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keeping it mercifully short for I am tired and cannot be bothered, plus typing in stupid long false nails is tricky.

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Right well here we are lunchtime of packing day.

Front room is all sorted ready for us to fill with kit. Everything is clean, just needs to dry. So its all out in the garden desperately awaiting the sun and wind to dry it off. Jamie managed yesterday to bleach the wine stains and mould stains out of the tablecloths so thats one thing less to worry about. Fridge has been disconnected, defrosted and cleaned, so is ready to roll.

Now all I have to do is unpack and re-pack about 20 crates. hmmm...

larp argh!

Aug. 22nd, 2007 11:19 am
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yes, two days before the event - I am now firmly in Larp Argh! mode, rather than lrp waah mode which I've been in for the last week or so.

Jamie's off today, so he's supposed to be doing all the useful things, like cleaning kit thats still dirty, and washing up all the event crockery and things.

I've already sorted out the food, have my shopping list all ready. won't be going until Thursday evening/Friday morning (depends on traffic, Friday is going to be a nightmare and we might have to go to Hemel Tesco rather than Reading tesco because of the Festival).

Just have a couple of bits to pick up from town today, little things like ribbon and a clock and stuff. Also I don't have a sleeping bag, and I'll probably need one of those too!

Also need to go to Argos later to get gas for the burner.

Tomorrow will be for mad frantic packing and organising. And then hopefully some relaxing!

Feel crap today - am all allergic-reacting in my nasal areas, and am very tired. plus my abdomen is still super-sore from sit ups on Sunday night and I have girl-related issues as well, none of which is helping my mood.
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Ros - I couldn't help myself... I have ordered a black parasol and a red fan from that Hong Kong guy on e-bay.

was cheaper to buy them separately than together, although i am waiting to see if I get any sort of combined shipping discount!
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Ok, so its been a while, and lots have happened. so lets see...

House is still in post-LARP chaos, although the majority of the wet is dealt with. Still have a damp marquee canvas to dry out, but the rain is causing issues with that. And my table cloth is mouldy, so we have to have some fun playing with that.

Work has been relatively relaxed since I got back from LARP, but then having three short weeks in a row (3.5 days before the event, 4 days last week, and 4 days this week due to holiday) is always going to help. Had a fabulous team meeting on Friday last week, which basically cut out a lot of my problems (due to still being responsible for my old job even though we got someone in to replace me and her having been there a month now). Which means I've been able to actually concentrate on my own job almost exclusively, and have finally caught up with myself enough to concentrate on more than just allocating cash. which is nice.

This week is better because the boss is on holiday. He's gone caravanning. In Cornwall. not sure they'll have the best weather though :-)

Weekend just gone, Ros and I nipped up to visit pies Caro, pics of pies can be seen at for anyone who cares. There was wine (lots) but no crazy drunkenness which was good. Pies were lots of fun, lots of toe nibbling and kitten-fu. And we saw Olivia and John, which was lovely as I haven't seen Olivia for some time (read - years). Was great to see Vix as well, even if she was super-tired.

There was lots of yummy lasagne and contract whist; also attempted kitten stealing, as Ros and I tried to steal Mr Penlington on our way home. We almost got away with it as well, except that Garry spotted us. Ah well, I don't want to steal them this young cos they pee everywhere.

Driving to Caro's and back was nice with company - I shall have to arrange more joint trips up with Ros.

Mr Fidget was very suspicious of us when we got back to my house, due to all the smelling of pies and things, but he soon settled down.

Yesterday I spent ages counting LARP arrows and inspecting them, doing complicated maths to work out how many belonged to which members of the group (two different lots of arrows bought at two different times by twodifferently composed groups of people, with some people involved in both). This because I'd asked them what we wanted to do with them, and people started moaning about not knowing who's was what etc. And now I've posted all the info on our board, and noone's said anything! ungrateful b****rds the lot of them.

Hmm lets see, what else. Oh yeah, uber-hyped up book. Harry Potter. Don't worry, no fangirl-esque squeeing here, no spoilers either. I have my opinion on the book, I don't think its that great, but then she's not a very good author. Definately thought there was too much expectation floating about though, and it didnt really live up to it. I did want to know how it ended though, and now I do, so I am happy. It will make a decent film I imagine.

More interesting books on the way though, as I have ordered some Raymond E Feist from my book club, and soon there will be a new Brian Jacques Redwall book, and a new Terry Pratchett Discworld book, and the new George R R Martin depressathon book. yay for lots of new books for me to read.

I think thats everything. Oh yes apart from the floods.

We are not flooded yet. In any case, our house is too high above the river to really be affected. However, the Thames is just behind us, where the Kennett joins it, and its already burst its banks. The Kennett itself is very high, although there is no flood warning for it. Just the Thames, which is expected to go tonight.

It may affect me getting to work, as I cycle down the river. Certainly if we try to walk to Tescos we get wet feet. We are more concerned by the gasworks by us which are right on the river, and any affect them flooding will have on us. (like no gas means no heating, hot water or hob based cooking).

But we should be ok.
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Suppose I should at least attempt to keep myself up to date. lets see...

day off yesterday which was much needed, lots of sleep was had, Delvy came round to get his kit and ended up staying for a bit of a waah, which was cool

then we went into town and had pizza express dinner and went to cinema to see HP5. Was disappointed by film. Am eagerly awaiting delivery of the HP7 book, which I hope will not disappoint.

my mobile broke at the weekend, is now doing lots of crazy random things. I have upgraded, so by tomorrow I will be back to normal service (which doesnt really affect anyone, as I never call/text anyone anyway). so now I have new pretty nokia phone.

lrp panic

Jul. 12th, 2007 08:27 pm
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Ah the panic before the event, how I have missed it..

well, actually i haven't since I did so much frantic panicking before the last event even though I wasn't going! But there is much more satisfaction involved in panicking for an event which you are actually attending. Jamie had today booked off work to get stuff done, although to be honest I don't think he's achieved all that much. I was in work, but after completely failing to finish making Jamie's new doublet last night, I blew half a days holiday (isn't it nice to have spare days!) and came home at lunchtime. I have so far:

almost completed the doublet (just need to hand-sew on the frogging down the front)
sewn two covers for my old sofa cushions so Hodgy can use them for chairs in his lab
sewn two panels of red lace onto my old black bodice so I can wear it without looking like a peasant
repacked several crates of tent decorations
lost - and subsequently found - the sky remote

all I have left to do now is sew the frogging onto the doublet, repack my own personal kit, and do one last sweep of the house to make sure I've packed everything! Oh yeah, and make shortbread. lots of shortbread. I kinda forgot about that. Not sure how well its going to go, kneading shortbread dough with false nails on, but we shall see...

exam three

Jun. 11th, 2007 07:38 pm
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Exam three went..hmmm.. as well as could be expected. that is to say, i knew it would be a lucky call to get the right questions, and I was unlucky. Got the wrong questions, which means I have in all likelihood failed. Which is fine, doing three at once was a bit much. so, exams are over, I have spent the rest of the day relaxing with Jamie, which has been nice.

We drove to Woodley, picked up some interesting cheap things from charity shops for LRP, including a demi-john and a nice glass flask for Hodgy's alchemy lab, and a big wooden bowl. then we popped to the new Frankie and Benny's and had a drink, before coming home and watching the X Files :-)

I treated myself to new nails, so I now have very silly, stupidly long french manicured nails, which are getting in the way of my typing somewhat. However, I am using it as an experiment to see how much they get in the way of everyday things, because it occurs to me than an Estragalian noble lady wouldn't generally have short broken nails. So I need to have posh ones. Might have to wait until after we've put up the tents before I put them on though.

exam two

Jun. 8th, 2007 01:54 pm
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also went well. don't like the rule that says I'm not allowed to leave until the end though - I absolutely hate sitting in an exam hall doing nothing for an hour or so while everyone else slowly crawls through their paper.

glad to see though I was not alone, a bloke a few rows across from me finished at about the same time, so we were both sat there twiddling our thumbs!

so, no more exams till Monday morning, and no Jamie to distract me either as he's gone to the CP event (staying up till gone midnight after a mamoth 5 hour sewing session to get kit finished may not be the best exam prep, but hey, I did ok, and the group now has tablecloths and curtains, so its all good).

I'm currently munching on a rather tasty turkey and salad baguette from La Baguette that I picked up on my way home, and then its off to fight the evil Bindweed. I plan to spend the afternoon digging out the rest of my border, so that on Monday after my exam I can go to Homebase, buy soil and plants, and replant it all nice.

Then girlies (and Mark) from work will be coming over and we're driving to David's house (another guy from work) as he is having a Carribean beach themed barbecue. apparently there are forfeits for not wearing themed outfit, I'm sure most of those will involve alcohol though so as designated driver I should be safe! but just be sure, I'm going to wear Jamie's Hawaiian shirt (I know, wrong ocean, but its all I got).

well, if all my friends (well, most of my friends) can go off this weekend and ponce about eating BBQ food in silly outfits, so can I!

really do wish I could have gone to the event though. new group and all. want to ponce about in dresses and wigs, and wear lots of jewels, and call Hodgy "papa" all weekend. and play cribbage. and chess. and make embroidery things.
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right well thats exam number 1 over and done with!

wasnt tooo bad, couple of nastys at the end I wasn't prepared for but other than that, it was fine.

so, next one tomorrow morning.

lads leave for larp event tomorrow morning, so between now and leaving for my exam tomorrow morning I have to:
finish off revision with a few last bits and pieces to review
finish making curtain number 2
make some cushion covers
help Jamie pack all the kit.

fortunately Jamie is off today, so the last bit will mainly consist of me telling him where stuff is and where to put it.
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so, after my initial "yay" regarding my body functioning properly, there was much waily and woe, as the following day (ie yesterday, also known as my birthday) it appeared that my iron levels had plummeted (or so Amanda in work reckons), and I became rather ill. was ridiculously pale and breatheless - classic signs of iron deficiency I am told.

Then I was sick.

So I had to go home, and missed out on all my birthday cakes and things in work.

Which was alright, cos it meant I had time to tidy up a bit, and sort out some LARP kit stuff. Jamie was home early, so I got to spend extra time with him too which was nice. He cooked me yummy dinner for my birthday, Tuna steaks with chilli jam, potatoes and asparagus spears. with a nice Wolf Blass red. very yummy indeed.

And we watched Casanova, which we hadn't seen before. It was very good. Heath Ledger was awesome, Jeremy Irons was FANTASTIC as the inquisitor. "we are here to seek out heresy and criminal licentiousness. if there's bacon involved, I dread to imagine the depths of depravity we will find here in Venice" has to be one of the best lines in a film ever, if only for the way he delivered it.

the costumes were amazing, and it gave us loads of ideas/inspiration for our new LRP group.

Since the Regiment were all but wiped out at Wigan (except Jamie, who got to play at being the LG of the Lions until the Lions command team/the game team were crap at him and crowbarred Mike back in). So we decided it would be cooler if the Regiment bowed out, which led to Jamie making Caz cry when he went to say goodbye to Nerys as Lord Mourning, which I would have loved to have seen.

I do appear to have acquired lots of random Ael kit now, as they made him a member of their Family.

So, new group, new idea - we're joining the AlGaia (something which only a few years ago I would never have actively called for!). We're playing Estragalian nobles, of House Daga. Apparently, we've already scared the crap out of everyone else playing Estraglian nobles, which is awesome. The guy who wrote it all actually lives round the corner from us, so we went round and had a bit of a waah with him the other day. Which was cool.

It basically means I get to ponce around in a dress, with long curly brown hair (down to my waist!), being a Lady, or possibly a Baroness. I like Marchioness, but thats too high up the scale of titles for my character, which sucks, cos I really like the title. Might stick with lady, which makes me Lady Caterina Ramirez Daga. Which is a bit of a mouthful.

We're going to have carpets and everything.

Can't wait.
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So much that I haven’t posted about! Its just occurred to me that I never said anything about Renewal when I got back from the event, so distracted was I by the handing in of my notice etc. Not to mention all the stuff from this weekend.


Renewal )


Now then, on to more recent events.



Saturday )


Sunday )


Got into work today to discover one of my work mates has won over £14 grand in a London Casino at the weekend, so she treated us all to lunch today in the pub. Which was nice, although the alcohol is making me sleepy now!

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lrp is rubbish!

why did I volunteer for set up!

*stress* *stress* *stress*

I hate packing for events. My house is completely upsidedown. my kit is strewn everywhere, I can't find anything, and I cant move for everyone else kit which has filled up my house in readiness for the van later!

*stress* *Stress* *stress*


Aug. 18th, 2006 07:20 pm
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ok, another update.

would have posted this this morning, however I couldnt really do it in work in case anyone read it (this will become clear very soon).

So, on to the important
news: )

in other news,
Renewal is getting close, so I'm drowning in unfinished projects! Making kit for Jack, making spare tabards for the regiment as we have new people, re-writing the Lion's religion... oh bum, and I need to write up a menu for the week as well!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm off to Caro's, for booze, cats, x-factor (apparently), much-needed socialising, and snakes on a plane. Should be a laugh and I'm really looking forward to it. Can't decide if I'm more excited about seeing Caro or Loki though!
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Right, well its been some time since I last looked at LJ, so I just spent a pleasant half an hour catching up with folks, so before I start rambling on about the last week and a half, I would like to say:

[profile] blackfaery - hope you find your cat soon!
[profile] mouthymetaller - congratulations!!!!!

Right then, lets see. whats happened to me in the last however long its been..

Well, house is a mess. We have phone line again now, but no internet as of yet. I have ordered it this morning though, so give me a couple of weeks and everything will be back to normal. Have huge piles of stuff to sort out, but it shouldnt take too long. I'm being mildly delayed by the fact that a) Tesco claim to have delivered my new shed, even though there is definately no shed, and b) i dont have the legs for my metal shelves, so can't sort out the front room properly, as thats where the telly and all the consoles and board games are going.

Should be able to get the kitchen and bedroom straightened up by the weekend though, which will be nice.

Fayre )

Well then, that kinda leads up to today.

Yesterday was mostly spent sitting around doing very little, as our brains ceased to function. J is back in work today, and I go back tomorrow. After 2 weeks off, its going to be very strange, but I'm looking forward to it now.

Right I'm getting out of here cos this is expensive, and its taken me ages to write this up!
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Ah a day off. Is there a finer thing? Really annoyed that I'm not well enough for LRP, as would like to be off to the event, but a day off is not to be wasted!

I've already been extra ten percent useful today, going into town and doing all the things I needed to get done, like post stuff, and go to the bank etc.

My knee has stopped hurting too (I injured it in the swimming pool last weekend) so I'm going to brave the gym this morning and see if I can stand the exercise, as I havent been for ages due to illness and whatever, so I'm starting to feel the effects of it now. Need to get back into the regime!
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Ok this is getting very annoying.

Guess who spent several hours in casualty last night - thats right. Me. After a prolonged period of vomiting and pooing water, Jamie took me to hospital, where they told me it was probably a virus and it'd last for some time, but there wasnt anything they could do. however, if I start to get worse and get all dehydrated and stuff, they will quite happily put me on a drip for a little while.

and then, getting back into Jamie's car to come home, his car bit my head, and I got it trapped between the door and the car itself, so I now have a big bump on my head too.

suffice it to say I am not in work today. but I havent thrown up or pooed any water this morning, so I dont think i've got it as bad as Jamie.

We're fairly convinced the origins of this disease is the inadequate state of the kitchen, which is now being remedied.

am now seriously considering not going to the Jhereg event, which is crap.
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quick question for you SF&Fers out there - are Darkblade/Kapalo a Kovacs going to be at the convention?
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okay, so you know i said like 10 days ago that i had a nasty cough? well its still here. and a sore throat to boot. i found myself a doctor on monday morning and she signed me off sick till Thursday, but said it was probably viral as my chest is quite clear, so she couldnt give me anything for it.

so i've been sat at home twiddling my thumbs, reading Going Postal and Thud! (both excellent books), eating large amounts of ibuprofen and strepsils in the attempt to stave off the illness.

am going back to work tomorrow, regardless of whether i'm better or not (cough is easing, throat is getting worse?)

Winter event was cool, good fun, although it was very strange to be there on my own. getting involved in stuff is harder without Knox, as its mostly Raebeez and Yukio and Adamos doing "stuff" now, and Yukio (generally speaking) refuses to talk to me about stuff. which kinda sucks a bit. but Raebeez insists that i'm very important and needed, so i guess we'll see how it goes next year. I think i'm going to stay focussed on interfactional stuff from now on anyway. looks like more fun.

went to see Corpse Bride with Jamie last night, its very very good! still havent got round to seeing W&G, but we should see it this weekend i think. also last night, we were at a loss for something to do when we got back from the cinema, so Jamie got his cello and his double bass out and played them for me. it was very cool. even though he hasnt really touched his cello for like 9 years, he was really good. and the bass was amazing. its an absolutely gorgeous instrument (which you'd kind of expect for an instrument of its age), and it sounds fab. he even let me have a go. which was very scary, cos its very expensive and I dont want to break it. but he's going to teach me the cello. which will be cool.

plan for weekend is looking up, Jamie is taking me out to dinner on Friday evening (All posh like) to celebrate him getting paid, we're going to Nino's which is an italian place in town. also this weekend, we are going to see W&G and probably also going swimming, as we both need to start doing exercise again, and swimming is a good place to start!

Jamie and I were talking last night, and it looks like its pretty much decided (just need to chat to Andy and Kieran) that I wont be moving out of here. at least, not until June, when everyone has to move out, and we can find somewhere else to live together. i have formulated a plan of how to share the rent between the four of us, which I will discuss with the lads at a convenient moment when Andy is back. so yay.
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My book order arrived yesterday while I was in work. Going Postal, Thud, and the new Brian Jacques Redwall book, High Rhulain.

I started reading High Rhulain as soon as I got home (Jamie had already stolen Thud and started reading it). Its awesome. One of the best Redwall books I have read. I'm very glad his books aren't slowly getting worse, as I feared they would as he wrote more and more. After all, High Rhulain is the 18th book in the series.

I read the book till I finished it, which didnt take that long, really. It was awesome. yay.

now all I have to do is get through this day at work (i'm a bit tired cos i stayed up late) and its off to the winter event for me.

hope it doesnt rain. at least i'll miss rush hour around birmingham.

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