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was supposed to go running, but it was too hot!

went straight to gym from work, on a stupidly hot bus, which almost failed to stop by the park. The studio was nice and cool again, what with all the air conditioning, but within 5 mins of starting my workout I was dying of heat-related hideousness.

Am currently playing with different combinations with the warm up and cool down. I think my favourite warm up is A (because it plays Dido) and my favourite cool down is C (because it plays Robbie Williams). Am still working with main body A, because I am determined to get better at it. I start with all the good intentions of following level 2, but I get halfway through and start to die, so I have to sit out on the 'waves' section. I do feel myself getting better though, so it won't be long before I can stick with level 2 all the way through :-)

Jamie was supposed to come with me last night, but he bailed on me at the last minute. Just as well though, as although there are many  bikes and screens, only 3 of them appear to be working at the moment, and they were all in use.


Jun. 30th, 2009 08:30 am
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Utterly failed to post this last night.

Myride was fun. Am getting better, I think. Certainly kept up more with Level 2 woman than in previous visits.

Studio was lovely and cool when I went in, but I was stupidly hot by the time I left! and walking out of the air conditioned studio into the muggy heat of the rest of the leisure centre was not pleasant!


Jun. 24th, 2009 06:53 pm
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Myride today! Did workout A again, and I was right - it is my favourite of the three. Again I find myself halfway between level 1 and 2 - stuck with level 2 until about two thirds in, but couldn't cope with the big standing bit near the end. So I reckon I will stick with program A for now, at least until I can do level 2 without a problem.
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So I failed to update last night when I did my spinning, so here goes a double whammy on the exercise updates for you!


Spinning! Got the bus from work straight to the gym, and this time did option C for the warm up, work out and cool down sections. Hard work again, although I've realised I'm sort of halfway between level one and level two, because I can mostly keep up with the main woman but every now and again I have to admit defeat and chill out at level one.

I think I prefer options A, to the others. I will test this theory by doing options A again on Wednesday and seeing how that goes.


Today was Couch to 5km running! When I came home from work, it was very hot and sunny outside, so we opted for waiting till it cooled down. So we chilled out and had dinner (chilli and tacos), and then when it was cool, we headed out. Because we'd recently eaten, we didn't think it was wise to push ourselves too hard, so we stuck to the 90sec/120sec rotation for one more session.

The first 90secs were horrendous, but then I warmed up into it and in the end it wasn't so bad!

Remains to be seen how well I cope by the end of the week. Spinning again tomorrow!
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So Jamie forced me out running today (literally, about half an hour ago - we've only just got back in)

90 secs running/2 mins walking, six repeats.

I am hot and sweaty and tired, but also feel good. It was not particularly horrendous, so starting this week we are bumping up a notch, and moving onto the next stage, which is two repeats of the following:

Jog 90secs/walk 90 secs/jog 3 mins/walk 3 mins.

I expect to find it very difficult, at least for the first try on Tuesday. Thursday should be better.

There will also be myride spinning tomorrow evening.


Jun. 10th, 2009 06:57 pm
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Today I went back for my spinning torture. Tried out Weight Management program B today. I preferred program A, I think. So, I'm all hot and sweaty again, but feel pretty good.

I also experimented with the excitement of going straight to the gym from work, using the Bus. Now I don't use buses very often (we didn't have them where I grew up, so I didn't use them at all until I went to University). I've lived in Reading for nearly 4 years, and today is the third time I've ever got on a Reading Bus. The main cross-town route goes straight to the entrance to my gym, you see, and in spite of traffic around the Prudential building, its much quicker than walking! I got to the gym about 5 mins before I normally get home when walking.

This meant I could get changed, get in the myride suite and be finished well before the spinning class started at 7pm. Which was good.

I did forget my headphones though, so Jamie had to cycle over to meet me at the door to give me some.


Jun. 8th, 2009 07:38 pm
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So, as promised, I went to the gym after work and tried out the Myride indoor cycling facility.

The bloke gave me a quick introduction to the machine, as I'd never used it before. Its basically spinning class for one. There's a little DVD player/screen in front of the spinning bike, and you choose your workout from a wide range (they're all 5 min warm up, 20 min work out, 5 min cool down, so 30 mins in total).

I opted for the "weight management" workout, and did option A for all three sections. Which wasn't so bad. It talks about Borg Intensities quite a lot, which made my brain giggle at "Resistance is not futile" jokes. By the end of it I was extremely sweaty - it was a much harder work out than I'd have got if I'd just gone to the gym.

I feel pretty good now though, and will definately be doing it more!

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