Feb. 4th, 2009 09:13 am
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So today's journey into work was possibly the most dangerous one I have ever done. My entire road (and both pavements) are made of ice. Its like a skating rink. I almost fell off my bike trying to get on the damn thing! Had another slip at the end of my road, as I turned onto Cholmeley Road. At the end of that road, next to Newtown Primary School, the road goes down a really short, steep hill to the tow-path by the canal. The gritting (if any) stops at School Terrace, so the hill is never gritted at all. One big sheet of ice. Fortunately, I'd already received a phone call from Jamie to warn me about it, so I knew to get off my bike (not before it had already slipped on the ice) and walk down the hill in the gutter, as this was the only place where the ice wasn't totally covering the road.

Once on the tow-path it wasn't so bad - icy, but as long as you went in a straight line and maintained a sensible speed it was ok. Was slightly late into the office, but thats the first time this week so I'm not too concerned!
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We've had snow, sleet, hail, every variation of frozen precipitation I can think of today. The floor is wet, so none of the more recent snow is sticking. So now its just irritating!

Everyone (well, mostly everyone) in work is now worrying about how they are going to get home - a lot of them use the Gatwick line to get home, and all the trains are cancelled.

I, of course, am unaffected by all this, as all I have to do is jump on my [freezing cold and wet] bike and cycle home through the icy slush.

I'm meant to be going to the gym tonight, but its cold and horrible outside and all I want to do is go home and curl up with Mr Fidget and my very excellent current reading material ("The Blade Itself" by Joe Abercrombie).
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So walking home last night was somewhat treacherous, as the lovely powdery snow had been crushed beneath numerous boots and wheels, and had become a layer of icy, compacted snow. Jamie came to meet me by the lock, and we made it home without either of us falling over, which was nothing short of a miracle!

The kids on our street had been busy building a snowman, and had scraped a lot of the snow from the cars, but as they were only small, they couldnt reach a lot of it, so both our cars were still half covered.

This morning, I decided that cycling in to work was the better plan, as slightly melted, compacted icy snow having frozen further overnight does not equal a safe walking surface. So the cycle journey went without a mishap - my tyres are slightly flat at the moment which can only have helped.

Now I'm sitting in my nice warm office, with an almost full contingent of work colleagues. We've just had a massive heavy snow shower, which has coated the pavements very effectively, but its not sticking to the roads. It surprised me, because yesterday's forecast said no snow today. Today, the forecast is saying "snow today, no snow tomorrow".

Of course, now my bike is outside being snowed on, which isnt good. And I'm meant to be going to the gym tonight, so at least I get to cycle home on a gritted road which hopefully wont be as busy as usual, instead of risking my neck on the ice rink of a tow path.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 09:12 am
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Snow is exciting for two reasons only.

1) Watching Mr Fidget playing in it. This is extremely funny, and also very cute.

2) Walking to work down the river. In places the drifts were so deep it was all the way up my ankles - the bottom of my jeans are soaked at least six inches.

The rest of it is just annoyance. There's hardly anyone in the office, as most of them live driving distance away or train-ride distance away, and of course a snowfall means complete and utter disruption of all transport services. So thems of us that walk to walk (i.e. me) have no excuse to be late/stay at home. Which is poo. And then of course when it stops snowing and warms up a bit it will be all slushy and horrible.

Just had an email from Jamie (who has the day off today) to say that after his initial exploration of the garden (where he pottered about and ate snow) Fidget has gone back outside and has been trying to catch the snowflakes in his mouth, in a very kittenish kind of way. Awww. wish I was at home to watch!
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It appears to be snowing outside. Just typical that it waits until we all go back to work!

oooh snow

Feb. 8th, 2007 09:45 am
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Well it looks like its just about finished snowing now. Am very glad it waited till today, and not yesterday or the day before, as its causing havoc on the trains to London and back, and I've been in London on a course for the last two days...

Fidget was very cute out in the snow this morning, its pretty deep in our garden and was snowing quite heavily when he went outside - he was all covered in snowflakes and it was rather amusing. I took pictures, will post them later on.

As I've been off for two days, I have loads of things to do today, which is nice, as I'm still tired from yesterday (I drank rather a lot of complimentary wine at dinner on Tuesday night) and if I don't have anything to do I'll probably fall asleep!

Car is fixed and MOT'd. just needed a new tyre which isn't so bad. Need to go pick it up at lunchtime, which could be fun, cycling across to Kwik Fit in the icy slushy snow.

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