Jan. 8th, 2009 07:05 pm
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Swimming was a success.

The mp3 player was awesome. Quite possibly the most awesome thing I've bought in some time, actually.

Got to the pool at about ten to six. By the time I'd got changed and sorted myself out and got in the pool, it was about six ish. I did my first few lengths in the medium lane (where I usually swim) but my arms were aching so much (from the gym on Tuesday) I moved to the slow lane. Then my goggles broke. So I had to get out of the pool and go buy a new pair, which took ages cos of the gaggle of students all paying to get in.

I then spent the rest of my swim in the slow lane, getting progressively more pissed off with the aforementioned students as they crawled up and down the lane in little gangs, constantly stopping and mucking about, and talking to each other incessantly. Seriously, if you want to do that in the pool, go in the public swim session. Adult lane sessions are for people who actually want to swim!

I had just over 40 mins worth of music on my mp3 player. I swam to it all, apart from the last three songs, so in all I probably did about half an hour. I could have done more, its just my arms were very achy and the students were really starting to annoy me. My hair is damp, but nowhere near soaking, and I didn't leave a nice pink trail behind me in the pool, so that worked a treat. My hair dye is washing out fast enough as it is (I am now on the ginger side of red), I don't really need the pool water to make it worse!

I am now waiting for Jamie to come home (he's been in London today) so I can have dinner, as I am starving. Fish and chips tonight, although its 'healthy' as its oven chips and oven cooked breaded fish from the supermarket, and frozen peas, as opposed to greasydeath fish and chips from Mr Cod. However, as I have no idea where Jamie is, I can't start cooking till he comes home. So I just have to cope.
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Hehe not really getting off to a good start so far! Well, not as far as the No Sweets! No Chocolate! No Fizzy Drinks! side of it anyway.

Mind you, the first week of the year, back in work after Christmas, when its cold and dark and cold and snowing and icy and cold, with nothing really to look forward to for some time (December might be cold and dark and cold as well, but at least there is Christmas to look forward to), is not really the best time of year to cut out all the nice treats that make you feel better!

So while I haven't been all that pro-active in cutting those out, I have been a bit more proactive in making sure the rest of my diet is back to pre-Christmas healthiness. Although there isn't enough fruit yet.

Exercise-wise, I dragged myself to the gym on Tuesday evening, and while I didn't do a full work-out, I certainly did enough to make myself feel all energised, and for my muscles to get all achy yesterday and today! Swimming after work tonight, I've tested out my underwater mp3 and its awesome. I've got a playlist of songs which is approximately 40 minutes long, so we'll see how we go swimming to that. its a mix of Tom Jones, Chicago, Rammstein, The Hoosiers and the Shrek 2 soundtrack...

Whats not helping my poor aching shoulders, is that when I fall asleep I tend to end up in a position where one arm is out of the covers bent up over my head on the pillow, which in my room means it turns into an icicle in the middle of the night, so my shoulders are a tad stiffer than they really have any right to be.
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So yesterday Jamie and I went on an adventure to London to see the Lion King.

Covent Garden )

Lion King )
After the show, we briefly considered having a drink somewhere but as it was getting on for half 5 on a Saturday everywhere was kinda busy, so we hopped back on the tube, which was heaving, and headed back to Paddington. Found a train headed back to Reading, and jumped on. We briefly considered having a drink in the Oakford when we got back, but decided to just walk home instead. Walked home via Mr Cod, because we had no food for dinner in the house. Came home, collapsed in a heap with our fish and chips (well, my jumbo sausage and chips, and Jamie's mega variety chicken meal) and watched There's Something About Mary.

Today we are mostly tidying up, doing some laundry and taking down the Christmas decorations.
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I feel like I'm the only person in the world who has to go to work today. I know this is untrue, and that in order for me to be doing the things I'd rather be doing, other people would have to be in work anyway (like the barmaids and chefs in the pub, for example). Its just very unfair, that Jamie has already finished (At 12) and gone to the pub and then homeward to watch the rugby, which kicks off at 2.05. And I have to stay here. Where there are 7 or so other people in the office, who also would all rather be at home not working.

I spent most of my morning in the filing room, tidying it up and sorting stuff out. Better than working, I suppose.

Briefly met up with Jamie at lunchtime to sort out one of my Christmas presents (he's very sweet, he bought me a book of music for the piano, even came all the way home to check I didn't already have it.. but didn't check well enough!), exchanging the "Cats" music for "Chicago". Even saved him money, as the Chicago music book was cheaper than the Cats one by £2!

Now I want to go home, and play "Class" on my piano. And watch Sweeney Todd because I bought Jamie some extra Christmas presents the other day (being as how his presents he bought for me were much better than the presents I'd bought for him) and included in those was the Sweeney Todd DVD for £5 from HMV. Odd, but both the single disc edition and the two disc special edition were the same price in the sale! (I also got him Zoolander for £3, and the Duffy album).

But I have to stay here till half five, so I guess there's going to be more filing activity this afternoon. It does need to be done, although I don't think I'll be able to finish it today - there's 15 cupboards (each with 5 shelves). So far I've done 3 of them, which took me 2 hours. I have 3 hours or so to go, so I should get another 3 or 4 done today. Do the rest next week, I think. Roll on my 4 day weekend!
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So why I am I stuck in the office while Jamie gets to snooze in bed for as long as he likes?

Doesn't seem fair to me.

Weekend was fun, up at the house of Caro, with Ros. Lovely to see Caz, and Kathy and Ed as well. Highlight of the weekend, well there are probably several, but the one I am most surprised/pleased with were my unexpected Zuki cuddles in the middle of the night on Saturday. It was incredibly cute and very pathetic, and not at all like her!

It seems I missed out on Mr Fidget making lots of mess everywhere as well, for he Jamie tells me tales of huge poos in the litter tray (very unusual for him, although this time he did manage to get it all in the box and not half over the side), and of throwing up huge fur balls. poor little thing. He was very happy yesterday though (once I'd changed out of my smelling-like-Caro's-cats clothes) and I got lots of cuddles. He still loves his cat bed very much. And I think I worked out why, for I laid my head on it and lo! It is extremely comfy indeed.

I am all tired and snoozy, and also thirsty, but not thirsty for any of the readily available liquids, which is annoying. And I have to concentrate, which isnt good. I did however have time (and brains to remember) to put more music on my mp3 player, so I now have a selection of musical soundtrack songs, and some Stereophonics and a couple of Sting tracks to add to what was already there (tom jones, manics, take that, only men aloud, various others), so I can just plug in my headphones and get on with it. Maybe.

Meeting up with Jamie for lunch to go xmas shopping for his family, that should be fun :-)


Dec. 18th, 2008 06:56 pm
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For cheering up the Grumpy Caro:

Now I heard there was a certain song
That Cowell made and you sang along
But you don't really know your music, do you?
What follows next: some Bible text,
Some music terms and some kinky sex,
Leonard Cohen composing Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

The song was strong, but not well known
Till Buckley came, made it his own,
Helped out by John Cale, who had been peculiar:
He'd cut out the most fervent fits
And only kept the dirty bits
Soon every busker's lips said "Hallelujah".

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Jeff Buckley's fans are grumpy now
While Alex milks their holy cow
But for once you don't hear Cohen moaning, do you?
There's royalties from every try
It doesn't matter whose you buy
When nothing's in the charts but "Hallelujah"

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

Hugh Trimble, Oxford, UK


Dec. 17th, 2008 11:28 am
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So according to the BBC, the X-factor rubbish version is on course for number one. Jeff Buckley has so far sold enough copies to be number 3. her version goes out to the shops today, so she's likely to sell more in the latter half of the week. we need to download more Jeff buckley to stop it being an x-factor 1-2 (Leona Lewis is at #2 currently). also, I note leonard cohen's version is at #34 as well :-)
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And feels all the closer for it now being the time between the Secret Santa/Christmas party and Christmas itself!

Yesterday was Secret Santa day, all the presents were in (apart from one, which mysteriously appeared when the sales director arrived after lunch), there were even extra presents for the people who weren't actually in the secret santa in the first place. Which was nice.

We did the present opening at 5pm, which took us neatly up to the end of the day. Most people had good presents (I had a rugby ball), there was only one really rude present (a blow-job kit and a chocolate Kama Sutra). Nic got a rather pretty pendant, Michelle got perfume, Ira got a crazy wooden logic puzzle thing. John liked his beer.

Overall a success. However, the Christmas tree I bought in Tesco back in 2006 for the finance office (costing me £2.47) has finally died, its feet have broken and it is now leaning crazily against the desk divider screen thing. Might have to purchase a better tree for the office next year!

Then we went out for the do. I went with Jo and Lisa to get ready in the hotel (We borrowed Frank's room), then we met up with everyone in the hotel bar for a couple of drinks. Table was booked for 8.30, so we wandered over after 8. We went to Loch Fyne, and it was fabulous. I had tomato soup to start, then I had the pan-fried duck breast, which was gorgeous. And the chocolate tart to finish, which was incredibly rich and I couldnt finish it. Some people were drinking more than others, but I only had a couple. Left early, when people were still drinking coffees, because it was past my bedtime! Jamie drove in and picked me up, so I didnt have to walk too far as well which was good, as my feet were hurting. I was wearing high(ish) heels, but chunky ones, with my crazy red tights and a black, off the shoulder jumper dress thing. Apparently it worked fairly well. I have no pictures.

I do like my funky red tights though - may go to Primark at lunchtime and see if I can find more!

When I got home, I stayed up for a bit chatting with Jamie and cuddling a Mr Fidget who was very pleased to see me (he gave me lots of snuffly cat kisses). I caught up on the internet goings on, and spurred by Mrs A, went online and downloaded Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah', to join the fight to stop Alexandra Burke's X-Factor version from getting Christmas #1. It occurs to me, having received an invite this morning to join a different Facebook group set up to help Terry Wogan/Aled Jones reach #1, that to really p*ss off the X-Factor lot, we should all go online adn download every single apart from the X-Factor one that is trying to be Xmas #1. So that's Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah', the Terry Wogan/Aled Jones track, Only Men Aloud's 'All By Myself' and that one that the One Show has made, with John Sergeant. Download them all!
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In fact, it might even be worth of a "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Jamie and I are going to see The Lion King in London on the 3rd January!!!!!
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Stolen from [profile] sarcaustick

1. reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter
2. List 5 songs you like that start with that letter
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Right, Mrs Ed has given me the letter "W"... which is proving tricky. I can think of songs that start with W no problem, but finding songs that I really like that start with a W....

1. I shall have to start with "When you Wish Upon a Star" by Louis Armstrong. Hardly surprising a Disney song makes it onto the list, given my predilection for cutesy animated musical film, however this one is a little different! Its one of three covers of Disney classics I have by Louis Armstrong, and out of the three it is my favourite (the others are Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo from Cinderella and The Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book). I quite like the song anyway (Pinocchio is not a favourite) but this version is fantastic. Wonderful trumpet solo instrumental bit in the middle, plus I love Louis Armstrong's voice.

2. Next is "Way Beyond Blue" by Catatonia which, given my tender years, I first heard when I was 10 or so. Its my favourite Catatonia track, and I much prefer the acoustic version my brother included for me on one of the many mix tapes he made me (alas the tape its on is probaly lost).

3. Keeping with the Welsh theme, "Whats New Pussycat" by Tom Jones. Not my favourite Tom Jones track by any means, but one I love enough to have as my ringtone on my mobile. Also think it would make a great track to do a Viennese Waltz to.

4. "Wasted Youth" by Meat Loaf I'll add because of the intro, with the kid and the guitar. "Stop! Wait a minute! Stop it boy! What do you think you're doing! Thats no way to treat an expensive musical instrument!". Fantastic.

5. and finally, we'll go with "When I'm 64" by the Beatles, because I love the Beatles and this is one of my favourites of their songs.

only took me a few hours, but I got there in the end!


Mar. 26th, 2007 09:54 pm
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woo I have a new charger for my mp3 player, which has been lying forlornly in the front room for months, unplayable.

am now filling it full of tunes, so I can have music when I cycle into work tomorrow

Although 1162 files might take more than a few minutes to transfer!

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