrow evening, in preparation for our group meeting on Saturday. So weekend of LARP waah and partying and board games and cooking breakfast for everyone to follow :-)
6. Floods in Sheffield, which means there was a chance that my brother was floundering around somewhere in a river. However, it appears all he is suffering from is random rolling power cuts, as Sheffied is currently undergoing electricity rationing.
7. I got my holiday for this year! Not as exciting as Rome, but for our 2nd anniversary (which falls on the same weekend as Fayre!) Jamie and I are going to Brighton for the weekend, at the end of July. I've never been to Brighton before, and its been an age since I last saw the sea properly.

well thats me up to date.

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