Jul. 9th, 2010 12:26 am
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When I was walking home from work today, I saw something rather unusual. A snake, swimming in the canal!
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I've had a nose around online, and I reckon it was a grass snake.

It was just swimming along, and then when it saw me watching it, it stopped and just floated, completely still, until it decided I wasn't a threat and kept on swimming. I saw it disturb a coot and her young, but from what I've read they only eat amphibians and sometimes fish, so I doubt it would try to eat the coot babies.

I love having this little slice of nature right behind my house. It's awesome.


Feb. 25th, 2010 01:36 pm
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The contractor, Dave, came round this morning. 8am sharp. They've put a radiator in my toilet, and a new loft access hatch at the top of the stairs.

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Just in case you weren't sure how my total number of lengths was translating into distance, here's a visual aid!

Don't forget, you can sponsor me by visiting

I've so far raised £54 out of my target £220 - mostly from people in work although I must say a massive thank you to [ profile] rhube  for going online and sponsoring me even though she doesn't really have any spare cash - you are an absolute star! And it just goes to show, that it really doesn't matter how much you can spare, as long as you spare something! So please please please sponsor me. :-)

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So this morning I got up early to go swimming. I was working on the basis that the pool opened at 8am, so I'd set my alarm for quarter to 8. I got up, left the house, got to the pool just after 8am. Pool does not open till 8.30.

Bugger, says I. Can't go home, because then I wouldn't want to go back. So I'll just wander the streets for a bit. Ended up going for a walk through the enormous cemetery over the road. I like it in there because its so peaceful. Even though its right next to the road, you can't hear the traffic (this happens in all cemeteries, I think its awesome). there were information leaflets by the entrance, which I'd not seen before. Includes information about the history of the cemetery, and a map to help you find graves. So I wandered about, looking for stuff it mentioned, like specific memorials and the remains of the original chapels.

The cemetery is Grade II listed. Two of its memorials are also Grade II listed. and the whole cemetery is a wildlife heritage site. Semi-improved grassland, with many rare/protected plant species.

When I got to the line that says "There is a family of Muntjac deer living in the cemetery" I started to think, okay, I've never seen deer here, that can't be right.

So I'm wandering around, trying to find stuff. what should appear out from behind a shrub, but a female deer! I couldn't believe my eyes! She didn't see me, was just pottering around grazing. So I carefully followed her, until I was in a position to take a picture.
pic behind cut )She's very small, but very cute! You can see in the pic, she was very aware of me, she kept moving away and I was having to do my best not to scare her.'s_Muntjac

So yeah, a decent night's sleep, followed by an early morning nature experience, followed by a refreshing swim, means I'm feeling a lot happier today. Breakfast time now though!


Jul. 17th, 2009 08:22 pm
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Well, the kitten is gone. It was the missing kitten, Indy. I knew it was, and I am very happy to reunite him with his [equally happy] owners. He is extra special to them because he is the son of their cat, and they also have his sister at home as well.

I had to ask where they got him, because I remain convinced that he is Fidget's little brother. Basically, they used to live two streets away, and they said it was a big hairy tabby cat that got their girl up the duff. Given Fidget's size, and his features, and Indy's features also, I would hazard a guess that the Dad is some sort of Coon or Wedgie cross.

Here are some photos of the absolutely adorable Indy:
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Yesterday evening we emptied our bookshelves in the living room, in preparation for them having to be moved today when the Sky man comes to install the HD box (the sky cables run round that half of the room, pinned to the skirting, going behind all three bookcases and the sofa). So my dining table is covered in Jamie's geeky Warhammer 40k novels, with Fidget's bed all tucked away behind them like he's in a fort (he loves it!), and the corner of the living room under the stairs is filled with DVDs and other books.

Mr Fidget went for an explore on the empty shelves - it was excessively cute. He pottered about on the shelf for ages, kept eyeing up the other bookcase, and the shelves above, but didn't attempt to move onto them.
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Also, last night we made delicious new food - in fact it was so delicious I'm going to have to tell people about it. But I'm not going to post about it here, I'm going to post about it in [ profile] bread_and_salt, because thats what it's for.
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Jamie and I were just out in the garden, I was sitting on the bench and Crotchy jumped up and sat on my knee, kneading my cardigan with his front paws and purring his head off as I stroked him. He did this quite a lot last night as well, when I was outside chatting with Caro.

I asked Jamie what we were going to do about him, because we need a permanent solution. The most sensible option would be to call Cats Protection and have them re-home him. However, Crotchy's been a part of our lives for 4 years almost now, and we're as much attached to him as we are to our own cats. Neither of us have the heart to just hand him over to a complete stranger, to never see him again. So we've decided. We're going to make a massive effort over the summer to integrate Crotchy into our house. Fidget and Crotchy get on perfectly well outside the house, its just inside the house where Fidget gets a bit territorial about the whole affair.

I've just done some reading up online about integrating a new cat into the household, and I think it might be possible. Especially with Jamie home during the day for the forseeable. The study upstairs (Andy's bedroom, as was) is pretty isolated from the rest of the house, because of our ridiculous cowboy job hallway. So its perfect as a "safe" room for Crotchy, especially as we cleaned it up and hoovered etc the other day so it was fit for human habitation at the weekend. So its not so much filled with Fidget's hair and so on, but still smells of him enough to get Crotchy used to it. And as they already know and recognise each other, its just going to be a patience game, slowly integrating Crotchy's smells into the rest of the house.

We think we'll keep Crotchy out of our bedroom as much as we can though, keep that as Fidget's "safe" room.

I think where we've gone wrong before, is we've shut him in the bathroom/kitchen, so the place where Fidget normally gets fed is the area which ends up smelling of Crotchy. Which is obviously not going to go down well with the Fidget.

If it does work out though, we're going to have to rename him. Or at least, just pretend to rename him so that when I take him to the vet to get him checked out, I don't have to answer the "what is your cat's name?" question with "Crotchspider!". Will most likely shorten that to Spider, although I'm not keen on that because I already have a cat called Spider who has a small place in my heart, and I don't want to duplicate (my next door neighbours when I was young had a three legged tabby called Spider). So, any suggestions welcome for my little big nosed blue boy.

Here's a picture or two, to inspire you:
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So Tydfil's texted a couple of photos of the lads:
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Ok, so I promised more photos of Bo and Rosco, and photos of kittens.

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Jan. 29th, 2009 02:09 pm
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Mrs Caro has laid down a gauntlet. I must repond!

The challenge? Which ginger kitteh is which? Lets see how we do... Fortunately, all the ones with ginger pies in have captions, so I am able to share some funny Lolcats as well!


Lolcats and identikats below the cut )

Wonder how well I've done? I'm sure Caro will correct me later on (I will make her, in fact, since she is at my mercy this evening).

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So if you think back to before Christmas, you might remember us having bought Fidget a cat bed as a Christmas present. And he fell in love with it immediately (much to everyone's surprise). Well, that bed lives on the dining room table (Except when we need the table for things like eating, board games and suchlike) where Fidget likes to sleep where he can see out of the window at his territory. However, he does get lonely after spending most of the evening sleeping in the dining room, where before he would spend the whole evening curled up on my lap.

So I decided to get him more beds, which can be cunningly situated in the living room and the bedroom, so he always has somewhere comfy to sleep while staying near to us. The one for the bedroom is identical to the original one, just in brown instead of black. The living room one was, by necessity, a size smaller. Big enough to curl up in, but not big enough to stretch out it, in other words.

Pics of Fidget being cute behind cut )
He is incredibly cute and I love him loads.
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Because then I'd be able to ask Mr Crotchspider if he was indeed a stray that needed looking after, or if he was just a cheeky bugger trying to steal our food.

This was yesterday, although i could have taken this first picture now, because he's sitting in exactly the same place, staring balefully into the room wishing he was inside being fed.

Yesterday, Fidget got upset with him. There was a period of Fidget sitting inside the window, Crotchy sitting outside the window with their faces up against each other (low meows coming from Fidget). I opened the kitchen door, and Fidget went outside. There was then a prolonged period of sitting, with backs pointedly at each other and much ignoring. Fidget pottered down the garden, came back and came back inside. He is getting more relaxed with Crotchy, but not so much that they actually get on now! He doesnt seem to mind us feeding him, as long as its in the garden and nowhere near the house.

We weighed Crotchy a few days ago, he was 4kgs exactly. Since then we've fed him a pouch of wet food twice a day, and he is now 4.3kgs. The neighbours next door usually let him in every now and again, so I can only assume they feed him too. But they've been away for the last week or so - I think thats why he's spending more time here. Also, I think he likes the attention, for as well as food we also give him strokes and fuss and cuddles. He purrs like a trooper. The last time we were worried about him we put a collar on him with a note in the identibit to say please call us if you own this cat. it took 3 days for us to get a phonecall. Stupidly, we did not keep the phone number of the woman who called. So we can't just ring her up and say "look, we're a bit worried about your cat". If Fidget didn't hate him we'd just let him come and go as he pleases, but we can't risk upsetting Fidget so much that we lose him..
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Well, for Mr Fidget anyway. I ordered him a cat bed from Albany Pet Stores on ebay (where we got his scratching tower from). It arrived today. Jamie decided that he should be allowed to have it straight away, rather than have to wait another week.

Its purpose is mainly to give to him something comfy to sleep in that isnt a jumper or somebody's lap or a shirt thats been left on the dining table! He likes to sit on the table so he can see out of the window to keep an eye on his territory, so we're going to keep the bed on there and move it occasionally. I'm sure once he's used to it he'll sleep on it quite happily wherever it is.

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tee hee

Dec. 18th, 2008 01:47 pm
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Jamie just emailed this to me and it made me giggle. so I thought I would share.

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Although because I've been off all week, I have completely lost track of what day it is!

Yesterday was very pleasantly spent making Christmas cards - I made 12 in total, and they're all ready to be written and sent. Just need to find out a couple of addresses that I don't already have.

I am very proud of them, and have taken photos of them all because they are very cool. I will share them with you, because I can. 

piccies here )This morning consisted of a brief trip into town in the rain to buy food for tonight, and to have a look at bikes for Jamie. We managed to find a lovely looking duck (from Leaping Duck) in the crazy game butchers on West Street, where they have lots of weird carcasses hanging up (like a headless deer, and weird shaped/sized birds that I couldnt identify), where they sell guinea-fowl and pheasant and pigeon alongside the usual beef, chicken, pork etc. They had some enormous looking steaks, and the most gorgous looking pork joints ever. But we were there for duck, and lucky for us they had one that was perfect.

Then we've had lunch, and are watching the Treviso v Ospreys game (which the Ospreys are winning, but not by as much as we would have expected them to, after they thrashed them last week. Then there will be some tidying up of the living room and dining room, and I shall probably wash my hair, and then we shall start cooking the duck. For Ros and Matt are coming over for dinner, and I did promise Ros that if we did a roast dinner, we would do duck, because she said she had it once and she liked it a lot, and then she stopped eating meat, so she hadn't had it since. So we have duck, and posh sage and onion stuffing, and oranges to make a tasty orange gravy, and rooster potatoes to roast, and posh carrots and everything. and fizzy pink wine, as its kind of a post-exam, pre-christmas celebratory thing.

And then Ros and Matt will come over, and we will eat tasty food, and drink nice wine, and play Railroad Tycoon: the Board Game.

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