Apr. 21st, 2008 10:11 am
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ok, so 6 hours of climbing split over two days was perhaps a little too much for my poor body to cope with. I am in a rather interesting form of agony. If I sit still, I'm fine. If I move my legs, I'm fine. If I try to do anything whatsoever with my arms, I am in lots of pain. Particularly around the tricep/shoulder area, and the forearms. For example, pulling my chair under my desk hurts a lot. Using a stapler hurts, a lot. Typing isnt so bad, but anything requiring me to grip anything (say lifting a half empty lever arch file from my desk) hurts like hell.

I'm sure I'll recover quickly enough, although I don't think I'll be doing any rowing tonight!

I'll take it relatively gently in the pool on Tuesday evening as well, just to make sure I don't break anything.

Got a weekend off from it, anyway, because of the wedding this weekend, so we should be more than recovered before we go back in May :-) 
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Mum - forgot to mention it on my previous post, but can you forward the link to my fundraising page around the family?

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Ros and I are walking the Reading Race for Life on 13th July 2008 at 4pm.

Please to be going here and giving us Cancer Research all your money.

That is all.

p.s. tell all your friends. make them donate too.
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IRB World Rankings as at 17/03/08:

1. South Africa            90.81
2. New Zealand           89.59
. Argentina                 87.42
4. Australia                  84.20
5. England                   83.36
6. Wales                       80.12
7. France                     79.61
8. Ireland                     77.18
9. Fiji                           75.88
10. Scotland                74.92
11. Italy                       73.57
We've gone above France! We're 6th in the world! Considering we were teetering between 10 and 11 after the world cup....

the only reason England are above us is that points awarded are doubled for World Cup games, and we had such an appalling tournament compared to England's lucky escapes.

If we go to South Africa and win in the summer, while England go to New Zealand and lose, we'll go above them, and SA will no longer be Number One. We'll be seriously challenging Australia for their place by the time they come over to Wales in the autumn :-)

Its all good


Mar. 15th, 2008 07:16 pm
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Grand Slam Winners!!!!!!!!!!!



Mar. 10th, 2008 10:57 am
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I really don't like this whole consecutive weekends for courses thing I've got going on. Due to Tax on Sunday last, and Law on both days this weekend, today is now day 9 of my marathon 13-days-without-a-day-off. And I'm starting to get a little sleepy and distracted. I'm also hungry, which doesnt help, and since I didnt have time to do the food shopping this weekend, I have no food! May have to nip over the road and get something snacky to get me through to lunchtime.

Fortunately, I have plenty of work to be getting on with, otherwise I'd be going quite mad!

I am hoping that work wont be too stressful this week, because I'm not sure if I could cope if something went horribly wrong!

Of course, I'm not going to have much in the way of relaxing weekends anyway, for the next few weeks, cos of all the work I have to do for my courses! Don't have to do too much for Tax, cos I've only got one day's worth of home study, but before the next Law weekend (5/6 April) I have to do all the home study, practise questions and then do the first course exam!

And with the rugby this weekend, that wipes out Saturday completely. The following weekend is Easter, so I'll be at Caro's on the Saturday, but at least I'll have the monday off to do work (I shall be relaxing on Good Friday!). The weekend after is the next weekend of my Tax course, so I'll not be doing any work then, and then its the second Law weekend. So lots of work in the evenings for me.

So yeah, busy busy busy.

Wow when put like that the exams really don't seem all that far away! And also, by the time that schedule is done, it'll be halfway through the year already, and I'll be hurtling towards our 3rd anniversary! Where has all this time gone?

Still, at least it doesnt provide much opportunity for spending money irresponsibly!

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Yesterday we did Useful Things, like tidy the bedroom of clothes, and the living room of paper. We meant to do the front room too, but enthusiasm for tidying died so we played Zombies instead. This then put us in the mood for watching Slither, which we duly did and it was very entertaining. Then we watched Brucie's birthday celebration, which put Jamie in the mood to watch the Mask, so we watched that too. I'd forgotten how much that film makes me laugh.
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 Checked the IRB's world rankings today - Wales have jumped from 10th to 8th, and England have dropped from 4th to 5th.


Scotland unfortunately have dropped to 10th, but given their poor performance I think we deserve to have switched places.

In other news, for le Rygbi is not the only thing going on right now in my world...


Rock on!

Nov. 18th, 2007 08:14 pm
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I am having a very nice weekend. Well, except for the persecution I am currently suffering at the hands of Mr Fidget. i briefly mentioned it on [personal profile] rhube's journal yesterday, but I will explain here. On Friday night, at some point during the night I turned over, and kicked Fidget off the bed. He woke Jamie up with his cry of protest as he sailed through the air, and woke me up with the crashing sound as he landed on our bedroom bin. He jumped back up on the bed, but sulked at the foot until I went back to sleep. At which point he decided he obviously really needed a wee, and that I would have to get up and deal with it. So he climbed all over my head, and started wailing, so i got up, came downstairs, saw it was his breakfast time, fed him, and went back upstairs grumbling "you can use your litter tray, you can't go outside cos you aint got a collar on". So he ignores his food, and five minutes later, as I'm sinking back into a sort of doze, he's back upstairs, wailing away. So i put his collar on and came downstairs to let him out, and decided to stay up.

Managed to convince Jamie to go food shopping in the morning, and also to go swimming with me at lunchtime! Then we had an afternoon of Heineken Cup Rugby on the telly, which was kind of bad for the Welsh teams cos they all lost. Best we could muster was a draw for Cardiff Blues, against Harlequins of all teams, so an embarrassing performance all round really,

Then we ate yummy chicken from M&S which was very tasty.

Today, I was also woken up lots by Mr Fidget while I slept, as he clambered about and wailed and was generally annoying. Think he hasnt quite forgiven me for throwing him out of bed yet! Got up, had breakfast, and then Jamie and I went on an adventure.

We went to Craggy Island, which is an indoor climbing centre in Guildford. We had a private tuition session booked (all the taster sessions were fully booked up for ages, so we booked a private tuition session, which was an hour instead of an hour and a half, but was one-on-two, rather than one-on-six, so on balance it was better I think) and it was awesome! We had a very brief safety discussion (which was basically, don't be silly) and then we were straight up on the walls. A quick practice on the traversing wall and then we were off! We'd been watching from the cafe for a good half an hour, and those walls are bloody high up when you get to the top. Watching people was making me feel sick (I've never been great at heights) but I have to say, once you do it yourself, and you're actually up on the wall, you don't notice the height at all! You're far too obsessed with where the hell you're going to put your foot next, or which route you're going to take etc. Jamie was worried that I wouldnt be able to hold his weight when he was climbing, but we proved very quickly that I was more than capable. And apparently they have bags of sand that you can clip to your harness to add extra ballast, if the weight difference is too great.

Overall, it was very enjoyable. Lots of hard work, made more difficult because we were wearing trainers not climbing shoes so the grip was a lot less. Chris, our instructor, said I was very good, and he was very impressed. Apparently my belaying technique is very good. We managed every climb he gave us, except the last one which had an overhang bit and not very many easy hand holds, so our fingers slipped a lot.

So, the next step is to go on the beginners course which ends with a test, which if you pass, allows you to climb independently. They're booked up till Christmas though, so that will be in January. Its expensive, £89 each for the 6 hour course, but we had so much fun, and it was such a good work out, that we're definately going to do it.

Just need to pick up some climbing shoes, cos trainers are no good and although you can hire them, we'd prefer to have our own.

My body is in muscle-related agony now though - shoulders, back, forearms, calves. All very sore! But I am sure, when I am doing it regularly, I shall not be so badly affected!

So, my new fitness regime will be:
cycling (or walking) to work and back every day
swimming (half an hour or so) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
Gym (half an hour or so) on Wednesday (fat-burn) and Friday (cardio) lunchtimes
And climbing on Sundays (hour or so)
Oh, and daily sit-ups.

This, combined with a renewed effort to eat healthily (including eating a decent breakfast before I go to work - I have new organic cornflakes!) and to reduce my unhealthy snack intake, should mean that by next summer (when Jamie and I intend to go on holiday somewhere warm and sunny and relaxing) I will have a body I will be willing to bare on a beach and be proud of. Yay!
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There is an article on the BBC news website today about how women aren't doing enough exercise to be healthy (report is here). Apparently we don't have enough decent rolemodels to encourage us to be fit and sporty, because the only female role models we have are WAGs, models and actresses who are all to skinny. Apparently we are all brainwashed by the media into believing that its better to be unhealthily thin than to be healthily trim and fit.

There is also a debate on the BBC's Have Your Say boards, which I have been reading with interest this morning. The general consensus on there is that PE lessons in school were so awful, humiliating, degrading and unmotivating that this is the reason that most women aren't interested in doing sport. There's also a lot of crap on there about how women are too busy doing housework and looking after kids etc to have the time to do any sort of exercise.

So, on to the point of this excessive ramble... I want to know from you guys (not just women, although that was the original prompt) whether or not you think you do enough exercise, and why that might be. What was PE like in your school?

I'd do some sort of poll but I'm cheap and don't pay for livejournal, so you'll just have to make up your own answers :-)

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For those not aware (although how any of you could not be, seeing as you all live in England), there was a rugby game at the weekend just gone. Wales v England. In Twickenham. Two weeks before the teams for the World Cup get announced. 34 days before the start of the World Cup.

We spent lots of money on tickets and travel to go to Twickenham (for the first time ever) to see this game (having already seen Wales beat England this year in Cardiff in March). We shouldn't have. We lost by 62 points to 5. 9 tries to one. Alright, the try we did score was a great piece of rugby, but it was the only decent rugby we played all day.

I have tried to put into words how I felt, leaving Twickers 5 mins before the end of the game, having to walk past thousands of jeering England supporters. But I have found it very difficult.

However, this morning I have found an article which fully expresses how we feel about the shambling idiocy that is our national coaching set up.

It reads:


Jul. 4th, 2007 12:28 pm
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Jamie has this morning bought us tickets to go see England v Wales in Twickenham on the 4th August!


Rugby World Cup warm up match - should be good!

*is all excited now*

Which means my weekends are rapidly filling up:

This weekend - frantic making of LARP kit for the event
Next weekend - LARP event (first one of the year for me - can't wait)
Weekend after - free (for now)
Weekend after - Brighton
Weekend after - RUGBY!
Weekend after - free (for now)
Weekend after - free (for now, but earmarked for frantic making of LARP kit)
Weekend after - Renewal


So busy bee for me for a while again, which is nice. I would like to fit in a trip up to MK to see Caro, Garry and the pies, and it would be nice to have another weekend where I don't actually -have- to do anything.

but yay!

Didn't realise twickenham was so accessible from Reading (there's a direct train, it only takes an hour).


Jun. 28th, 2007 05:28 pm
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After a very useful day in work yesterday, where I got completely immersed in my spreadsheets and almost forgot to have lunch, today seems the complete opposite. I really can't be arsed today. MD is away (his wife is having baby today), immediate boss is too busy organising his new kitchen over the phone with his wife to pay attention, so I have been mostly reading stuff on the internet and writing up stuff for LARP (we've decided to write up an OOC group document for our newbies, as we have quite a few it seems, because we're bored of explaining everything over again - today I wrote up all about our OOC group structure and the group logistics).

Lets see, important events which have occured over the last few days which have had an impact on my life:
1. Rather shocked and saddened to read about Chris Benoit's apparent murdering of his wife and young son, and subsequent suicide.
2. Much more happy to read that the Welsh Assembly appears to have agreed on a coalition, which means no election re-run. Glad to see Plaid getting their hands on a bit of power too.
3. Even more happy to read that the WAG has actually made a decision on the Stradey planning application, and it was YES, which means that my rugby region (the Scarlets) can now move to a brand new sexy stadium in Llanelli which is a) closer and b) easier for me to get to. Yay!
4. Ros came over last night for Doctor Who, and we managed to talk her into seriously considering coming back to CP as part of House Daga! Which is awesome, as we desperately need girlies, and decent ones at that.
5. Benjy is coming down tomorrow evening, in preparation for our group meeting on Saturday. So weekend of LARP waah and partying and board games and cooking breakfast for everyone to follow :-)
6. Floods in Sheffield, which means there was a chance that my brother was floundering around somewhere in a river. However, it appears all he is suffering from is random rolling power cuts, as Sheffied is currently undergoing electricity rationing.
7. I got my holiday for this year! Not as exciting as Rome, but for our 2nd anniversary (which falls on the same weekend as Fayre!) Jamie and I are going to Brighton for the weekend, at the end of July. I've never been to Brighton before, and its been an age since I last saw the sea properly.

well thats me up to date.
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well, I can't be bothered with a huge essay, so I shall post an outline, and if anything sparks an interest I can elaborate for you.

I'm rambling now. So I shall stop, and say goodnight one and all, for it is late (by my standards) and I need to sleep or else my brain may explode tomorrow.

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So Saturday was the day of party, for I had two parties to choose from! Of course I chose the party of the lovely [personal profile] madcatlady and the equally fabulous [personal profile] thirstypixel, rather than the fancy-dress housewarming of one of the girls in work,

Saturday morning was busy, with swimming and studying and shopping (jamie bought me new boots from the fetish boot shop in town), then showering and hair-straightening and packing and lots of driving and stuff.

Got to [profile] mr_epermithis2u's house at around half 5, whereupon we chatted for about an hour before getting ready to leave.

Got to the pub without incident, where everyone was looking fabulous. It was really nice to see everyone, in particular the recently-married ones, as well as [personal profile] rhube, [profile] beavvver, [profile] willowy_witch and [profile] penlington. I very much enjoyed being told repeatedly how gorgeous I was (except by the creepy guy at the bar, he was just creepy and not very pleasant). Everyone (apart from Jen, Gribs and Tim, who's opinions don't necessarily count in this particular instance anyway) loved my fabulous black and white shoes, so that was also cool.

I drank much, ate yummy buffet food, chatted, met new people (including the lovely [personal profile] cookwitch), even managed to avoid talking about LARP all evening, which was nice. Did manage to have several conversations about rugby too, which was very cool, considering how well my boys are doing, and a very entertaining discussion about chocolate Jesus (I see now they have cancelled the exhibition). I went on swings, which was a bad plan, I fell of the slide too, which with hindsight was also not a good idea, for I now have mud on my lovely black and white shoes. Although laughing at a very drunk [profile] black_faery was much fun.

My presents to the married couples were also appreciated which is nice, cos I was kind of worried about whether or not they would be. But that was cool. And I even managed to find a card for Ed which had badgers on the front, which was awesome.

I stayed up far too late, for even though we left at the relatively early time of something-past-one, I didnt actually go to bed till almost-three, due to sitting up chatting with Russell! However when I did sleep, I slept straight through till 10, which just goes to show what a difference not having a cat jumping on you makes when you're hungover and need rest! Didn't hang about long at Russells on Sunday, came straight back home for rugby and studying and things.

Rugby was relatively boring and rubbish, can't believe Northampton are into the semi finals! They didn't deserve to qualify for the quarters, let alone get an embarrasingly rubbish win over the French champs to get into the semis! The most boring game I think i've ever watched. And I've watched Guinness Premiership games, so that says a lot.

Mostly chilled out and studied for the rest of the day, Jamie made Awesome gammon for dinner - the gammon was like an inch thick, and he'd marinated it in honey and maple syrup for over a day before hand. Yummy!

Went to bed relatively early last night, cos I was so tired.

Had to be relatively awake in work today, but managed to do so without too many problems. DIdn't get a chance to have a chat with Chrissy at lunchtime though, which was annoying. Oh I don' t think I've mentioned it yet - Chrissy is leaving and my boss asked me if I want her job = a promotion and payrise and more accountant-related work and stuff. Need to chat to Chrissy before I say "Yes please" to John, but I can't see her having anything to say about the job which will make me say no thanks.

so yeah, thats kind of where we're up to now I guess.

Oh yes, and Doctor Who was on, and it was good, and there were space Rhinos in Nu-Rocks and it was awesome.

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Fuck you Munster!

Champions of Europe? well we've taken the 2005 champs out of the competition, now we've taken out the 2006 champs.

well on the road to a glorious final and a trophy!

(for those of you don't know i.e. all of you - Scarlets 24 Munster 15!!!)
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another half an hour last night, slow lane was nice and empty so I managed to do it all without much irritation. Have worked out that if I go on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week, and do at least half an hour each time, thats the "30 mins, three times a week" of exercise that we're all meant to be doing, isnt it. Add to that the cycling and all the walking and stuff, its all looking good :-)

Scarlets v Munster tonight - I'm getting all excited now. Wish I was in Llanelli for it to be honest with you.

But if I was, then I wouldnt be able to make it to the party on Saturday, so I guess its better to watch the game and go to party rather than just watch game and have to drive all the way to Wales and back!


Mar. 23rd, 2007 06:07 pm
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swimming today - didnt keep count, but was in the water for around 35 minutes, which in my estimation (based on previous speed) is 36 lengths. so nowhere near as awesome as last time (only just over half a mile) but still better than nothing.

can't go tomorrow, as off to cardiff for the rugby (EDF Energy Cup semi finals - thats the anglo-welsh cup for those not in the know). its Leicester v Sale first off, then Ospreys v Blues. Jamie will of course be cheering for the Ospreys (and I think Sale, because his team have already beaten them twice and he knows they could do it again in the final), whereas I will be cheering for the Blues, being the region where I was born and all.

Besides, a Scarlet fan cheering on the Ospreys - unheard of!


Mar. 15th, 2007 07:31 pm
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I am so very proud of myself. I am going to shout it from the rooftops, I think.

This evening, when I got home from work, I decided I would go for a swim, as it was adult lanes from 6-8pm, and Jamie was going to the gym straight from work anyway.

I was challenged in work, when i made this decision, to swim a certain number of lengths. considering the most I have done in one session so far is 36..

This evening I swam 60 lengths. SIXTY!!! Thats like 1.02 miles, dude. Thats a long way. And I did it in 50 minutes as well, which means I'm getting faster, as before I was doing a length a minute. So I'm 10 mins faster than I was. Or something.

I feel all super healthy. I even cycled there and back.

I can easily do this 4 times a week.

Yay for me.
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And I'm not all that inclined to talk about much of it.

So I will be brief.

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