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I appear to be watching Newsnight, I'm not sure why. I don't normally. Anyway, some bloke has just made the point that in the polls, Gordon Brown is currently about as (un)popular as John Major was in this similar stage before the 1997 labout landslide.

It makes me wonder - is there a comparitive scale of greyness that can be used to compare the decline of the Tory government then, and the Labour government now? The more the PM looks like a walking corpse, the close we are to a change in government?
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so this whole VAT cut issue. Not only is it still causing me mountains of hassle at work, but I really am starting to get annoyed with it from a consumer point of view. How is it supposed to encourage me to shop?

I bought fidget a new collar yesterday, as he lost his purple one (the new one is an incredibly cutesy pale baby blue - icky, but it was that or baby pink!). It was £2.99 on the shelf. "Fair enough" says I, and buys it. At the till, I get my VAT discount. A whole 7p. Oooooh.

And today, I bought a skirt from Next (I have a thing about skirts right now, I need more of them! probably because they always fit better than trousers). Label says £30. Goes through the till, it actually costs me £29.36. A saving of a whole 64p. Makes no difference to my brain when it comes to rationalising the cost, because if the label had said £29.36, my brain would have just gone "ok, its £30" and carried on from there.

So what is the point????

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