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Right, well its been some time since I last looked at LJ, so I just spent a pleasant half an hour catching up with folks, so before I start rambling on about the last week and a half, I would like to say:

[profile] blackfaery - hope you find your cat soon!
[profile] mouthymetaller - congratulations!!!!!

Right then, lets see. whats happened to me in the last however long its been..

Well, house is a mess. We have phone line again now, but no internet as of yet. I have ordered it this morning though, so give me a couple of weeks and everything will be back to normal. Have huge piles of stuff to sort out, but it shouldnt take too long. I'm being mildly delayed by the fact that a) Tesco claim to have delivered my new shed, even though there is definately no shed, and b) i dont have the legs for my metal shelves, so can't sort out the front room properly, as thats where the telly and all the consoles and board games are going.

Should be able to get the kitchen and bedroom straightened up by the weekend though, which will be nice.

Fayre )

Well then, that kinda leads up to today.

Yesterday was mostly spent sitting around doing very little, as our brains ceased to function. J is back in work today, and I go back tomorrow. After 2 weeks off, its going to be very strange, but I'm looking forward to it now.

Right I'm getting out of here cos this is expensive, and its taken me ages to write this up!
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Just a quick one for you all, to let you know that nothing horrible happened to me in hospital yesterday!

I survived my operation intact (well as intact as one can be when one has had needles stuck in you and 4 teeth ripped out). Being under a general anaesthetic was very weird. It was like one minute I was completely awake, watching my heart rate rapidly increasing as I got mildly panicky about the needle going in the back of my hand, then the next thing I know its 55 minutes later, I'm i a completely different room and my mouth is all numb (cos I had a local anaesthetic as well - aren't I special). All in all, it was cool cos I got to the hospital at 7.30am, and left just before 1pm. And they fed me Weetabix complete with loads of sugar and warm milk before I left too. My mouth now feels very strange, cos I'm not used to not having all my teeth yet. Not really in much pain, more of a dull ache that set in when the local anaesthetic wore off. so I've been merrily supping my soluble paracetemol/codeine combo, and when the rest of the general anaesthetic leaves my system later on today, I may up my dosage and add in some ibuprofen too, but that depends on how bad it hurts.

So I now have the rest of the week off!

Spent most of yesterday afternoon pottering about and generally chilling, although I did get quite a bit of tidying and reorganisation done in the house. Most of the evening was spend cuddled up to the black cat Crackwhore on the sofa, as he decided to move in last night! We managed to kick him out when we went to bed circa 1am, but when I went outside this morning to check the weather when I got up at half seven, he was sitting waiting for me in the garden and raced straight into the house! He left again, after I'd given him a bit of turkey. I'm sure he'll be back later.

Its pleasantly not-hot today, compared to yesterday's horror, and I'm kind of enjoying walking around town in the rain. Don't really feel much like I shouldnt be in work, so its like extra holiday rather than proper sick leave. Which is awesome.
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Don't get me wrong, I like sunny days. I dislike wet grey days. But I hate this close, muggy heat. Its so uncomfortable!

I have a nagging sense of impatience at the moment. Everything starts happening in two weeks time, and I can't seem to get there fast enough.

It seems everyone in the house has a similar feeling, as thats when everything changes. Kieran's leaving on the 30th, to go back to Birmingham, so he's impatient to be off it seems. Andy, Jamie and I are desperate for the space, as once K is gone, we can start moving furniture around, generally tidying up and re-organising and making the house habitable.

I can't afford to buy anything else furniture/kit-wise until then either, as I need to save my spare cash for paying for the house.

Once Kieran is gone, we'll be getting Sky TV as well, which means Jamie and I will be able to watch Welsh rugby again (among other things.. so many Discovery channels.... *drool*). Also, all my stuff will be retrieved from Wales, and I will get my piano back (among other things).

I will get to do so much in the way of house re-organisation, finding homes for everything, buying new furniture and putting it up. Which will be much fun.

We made a new friend last night, another of the neighbourhood cats. He's absolutely adorable, dark brown/black long fur, beautiful condition, large green eyes. Completely cute. Very friendly.

He was a little scared of me at first, but I managed to convince him I wasnt going to eat him, at which point he became the friendliest cat in the world ever. We let him in the house and he kept wandering up and down, demanding strokes and scratches, rubbing up against our hands and legs. He doesnt like cuddles very much, and refuses to sit on knees or jump on the furniture. He also didnt seem to want to sit down, he was constantly moving and begging for attention. I wanted to call him Fidget, but Andy overruled me, saying that we couldnt give proper cat names to cats that we dont own, so in the traditional naming fashion which has already seen us name the Russian Blue nextdoor "Crotchspider", our new friend is known as "Crack-Whore", as a tribute to his fidgety nature.

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Well since we dont have internet at the flat yet I'm stealing beav's computer at his parents to get online at the moment, just thought i'd pop in and update peeps since i not around on msn to talk to atm

Officially (as in going to sleep there for the first time) moving in tomorrow, once I have come back from my van-returning trip to York. Have unpacked some of the stuff, but there still lots of boxes making a mess in the front room..

Am having loads of fun going out and buying lots of random house-tat; Beav and I went to the supermarket and spent over £100 on stuff, which was really fun. Mostly cupboard food, since the fridge doesnt work and the freezer hasnt cooled down enough yet.. and have been randomly buying things for the kitchen, like a bin, and a cutlery drainy thing etc.

We ordered our bed today, Beaver's mum was very kind and bought it for us, so on Friday I wont have to sleep on my airbed anymore. It a very nice pine affair, with an oh-so-comfy mattress. And beaver bought me a vaccuum cleaner. Wasnt that kind..

I really enjoying being over here at the moment, things can only get better from here... once the internet is connected and I find myself a job things will be very good :)

I feel so grown up..
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well wales is very wet. but there are cats, and a piano, and working internet, so its all good.

van full of things from home now, like furniture and random stuff. back off to chester later :)

van update

Jun. 24th, 2004 11:35 am
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well that was quick, they've managed to arrange me a van with Peugeot, up in Clifton Moor, and they're going to drive me up there to get it too, since I get horribly lost in Clifton Moor..

It means I cant pop into town before hand, I guess I can get what I need from Tesco (if I can find it again).
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I kept being told of this mysterious bubble that keeps people stuck in York even when they try to leave; I didnt think it actually took such direct action to keep people here!

Just got a phone call from Enterprise, the van I had booked out to rent over the weekend has been involved in an accident and is unrentable! So, they are trying to get another one from another branch, and if that fails, from another company.

Why does moving house have to be so bloody complicated!!! I really hope they can get me a van, cos I really dont want to be stuck here any longer..


Jun. 23rd, 2004 04:42 pm
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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I didnt realise I owned so much dust!! I cant move in my room now for sneezing and coughing. Its becoming rather irritating.

Have spent the last half an hour or so moving everything thats already been packed out of my room into the hallway, much to the inconvenience of my flatmates. Ah well, they've put up with me for a year now, I'm sure they can manage another day.

There's still quite a lot of stuff left to pack, once I've distiguished it from the rubbish (of which there is lots). But its all got kinda random, so it really is just throwing it in boxes in the tidiest possible manner. And I still have to pack up the kitchen..

Am beginning to wonder if it's all going to fit in the van now.. well it has to, since I have to be out on Saturday anyway.. At least Ive got a Ben to help me pack it tomorrow afternoon..
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Well we spoke to the house people this morning, apparently the hall/bathroom electricity is not very happy, the guy fixing it said he "hoped to be done by the weekend"..

So.. I'm stuck in York till Friday morning now, fortunately Enterprise were able to move my van reservation from today to thursday so at least I have something to move all my stuff in.

Now all I have to do is tell my parents that the day I'm going to visit has changed AGAIN... I hope they havent already prepared everything like food etc for tomorrow...
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House people have delayed our moving in again! More electrical work.

I have to say I'm getting very annoyed with all this messing around.. Especially as its now getting dangerously close to the end of term and me having to move out...
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I'm starting to feel extremely strange. I get my degree results in 3 hours or so, so I'm all nervous about that. Beaver is here, but not -here- so thats a little weird too. And I've just taken down all my photos and cards from my pinboards, my drawings from the wall and my door; my room now looks more like an empty shell with some stuff in it, rather than my room. Which is very sad and depressing.

I think its actually sinking in now that I'm leaving York in just a few days. I just know I'm going to miss everything about it, even though for the last term and a half all I've done is work and play on my computer and not socialise at all really. I'm leaving all the people, all the weekly social events, all the pubs and restaurants I love, for a town and a place that I hardly know at all, where noone else in the world seems to live, or anywhere close by.

Why am I doing this again?
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Yay found a car hire place that will let me get my hands on a transit van :D costs lots of money but will mean easily movable belongings. I might even be able to move everything in one go, which would be nice.
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ok so i get up and think to myself "bugger i've only got 3 more days to do my packing". then i get a phone call from the house people telling me that we have to delay us moving in to the flat cos they have to do 'electrical work' before we can move in...

so now not moving till tuesday. which means car hire may well turn out to be more expensive, I cant take Beaver to my parents as I'll be going down mid-week instead of at the weekend, but at least there is more time to pack and say goodbye to York.

Oh yeah, and I'll be around when my results come out, so excess drinking with Ben appears to have become a possibility :)

a thought

Jun. 14th, 2004 05:49 pm
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why is it, that when I actually do any packing at all, the amount of stuff in my room still left to pack doesnt seem to decrease?

its like eating a big plate of food, even once you're halfway through there still looks to be as much left as there was when you started..

I have a horrible feeling I'm going to run out of boxes too. I hate this moving malarkey.

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