Feb. 25th, 2010 01:36 pm
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The contractor, Dave, came round this morning. 8am sharp. They've put a radiator in my toilet, and a new loft access hatch at the top of the stairs.

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Yesterday evening we emptied our bookshelves in the living room, in preparation for them having to be moved today when the Sky man comes to install the HD box (the sky cables run round that half of the room, pinned to the skirting, going behind all three bookcases and the sofa). So my dining table is covered in Jamie's geeky Warhammer 40k novels, with Fidget's bed all tucked away behind them like he's in a fort (he loves it!), and the corner of the living room under the stairs is filled with DVDs and other books.

Mr Fidget went for an explore on the empty shelves - it was excessively cute. He pottered about on the shelf for ages, kept eyeing up the other bookcase, and the shelves above, but didn't attempt to move onto them.
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Also, last night we made delicious new food - in fact it was so delicious I'm going to have to tell people about it. But I'm not going to post about it here, I'm going to post about it in [ profile] bread_and_salt, because thats what it's for.


Jan. 26th, 2009 04:27 pm
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My car hasn't been MOT'd yet. we hadn't heard anything all day, so Jamie rang them at about 4pm, and they hadn't done it yet. If they don't call us by 5ish, then it will be too late to go pick up the car, as the traffic is awful at tea-time and its on the other side of town. We could probably get to the garage by half 5, but we'd never get home by 6, and I've got a Sainsbury's delivery coming between 6 and 7. So if they don't call soon, I'm going to have to leave work early tomorrow and pick it up after work, which means cycling over to the garage (which from work, means going up an extremely steep hill and then down the other side) and then driving back across town, through the rush hour.

Unavoidable really, but its a pain. Especially since I haven't been anywhere near as useful as I'd have liked to have been today. We didnt get back home from our trip out this morning till about half 11, 12ish, and then we were so tired from our early start we just kind of collapsed in a heap and snoozed till about 2. And then we had lunch and read books and things, so it was only getting on for half 3 by the time we started doing useful things!

Jamie's tackling the mountain of washing up in the kitchen, while I'm doing general tidying in the dining room. So far, the main highlight has been the discovery of hidden Christmas chocolate, which I am now eating. 'Divine' fair trade chocolate coins. Nomm nomm nomm. 
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So the rearranging of the bedroom furniture went fairly well in the end, we're both pleased with the end result. However, I'm still struggling to get in a full night's sleep, which is very irritating. Saturday night was by far the worst night I've had in a good while, hardly slept a wink, between Jamie's snoring and Fidget's rather irritating "lets go exploring the bedroom in the middle of the night" antics. Last night was better, but I still woke up more times than I'm used to (the one time I get woken up by Fidget wanting a cuddle under the duvet I don't mind so much). We think Jamie may be subconsciously afraid of the lack of wall to his right, as when I woke up this morning I was on my side facing out of the bed, but very close to the edge. Jamie was on his side, facing away from me, but with his back right up against mine with miles of space on the other side.

So tonight we are going to see if we should sleep the other way around. Which may be a blessing in more than one way, as Fidget tends to wake up the person on the left of the bed for cuddles in the night, so sleeping on the other side I would avoid that as well.

Other than furniture moving, cleaning and general sneeziness from the dust, the weekend consisted of indulgent food (fry-ups, biscuits, ice-cream and home-made fish and chips among the offerings), lots of Guinness (well, for Jamie, anyway), much rugby, some painting of miniatures (I did my night goblin fanatics, Jamie started his handgunners) and the watching of Sweeney Todd.

Among the failed acheivements was me not dying my hair, us not making it as far as the gym all weekend and us not having done any laundry or tidying up downstairs. But considering what we did get done, this isn't really all that bad.

This week is mostly all about getting back into the habit of doing things. Going to the gym. Not eating too much crap. Tidying up some more. Boss is on holiday so work should be quiet, which is handy given how tired I am. Highlights of the week are going to include the first episode of Battlestar Galactica new series (or second half of last series, if you want to look at it like that), and the rugby at the weekend. Also, Jamie had a surprise phone call from one of his oldest friends the other day, so on Sunday we are going to go and see him and his fiance as well, which will be interesting.


Jan. 17th, 2009 09:15 am
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I did not sleep so well last night. My new neighbour, as I said, is a loud and boisterous sort of fellow, and I woke up some time during the night to discover he was talking - very loudly - outside in the garden, possibly to someone on a phone as I only heard his voice. I'm guessing it was around 2, 2.30am, based on the number of times I woke during the night etc. I'm sure he was probably thinking "I'll go outside so I'm not disturbing anyone", not realising that the alleyways to our gardens act as a funnel for noise, and I could hear every word as if he was standing over my bed!

When he went back inside, still talking, I couldn't hear a word as soon as he closed the door!

Ah well, I was awake anyway so it doesn't really matter. Today we are going to work on moving the furniture around in the bedroom, and cleaning under the bed (I have a sneaking suspicion that the build up of dust under the bed is a contributory factor in our lack of sleep lately). We're going to try a different configuration for the furniture which puts the bed on the opposite wall and gives us space on both sides. There'll be less floor space overall, but more available in the smaller room off to the side, so I'll just have to get dressed in there instead!
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Well, to be sensible I've taken today off work as well. Following Jamie's progress through the disease, it seemed like a good idea.

He came down with it properly on Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday were the worst days, Monday he still felt rubbish and Tuesday he went into work but came home early because he wasnt over it yet.
I came down with it properly on Sunday. So Monday and Tuesday (my exam days!) were my worst days, yesterday I still felt rubbish, and today I haven't gone into work because I'm not over it yet. So I should be ok to go in tomorrow.

Which means I have another day of feeling like I ought to be doing useful things, since I'm at home and all, but being too ill to really do everything. It was a massive effort yesterday to put up the tree, and the other decorations, which led to me doing nothing but playing PS2 all afternoon and snuggling with Mr Fidget.

So on today's list of "useful things that I really ought to attempt doing, since I'm at home and all" are:

sort out the recycling box in the bathroom
put the clothes away in the bedroom
and put away all the clean/dry washing up

shouldnt be too hard, I haven't given myself a massive list of things to do

I shall start though, by having a shower, as this will instantly make me feel 100 times better. Then on to useful things!


Dec. 10th, 2008 11:24 am
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So I get an email the other day telling me to submit my gas and electricity meter readings. I go online, enter my readings, get my bill. We have currently overpaid by about £16, with our monthly direct debits of £82.50. I get an email today, saying "we've looked at your account and don't think you're direct debit is big enough to cover your bills. So we're upping it to £94 a month".

I call the number, go through all the automated menus and security, to be told "we are sorry, our customer services advisors are currently dealing with a high volume of calls and they're all busy. Please call again later" and it hangs up on me!

I want to hold, dammit!

Not surprised they're dealing with lots of calls, if they've just upped everyones direct debits again though.


Nov. 25th, 2008 03:04 pm
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I have new pillows. They are awesome. After my horrendous night's sleep on Sunday night (thanks Fidget) I slept like a log last night! So much so, in fact, that I was so comfy when the alarm went off this morning that I snoozed until 8, and then had to rush because I needed a shower and everything. And had extra snuggles with Fidget under the duvet when I went back upstairs after my shower. Just about made it into work on time...

I think the decent night sleep was helped by the fact that I won the rock-paper-scissors best of three we had to determine which side of the bed Fidget would sleep on - Jamie had the honour of putting up with his middle-of-the-night bath!

Am all excited about the weekend now, a hair cut on Friday (which is desperately required) and seeing Jamie's parents, plus Bo and Rosco. And Wales v Australia on Saturday (followed by a pleasant drive home and watching of England v New Zealand). If all goes according to plan, Wales should beat Oz by at least 15 points, and England should get there arses handed to them on a plate, thus ensuring Wales reach 4th in the world rankings, and are seeded away from South Africa, Oz and NZ in the world cup in 2011 (the draw for which is happening on Monday).

Now if only it wasn't so cold....
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So its Friday morning, I have the day off, but I still got up at half 8. Not much of a lie in, then.

Of course, with Jamie still being in work today it meant I still got woken up by the alarm at 7.20, so there wasn't any real hope of a lie in at all. The only reason I stayed in bed as long as I did, was because Jamie brought Mr Fidget upstairs when he came back from the shower, and I spent about 45 mins curled up in bed with the cat.

Our bedroom is shockingly cold compared to the rest of the house. We've come to the conclusion that a combination of the following is to blame:

Dodgy, ill-fitting, single-glazed sash windows
Two fireplaces with chimneys not blocked off
Radiator half-hidden behind furniture which isn't the bed
Door permanently open, leading directly to the hallway which is always freezing due to badly-insulated front door

Obviously some of these are easier to fix than others. Covering the windows with something like bubble-wrap is going to help, because we don't open them ever during the winter months. Closing the door isn't an option, on account of Mr Fidget and his pathetic wailing if he gets stuck anywhere. We're going to make a thick curtain and hang it across the bottom of the stairs, which should stop a lot of the cold getting in from the hallway.

Re-arranging the furniture is a possibility, to free up the radiator, however if we put the bed across that wall, it would also be along the window, so any heat gained from the radiator would be cancelled out by the heat lost through the window!

The result of the coldness means that for the last two nights, Mr Fidget has slept under the covers with me. It is very cute, but it does mean he wakes me up at least once during the night, either by leaving or re-entering, or just moving about and stabbing me by accident with his claws (of which he has many, and they are sharp).

I have left him in bed this morning, he is all curled up under the duvet with my dressing gown.

Today is mostly for studying, although I have many distractions. Hopefully they wont get in the way too much. Distractions include:

New DVDs I want to watch
Warhammer models I want to paint
The need to go to the gym
The need to go out to buy lunch foods

Hopefully I wont get distracted too much!
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So, I have a sparkling clean fridge, and its full of tasty food now the Sainsburys man has been. It amazed me actually, how quickly the thing cooled down again once we'd plugged it in. It was a lot of hard work though. Jamie spent ages bent over the bath cleaning all the drawers, shelves and so on with the shower hose, while I scrubbed and scrubbed to get the main bits clean. The front of the fridge was covered in grease (probably from the time Jamie exploded hot oil all over the kitchen), and the inside was just horrible. However, its all done now.

Here is a glimpse of the horror I had to deal with today - this is where the fridge came out of:
see the horror... )
Have powered our way through most of the work now, stopping only for lunch (which was a lazy takeaway from Mr Cod round the corner, was very weird, felt like we were in the middle of moving in and having to eat takeaways because of a lack of cooking facilities). We've just removed the useful things from the shed that we needed (the 12 dinner plates bought for LARP, spare cutlery and the blankets which are supposed to be covering the armchairs in the living room), and now we have to tackle getting the crockery into place inside the sideboard. Then all thats left is the food cupboards above the work surface (a quick empty them out, clean them, fill them back up again job) and the cupboard under the sink, which is full of cleaning stuff. Then the last jobs are the oven/hob, and around the washing machine, which looks similar to where the fridge was, except we can't pull the machine out. And then mop the floor. And then its done.

Also, having been out in my very autumnal looking garden (the huge sycamore is dropping all its leaves at the moment), I spotted the gorgeous blue and purple berries on the climbing plant over our fence are out, so I took some pictures. Thought you might like to see them!
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So yesterday was the start of the big kitchen deep clean (gods, my life is almost as interesting as yours, [ profile] black_faery !). We started by me tidying the dining room (so we'd have places to put stuff while in transit) and with Jamie doing all the washing up (so we'd actually have surfaces in the kitchen to put stuff on). Yesterday we achieved:

bottom three cupboards on the cooker side - emptied, cleaned and refilled with kitchen gadgets (I feel all grown up, I have a whole cupboard full of gadgets) and pots and pans. The cutlery that was in one of those cupboards (my kitchen has no drawers) is now in the big drawer on the sideboard. I also now have a drawer for tea towels!

I also threw out all the ancient food that was hiding in the freezer, emptied the fridge (god bless the mini-fridge in the living room, its currently full off butter and jam and pesto and milk and cheese. The eggs are hiding in a cupboard. Then we emptied all the shelves and drawers from the fridge-freezer, and unplugged it. Left the door of the freezer open last night, with a teatowel draped over the floor in front of it. Now there is no ice, and a very wet teatowel!

This morning the priority is the fridge-freezer, as we have to clean it inside and out, pull it out and clean all around it, and get it back into place and cooled down again by the time the shopping arrives this afternoon!

We've moved everything off the top (the microwave, tons of tupperware, cereals, and a huge load of pens for some reason) and I've just spent a very entertaining ten minutes pulling off all the fridge poetry. We only have one set - the naughty one - and for the most part nothing's been done with it. I found one rather entertaining sentence:

"guarantee an orgy - see man penetrate gorgeous housewife on your bed" which I think was a joint effort between Jamie and myself.

The only other coherent phrase gave us reason to ponder - who had written it? Conversation went something like this:

Me: Huh, look at this: "Could you understand or ask me to cry, if I walk apart from others by choice"

Jamie:  Did you write that?

Me: No, did you?

J: No. That only leaves us with two choices... it was either Andy, or..

Me: Mr Fidget!

J: No, Ros, when she's been over before.

Me: Oh yeah, that would make sense.

J: amazing how she's managed to make up a whole mini-poem without using a single rude word...
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Huzzah! I emailed the letting agents (again) about our lack of contract - its been three months now without a new contract since we notified them that Andy was leaving and we needed a new one. In my email I threatened I would withhold the rent if they didnt sort it out. Less than an hour later I had an email back from them, from a new person who is apparently now responsible for our property, and she is going to look through all the paperwork today and sort it out for us.

I also phoned maintenance, and the guy is coming tomorrow to fix the boiler, which has failed again.


Although I am cross that it takes the threat of nonpayment of rent to actually get them to do anything.
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So I'm back in college this week, fortunately just today and tomorrow. this time it's Financial Reporting, which is actually really interesting at the moment!

once again, a room full of complete strangers though.

now i am home, and awkwardly trying to write this post without really being able to move my right hand! FIdget has decided that no matter what I want to do, he is going to have his cuddles dammit!! so my laptop is delicately balanced on the edge of my knees, Fidget is curled up on my lap inbetween my keyboard and my stomach, and up until a couple of minutes ago had his head on top of the mouse pad, so I couldnt even use the mouse! now he's just using my hand as a pillow. And purring like mad. Its pathetic.

He's not going to like me in a little while though, as once I've chilled out and relaxed a bit, I'm kicking him off and hoovering the house from top to bottom! He does not like the sound of the vaccuum cleaner one bit.

And then I have to do the course exam 1 for my course I did last week, as I was supposed to do it yesterday but what with Zuki's success meaning I left Edenbridge later than planned, plus my getting horribly lost meaning I was even later, I just couldnt face it last night!

Jamie is going to the gym tonight though, so he's not home till 7pm-ish which means if I start my exam by half five, I've got a good two hours before i will feel like I don't want to be doing it any more. of course, this all depends on me actually being able to start on time, which given fidget's current cute state is debatable! he's fallen asleep now, with his head on my right mouse button :-)

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Although not as a result of the management accounting I have been learning about this morning. Just a regular headache. Probably caused by me having forgotten my orange juice and my raisins today, so having nothing but water to get me through till lunch.

Is weird being here on a normal day, rather than at the weekend. Popped into the office on my way in, to drop off a helium balloon (its our temp's 65th birthday today, so we've made a bit of a fuss) and to turn on my out of office (i forgot to do it on Friday), then left again and came next door to learn.

So far so good, nice easy introduction to the new material, although I'm having to dredge back up knowledge from the first exams I sat, two years ago! Fortunately its all coming back to me, and I think once I've got home and tidied my desk up, I will get out my notes from Management Accounting and have a refresh.

Have also come up with a fairly sensible working/learning/revising plan for the next 10 weeks, which shouldn't be too stressful. At least this week, I only have to concentrate on the one module. Next week things get complicated, as I'll be starting another course!

Anyway, its all going according to plan at the moment, which is the main thing.

Weekend was nice and quiet - didn't go anywhere or do anything (except a couple of short trips into town and one to Morrisons). Made a tasty pork stir fry on Saturday evening, and a really yummy lamb curry last night. Am taking advantage of my finishing earlier than usual this week, so will be cooking a cottage pie tonight as well. We also cleaned up the study and bedroom, hoovered and anti-flea-sprayed. Still have some things to do, laundry and stuff, but the house is actually looking pretty decent now.

Right, better go eat my lunch I suppose.

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Today has been so relaxing so far. We chilled out until about ten thirty or so, then had quick showers before popping out.

We took my laptop back to Novatech, where we were greeted with dismay "Oh no!" says Jim. "Not you again!". They are sending it back and I will be getting a new one (again).

Then we went to Homebase (via Toys R Us) where we bought a new cordless drill (complete with hammer action for drilling into walls with), some screws and a new dragon tree (which Jamie has named Frankie).

Then we popped to Tesco to get some bits and bobs, and came home.

We had barbecued lamb steaks for lunch, with some salad and nice mediterranean bread (we got a small disposable bbq because we felt like barbecuing the lamb!),

While we were out in the garden cooking the lamb, we had Mr Fidget curled up in the border on one side, being all cute, Crotchspider curled up on the floor by the BBQ being all cute. Then we heard some cat fighting noises from a few gardens away, so Fidget went to investigate. Then we heard some rustling and looked behind the bbq, underneath the holly bush, where Mr Popodopolous, our resident hedgehog, was emerging from his little nest inside the half-full bag of bark chippings. It was in the full sunlight, so we assume it must have been too hot for him. He pottered out, sniffing away, completely ignored the cat who was sat right next to him (mind you, the cat completely ignored him too!), wandered up to Jamie, sniffed him, then wandered off to sleep in the tarp which is down the side of the shed, where it is all shady.

He is a very handsome looking hedgehog, and he is very used to us now. I really like having so much wildlife in my garden. I also saw an enormous dragonfly flying over as well, which was awesome.

Now I need to do some sorting out of stuff, as I need to bring a bookcase into the study to put my ACCA books on. Jamie is currently zonked out on the sofa having a snooze - its a hard life!


Aug. 10th, 2008 07:38 pm
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So its been another hellish day of cleaning, moving, lifting, cleaning, drilling, hammering, tidying, cleaning and an awful lot of going up and down the stairs.

However, the end result is worth it! We started this weekend with one room that was a complete tip, and three rooms that were perfectly functional. Now I have three rooms that are a tip, and one room that is perfectly functional!

I has a living room! All the furniture fitted in exactly as planned. We had no real difficulty getting furniture through the ridiculous combination of chimney breast, narrow door and under the stairs. The room is just the right size for a living room, we're just the right distance from the telly. The bookcases look great. And most of all - its incredibly clean and tidy!

The room that was the living room is now mostly empty - there's some stuff piled up in tidy heaps, and a piano, and the bookcases which haven't moved. To ease Mr Fidget through the changes, we've brought his old scratching post downstairs so he can get in and out of the window ok. The rest is just empty space. I shall order the dining table and chairs tomorrow, they should arrive next week. The sideboard will arrive mid-september.

Upstairs, there's lots of mess! The study is getting there, still piles of stuff all over the place, but that will take time to rehome. Most of its in the right place though. All the furniture is there. 

The bedroom isn't exactly useable right now - full of clothes that belong in the wardrobe in the study, musical instruments of largeness (Double Bass, Cello) that belong in the study, and lots of mess.

However, the worst of it is over! It will take a few weeks of doing little bits in the evenings, and at weekends, but we'll get there.

Fidget is very confused by the whole affair. He's spent most of the weekend out of the house, but he came in not long after Ros left, and was exploring the living room and having a brush and a cuddle. I'm sure he'll get used to it.

Everything probably still smells very wrong, as I imagine the removal of Andy's constant use of deodorant has drastically changed the overall basic house smell, which will take some getting used to for him. And we've hoovered lots, so will have removed a lot of the smells in the carpets and soft furnishings.Plenty of fuss and attention and love is what he needs!

I am very tired now, and my legs hurt a lot. We are currently watching a documentary about the Black Death, and then I imagine we will play some Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance, as we're having lots of fun with that.

One downside to the day though - the shelves I put up in the study fell down. Oops.
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Normally I wouldn’t bother with an update halfway through the weekend, but so much has happened already that I feel I ought to at least try and get some of it down, so I can concentrate on having as much fun today without having to remember all the tiny details from Saturday, so that I can tell you about them on Monday!

This weekend is the weekend of moving house. Only without the actual house changing. This is the second time we’ve had to do this in this house now, the first time being when Kieran moved out two years ago, and we moved our bedroom from downstairs in the front room, upstairs to the back bedrooms.

This time its even more complicated! Andy has gone, so we had to empty his room of the furniture we didn’t want any more (like the bed, and the dressing table, and the chest of drawers etc), move a lot of the furniture and stuff from the front room (which looked like a bomb site, incidentally), swap over the furniture in the front room and the living room, tidy everything up, and await delivery of the dining room furniture.

It didn’t seem like it was going to be such a huge task, to be honest. But as we’ve progressed we’ve encountered lots of minor things that we ought to do as we’re going along, because then its done properly! So its taking longer than previously thought.

The plan is to get it all done by the end of today, and I believe that aim is still achievable. Ros is coming over this morning to help out, so an extra pair of hands and an extra brain should give us the edge. She will come in particularly handy I think when we start having to put everything away up here.

So, what did we achieve yesterday? Lets see. 

All in all, quite an eventful day! I wonder what today will bring... I am currently moving stuff up from the front room to here, while Jamie does the washing up. Ros is arriving sort of 11ish, the Sainsburys delivery is coming between 11 and 12 (and bringing tasty bread and salad for lunch). Hopefully we’ll be able to get through today with much less in the way of calamity and shrieking and danger!

Oh no!

Aug. 4th, 2008 06:38 pm
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Morgan Freeman's been in a car crash! I hope he's ok, I like him.

In other news, today has been excessively dull. My left shoulder aches like anything, my right hamstring also aches and my right ankle has been a little wobbly, but not anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Damn my climbing without having done any real exercise for a couple of weeks!

Plan was for Jamie and me to go to the gym together tonight, but we are both too sore so we will be doing it tomorrow evening instead.

Which means this evening I can devote to planning house moving things.

On my agenda tonight - how to arrange my new desk! I have lots of stationery, and arts and crafts type materials, and they all need somewhere to live. also the important paperwork needs a sensible, organised, permanent home.

Today I bought my gamecube controllers and memory card (all in the sale in Game!) so now I'm just waiting for my games to turn up so I can play them to death :-) Want them to be here already! Will also be cool because they are both cooperative games, so Jamie and I can play together.

Wanted to play something tonight, but none of the PS2 or Playstation games we have are interesting enough.

Also, Jamie investigated new wheels today, and it looks like its only going to set us back £25 or so. Which is good.


Jul. 12th, 2008 01:57 pm
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Andy is away this weekend, so its like a sneak preview of what life will be like in a few weeks time when he's actually gone for good!

Can't believe its actually happening to be honest - 3 weeks today and he'll be leaving!

We have taken the opportunity, while he is not here, to measure his room so we can work out how the furniture will fit! Jamie's out getting his hair cut at the moment (although i'd have expected him to be home again by now - he's been gone a while) so I've been using the time undisturbed to draw up scale floor plans and cut out little paper shapes to represent all our furniture. yes, I know, I'm weird. I'm having fun, so you can't poke fun at me.

I have worked out everything fits with lots of room to spare. I've chosen a sideboard/display unit thing and a dining table set from my catalogue which will a) fit in the room, b) match and c) are actually nice and I like them.

I've even done a quick check for sleeping space for guests - there is space in the front bedroom for a double air mattress, and i can fit a camp bed in the living room (just!) and one in the dining room, which means when we are able to I can have 4 people staying and have space to feed them as its a 6 seater dining table :-)

Although, the camp beds are a bit of a squeeze, so what I'm most likely to do when I have more than one pair of guests is let one set sleep in our bedroom on a proper bed, and we'll sleep in the camp beds downstairs.

So all we need now is for the landlord to agree to get rid of the furniture from Andy's room, as I haven't left space for any of it!

I hope Jamie approves of my choice of dining table/chairs!

I'm looking forward to rearranging everything now, will be a perfect opportunity to tidy every room up and start from scratch - it will be like moving into a brand new house! and I'm soooo looking forward to being able to have people come visit - looking in particular at Mr & Mrs Hewitt, and Eddie and Rachael :-D

Also, with the table I'm looking at, it should be big enough to fit two bloodbowl boards on it, so we could even alternate venues for BB tournaments if we only have 4 players (which would be nice for Caro I should think, if we want to have a tournament on a weekend when she is home and would like to be able to do stuff in her house!).

So Its all good, and I'm feeling all kinds of positive about it.  

Edit: YAY I showed Jamie what I'd done and he approved of all my plans - he likes the furniture I've chosen and everything!

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