Mar. 7th, 2009 05:31 pm
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So I come home from my course, Jamie meets me at the door with the incredible news that not only did Wales beat New Zealand in the quarter final of the Sevens World Cup, but we also beat Samoa in the semis and the final is just about to kick off!

So we found a live stream on the internet, and there followed twenty minutes of frantic tension, as Wales eventually beat Argentina 19-12 to win the World Cup for the first time!!!!!

So we are very happy this evening.

Course continued boring, in the same vein as this morning. There was some new stuff this afternoon, but it was all fairly simple stuff. Cash flow forecasting, a couple of potentially icky formulae, but apart from that, nothing special. Luckily, thanks to the magic of BPP's timetabling, I don't have to go back tomorrow! In fact, my next day isnt till next Sunday. So I get a whole week to do the home study for this one day before I get new stuff shoved in my head.

Now for an evening of more rugby (Dragons v Munster in the Magners League just kicked off), curry (although its shop-bought microwave budget curry, not tasty takeaway curry or homemade curry), Empire Total War, and the tidying of my desk for the studying on.


Feb. 2nd, 2008 10:03 am
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Boo to New Zealand. We lost 40 - 5. Made it to the Plate final though, but lost to South Africa (19 - 12), so we only get 6 points for the weekend. Which means we now only have 8 points in total, which puts us behind everyone apart from USA and the rubbish countries who never win anything.

While New Zealand have won all three tournaments so far, and are now on 60 points...

Ah well, at least we got to a final!

Only a few hours till 6Nations now.. I'm stil all excited.


Feb. 1st, 2008 02:10 pm
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So, Six nations starts this weekend, but before that, another, just as important competition.

the Sevens tour is in New Zealand this weekend, and Wales have successfully qualified from their group (although as runners up, not outright winners, thanks to Fiji who trounced us 40 -7. Seriously, how do you score 40+ points in ten minutes!) and are facing the hosts, New Zealand in the quarter finals. but the BBC isnt showing any of it. There's a highlights program on Sunday, but thats it.

There doesnt even look to be a correspondent out with the team. The report on the BBC page only appeared at 12pm (20 mins after I emailed Scrum V to complain about their lack of coverage) and says very little. Even the quotes from Paul Turner (Dragons coach who is out there observing the players) were made to the South Wales Argus, and not to the BBC, so their second hand. What kind of shoddy journalism is that!! If the South Wales Argus can send someone to New Zealand, surely the BBC can manage it!

Anyway, England were in Wales's group, and we beat them 15 - 5. which is an auspicious start to the weekend. England lost all three pool games (Fiji and the Cook Islands being the other two teams).

Tonight Wales U20s play England U20s at Kingsholm in Gloucester, but its not being televised as far as I can see. So hopefully we can win that one too.

And then the biggie, Wales v England at Twickenham on Saturday afternoon. So excited. Can't wait. New coaches, interesting team selection on both sides. New era for Welsh rugby perhaps?

Hope we win!

And just to keep everyone in the mood, here's a poem from the Rugby: Poetry in Motion collection:


I felled a tree
with my bare hands.
I ran through a forest.
I sifted its branches for gold.
No border guard could hold me.

Soon, my country
you will be rich.

Your rivers run through my veins.
Your tides and mountains
swell in my chest.
Your birds of prey
are my arms and legs in flight.
I have fifteen hearts.

Inside this steel frame
the wheels of your valleys
turn again, spin
and catch the sun.

I am steel in flight,
unstoppable -
a dragon with fifteen hearts.

Soon, my country...

Nothing can stop me now

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i seem to have come down with a bad case of LJ related apathy. nice things keep happening and I want to tell people about them, but I am always thinking of them when i am nowhere near LJ, and then when I am in a position to make a post I find that I cannot be arsed anymore.

But, while I sit here waiting for my face mask to dry so I can peel it off, I shall make use of my time in briefly going over the nice things that have happened.

On Friday Ros came over and dragged me (well, I say dragged like it was a real chore and I would rather have been somewhere else, which is as far from the truth as it could have been!) to a party of one of her work mates. turns out her work mates are really cool people, and their friends are cool also (and include many people I know/recognise) so that was fun. We were drinking in the flat till about eleven or so, and then we went over the road to the Face Bar, Readings "alterntive" club. I say club, its more like a goth school disco. Anyway, fun was had, and we eventually rolled up at my house in a taxi at half 2 or so. Jamie was still up so we chatted for a little while and then Ros went home.

Weekend was fabulous because I did sweet F.A. for most of it! There was much rugby (my team beat Saracens, but didnt qualify for the EDF semi finals - boo! - and the Barbarians kicked South Africa's ass in a very satisfactory fashion. there was also the first Sevens tournament of the series, although we didnt win anything there). Saturday evening we were supposed to be joining Minty and the Reading ex-Stormwolf types for a celebration of Minty's birthday, however the world conspired against us and we were unable to go. Jamie made it up to me (for I had been looking forward to Pie) by taking me to Frankie & Benny's for food, as we had nothing in the house to eat due to us having already planned to eat out. I was brave and had a fish dish, but overall it wasnt great.

Sunday we popped into town and Shopped (although not as much as I would have liked, for Jamie needs new clothes but he wasnt in the mood to go clothes shopping). I bought new makeup (new foundation, new nail varnish and new lip colour) for the Christmas Party, and we generally had a nice time wandering about. Then we came home and relaxed some more. 

Work on Monday was good, because there was new manager (only temporary, unfortunately, but a damn sight better than the last one!) and basically, we had a brief chat in the afternoon and it left me feeling incredibly motivated and happy, which was very good. As a result, I have been more focused and driven in work (not in a crazy way) and its a good thing. hopefully this will continue.

As mentioned before, there is a Christmas Party and it is tomorrow evening. So its a themed party (www.bestpartiesever.com) "To Russia With Love". I will be wearing a black and gold chinese style dress (rather short), with black tights and my lurvely black fetishy boots with the open back and the straps. I am getting my hair cut (and therefore straightened) tomorrow afternoon, so will hopefully look absolutely fabulous. Will put pics up on Facebook most likely after the event (as then work people can see them).

Jamie is being a sweetheart and has taken Friday off work, so he can stay up late and come pick me up afterwards (last year I had to leave at midnight or I'd turn into a pumpkin). Party finishes at 1am, but last year carried on at someone's house, so I have no idea how long it will go on for this year!

I feel all clean now, for I have peeled off my face mask and everything. Am looking forward to getting my hair cut though, my hair has been getting a little uncontrollable of late and it will be nice to get it back under control.

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