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So yesterday Jamie and I went on an adventure to London to see the Lion King.

Covent Garden )

Lion King )
After the show, we briefly considered having a drink somewhere but as it was getting on for half 5 on a Saturday everywhere was kinda busy, so we hopped back on the tube, which was heaving, and headed back to Paddington. Found a train headed back to Reading, and jumped on. We briefly considered having a drink in the Oakford when we got back, but decided to just walk home instead. Walked home via Mr Cod, because we had no food for dinner in the house. Came home, collapsed in a heap with our fish and chips (well, my jumbo sausage and chips, and Jamie's mega variety chicken meal) and watched There's Something About Mary.

Today we are mostly tidying up, doing some laundry and taking down the Christmas decorations.
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Holidays are over now, back to work tomorrow. Boo.

was really nice to have time off work though. We've done lots of chilling out, lots of playing computer games, lots of housework (today, anyway) and cooked loads of really tasty food.

Still, two days and then its the weekend again, and we're off to Wales to see Bo and Rosco :-) 
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And for the first time in 7 or 8 years, I'm not at Renewal. This is only now starting to feel weird. Every now and again, we look at the clock and say "if we were there, we'd be doing this right now..." and for some reason I'm not desperately wishing I was!

Yesterday was what bank holidays should be about. Lazy morning, trip to Asda to buy food and booze (we may have overspent this week - three bottles of wine and a huge bottle of vodka we werent expecting to buy... ooops), spent most of the day playing Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms (the Americas campaign, as New Spain), then spent the evening playing Champions of Norath on Andy's PS2 (Thanks to Ros for the heads up on this game - we found it in Bournemouth in a Gamestation while looking desperately for Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2).

We didnt go to bed till 3am, we were enjoying the looting so much!

Today is Jamie's birthday, so far all we have done is play with his birthday present (a Creative Zen Stone mp3 player) and search fruitlessly for an NHS dentist who actually answers the phone. See last night I was eating some giant chocolate buttons what I had put in the freezer, and I managed to break off the side of one of my teeth. Luckily (!) it was one that was already filled, so instead of exposing nerves its just exposed filling. I called my dentist this morning, and the woman was very rude at me and talked over me and didnt really listen to me, and wouldnt give me anything sooner than the 10th September. So I've been looking on the internets for any other NHS dentists in the area and trying to call them, but noone is answering. Lines are all busy. And there's only about three practises actually registering NHS adults, and I can't afford to go private. So I guess its going to have to wait 2 weeks, which is really irritating. It doesnt hurt, but I can't stop playing with it, cos it feels all weird. I wonder how he will fix it?

Plan for the day is mostly relaxing. Will almost definately involve more computer games, and also hopefully the dyeing of my hair. We have chicken for lunch (thighs and drumsticks - we had them roasted last night with lemon and [homegrown] tarragon, today we'll have them with the 'seasoning for chicken' because we're lazy) and we're having aubergines for dinner, provided we can go out and find some as Asda didnt have any yesterday. The starter I had in the restaurant on Saturday was aubergines in a tomato sauce with mozarella on top, and we have a recipe for it from the James Martin Collection, so we're going to try it out. So we'll need to go on an aubergine hunt later on as well.

Fidget's been excessively soppy since we got back, is following us around like a lost puppy, constantly leaping up for cuddles and not leaving us alone. its very cute. last night he fell asleep on his armchair while we were playing games, and ended up fast asleep on his back with all four legs in the air! I took pictures, will post at some point.
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So Jamie and I went on holiday this weekend, to Bournemouth.

Photos of Bournemouth are on photobucket, and also on facebook.


Jul. 25th, 2008 08:18 pm
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Well, short break, anyway.

Due to our new-found liquidity, we have decided to go away for a couple of days over Jamie's birthday (i.e Bank holiday weekend).

So we are driving down to Bournemouth on Friday 22nd August, whereupon we shall relax in the evening to recover from the hectic Bank Holiday Weekend driving. Then on the Saturday we shall drive to the Monkey World centre and see monkeys (inspired by me asking Jamie what he wanted to do for his birthday and him responding "monkey hunting"). Saturday evening will be spent out and about in Bournemouth town centre - a nice restaurant and a couple of pubs perhaps.

Then on the Sunday we will drive to Weymouth and visit the Sea Life Sanctuary there (with my handy two-for-one vouchers) as they have seals there so it will be better than the one in Brighton we went to last year.

Then we drive home, and collapse. But with the Bank Holiday Monday, and two more days off as the Birthday itself is the Tuesday.

For the birthday itself we will most likely go out to dinner at the posh fish restaurant the other side of the Oracle.
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I have no energy to post details right now, so all I will say is I had an awesome birthday weekend, most especially because of Jamie, Caro, Rachael, Ros, Sarah and Paul.

Will fill in the blanks tomorrow! 
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So, I meant to go to the gym last night, I really did. Was all up for it when I was in work, and then somewhere on the walk home I think I dropped my enthusiasm, because once I got home I had just enough inclination to hoover the front room and do some exam practise for Tax, before collapsing in a heap and refusing to do anything else.

Swimming tonight though, I absolutely must go, for my arms are feeling 100% better after the climbing and I need to do exercise!

Yesterday aftermoon kind of slipped a little, instead of my nice healthy afternoon snack of carrot sticks, I instead guzzled down an alarming quantity of shortbread. Ooops.

Today I am back on track though (well, except for the hula-hoops I'm currently shoveling down) for even though I spent part of today's lunch money on coke yesterday, I successfully scrounged £2 off a work colleague and managed to pick up a nice baguette, me crisps and some buy-one-get-one-free Dr Pepper Zero (which is tasty nice and zero calories, yes I know its still bad for me, but one vice at a time, ok?).

Have been having an interesting few days in work, Tuesday we had massive power cut and system was down for ages. Yesterday we had total system failure in the afternoon. Today we had mini system failure this morning, but I've managed to keep myself busy until now. System is back up and running now though, so once I've had lunch I can actually do some work!

Day off tomorrow, which is going to consist of the following:
1. Nip down the canal and take photos of the swan's nest for Ro
2. Drive to Guildford and buy climbing gear - ostensibly we're just going down for shoes for Jamie, but I fancy we'll have a look at harnesses and things as well. we've got £190 to play with, so if Jamie's shoes cost £75 ish that means we should have enough spare to get harnesses from the cheaper end of the range (£50 ish each)
3. Drive to Wales. This is the biggie, as its a 4 hour drive from ours to Mum & Dad's. If we can leave by 12, we'll get there before rush hour starts, which is useful.
4. Spend evening with Mum and Dad. This will involve tasty food, some sort of wine, my beautiful little girl-cats who I don't get to see anywhere near enough of (its their birthday next week as well, they'll be 14).

Saturday is the wedding of excessive-having-to-drive-around-the-place, but it should be a laugh.

Then on Sunday we'll be having lunch with Jamie's Mum and Dad, and probably talking a great deal about the new kitten that they have decided to get. He's a very cute brown tabby, answers to the name... Rosco! After showing them pics of Caro's litter, they have fallen in love with the Maine Coon tots, and are going to be taking home a hillbilly :-) which is awesome.
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So, Jamie and I went to Brighton this weekend. Kind of a delayed anniversary holiday, since we hit 2 years a couple of weeks ago. Brighton may be a step down on last year (Rome) but it was just as much fun, if not more so due to not being six billion degrees.

So, what did we do. Well there are certain things I’m sure no one wants to read about, but the family-friendly stuff is here:



Back in work now, and I can’t be bothered. Photos of Brighton can be found here.


Jun. 28th, 2007 05:28 pm
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After a very useful day in work yesterday, where I got completely immersed in my spreadsheets and almost forgot to have lunch, today seems the complete opposite. I really can't be arsed today. MD is away (his wife is having baby today), immediate boss is too busy organising his new kitchen over the phone with his wife to pay attention, so I have been mostly reading stuff on the internet and writing up stuff for LARP (we've decided to write up an OOC group document for our newbies, as we have quite a few it seems, because we're bored of explaining everything over again - today I wrote up all about our OOC group structure and the group logistics).

Lets see, important events which have occured over the last few days which have had an impact on my life:
1. Rather shocked and saddened to read about Chris Benoit's apparent murdering of his wife and young son, and subsequent suicide.
2. Much more happy to read that the Welsh Assembly appears to have agreed on a coalition, which means no election re-run. Glad to see Plaid getting their hands on a bit of power too.
3. Even more happy to read that the WAG has actually made a decision on the Stradey planning application, and it was YES, which means that my rugby region (the Scarlets) can now move to a brand new sexy stadium in Llanelli which is a) closer and b) easier for me to get to. Yay!
4. Ros came over last night for Doctor Who, and we managed to talk her into seriously considering coming back to CP as part of House Daga! Which is awesome, as we desperately need girlies, and decent ones at that.
5. Benjy is coming down tomorrow evening, in preparation for our group meeting on Saturday. So weekend of LARP waah and partying and board games and cooking breakfast for everyone to follow :-)
6. Floods in Sheffield, which means there was a chance that my brother was floundering around somewhere in a river. However, it appears all he is suffering from is random rolling power cuts, as Sheffied is currently undergoing electricity rationing.
7. I got my holiday for this year! Not as exciting as Rome, but for our 2nd anniversary (which falls on the same weekend as Fayre!) Jamie and I are going to Brighton for the weekend, at the end of July. I've never been to Brighton before, and its been an age since I last saw the sea properly.

well thats me up to date.
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well, I can't be bothered with a huge essay, so I shall post an outline, and if anything sparks an interest I can elaborate for you.

I'm rambling now. So I shall stop, and say goodnight one and all, for it is late (by my standards) and I need to sleep or else my brain may explode tomorrow.

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I have been on the phone to my gran this lunchtime, and she has no problems with the plan as it stands.

so, Caro, expect me on Thursday 15th, wielding booze in exchange for food and a place to stay
oh, and on Sunday 18th, i shall call in on my way home for a couple of hours to break up my journey

rosie and york - expect me on Saturday 17th, wielding food in exchange for booze and a place to stay! have a think about where you'd like us to eat on the saturday evening - I mean to keep my promise of buying you both dinner! feel free to organise any number of people for socialising through the evening as well, I shall leave it in your capable hands :-)

specific times i shall leave till closer to the date (ie in a couple of weeks) before deciding on.

I love it when a plan comes together!
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Holidays are always too short these days. I remember when a six week long summer holiday wasn't enough, so three or four days certainly don't do the job any more!

These few days between Christmas and New Year always feel a bit wasted though. Its kind of like being in limbo - half the businesses are closed for the week, whereas others are still open. Kids aren't in school, but there's nothing good on TV. All the sales have started, so town is heaving, but having just got everything I want for Christmas already, there's nothing I want to buy.

Having the day off yesterday was lovely, but today and tomorrow is back to normal in work, although not everyone is in today.

I appear to have missed out on being told by our FD that its ok to dress down today, as him and Chrissy (who were both in yesterday) are in jeans, whereas me and Amanda (who had yesterday off) are not. Although, the other side of the office aren't, so I guess its a finance thing.

Have already started booking holiday dates for next year, so I can no spend the afternoon hunting round on the net for the best deals for Paris in February.

Have decided that although I am going to CP this year, unless I have a super-duper amazing time, I'm not going back the following year, as I need my holiday days for my exams, plus I'm kinda getting used to the idea of having real holidays, and it really eats into the amount of time I can have away.

And it'd be nice to have time off over Christmas properly.


Jul. 26th, 2006 09:36 pm
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Ok folks, now I've got my internet back, I can inundate you with photos.

I've uploaded my photos of Rome to my Yahoo Photo Album, please go and have a nose, there are some awesome shots of the Vatican, Pantheon and Colosseum to be seen :-)

Haven't uploaded my mini video clip of the Vatican - not sure if I can - will investigate and let you know if I do.
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Right, well its been some time since I last looked at LJ, so I just spent a pleasant half an hour catching up with folks, so before I start rambling on about the last week and a half, I would like to say:

[profile] blackfaery - hope you find your cat soon!
[profile] mouthymetaller - congratulations!!!!!

Right then, lets see. whats happened to me in the last however long its been..

Well, house is a mess. We have phone line again now, but no internet as of yet. I have ordered it this morning though, so give me a couple of weeks and everything will be back to normal. Have huge piles of stuff to sort out, but it shouldnt take too long. I'm being mildly delayed by the fact that a) Tesco claim to have delivered my new shed, even though there is definately no shed, and b) i dont have the legs for my metal shelves, so can't sort out the front room properly, as thats where the telly and all the consoles and board games are going.

Should be able to get the kitchen and bedroom straightened up by the weekend though, which will be nice.

Fayre )

Well then, that kinda leads up to today.

Yesterday was mostly spent sitting around doing very little, as our brains ceased to function. J is back in work today, and I go back tomorrow. After 2 weeks off, its going to be very strange, but I'm looking forward to it now.

Right I'm getting out of here cos this is expensive, and its taken me ages to write this up!


Jan. 9th, 2006 10:42 pm
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I am a very very happy Tinks.

Jamie and I started talking about how nice it would be to go on holiday this year. A proper holiday, to a foreign country. Rather than spending all our holiday days from work on going to LRP events.

So, we got talking some more, and Jamie suggested a Carribean Cruise might be nice.

I had a look on the net, and found one that's fairly cheap. However, the flights are prohibitively expensive at this time, so we have had to settle for a closer to home trip.

So, for our 1 year anniversary in July, Jamie and I are jetting off to Rome for 3 days! We'll be staying in a 15th century palace, right next to the Basilica, St Peter's Square and the Sistine Chapel.

Its a Tuesday - Friday trip, mid-week is cheaper than weekends (we have to be there the whole of the Thursday, as that's our anniversary). The only down side is that the Friday is the start of Fayre. Which means our flight home is nice and early, getting us back to Reading around 1/2pm, giving us plenty of time to drive to Bristol for the event (since its only an hour, hour and a half away).

Works out pretty darn good allround. And in July, Rome will be nice and hot. And we wont need much luggage either.

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Well, what a weekend. Let me update you fully on what’s been going on.


in which Tinks is ill and goes to the doctor )


in which Tinks is scared and goes to the dentist )


in which Tinks and Jamie drive to York and go to the pub on a Friday night )


in which Tinks and Jamie spend a Saturday being touristy and then have a party )


in which Tinks and Jamie have Sunday lunch with Granny )


All in all, I had a really enjoyable weekend. It was great to see York again, and it was equally great to take Jamie there and show him York, as he’d never seen it properly before. He really enjoyed himself too (except for the few times when he got really annoyed at some of my uni acquaintances). I’m all relaxed now, and although my legs are aching like hell, I still really enjoyed it all. My illness wore off very quickly, and my tooth didn’t ache for too long either. The weather held out, it wasn’t too cold, and it was nice and sunny. It didn’t rain. Oh yeah, and we saw Ronnie O’Sullivan.


We’re definitely going to do it again, do different touristy stuff next time. And I think we’ll go on the train, so neither of us has to drive, as we didn’t need the car while we were there. I was pleased with the guest house, it was very comfortable. Bathroom was a bit cold, but it is Yorkshire! It was just round the corner from where I used to live, and on the way back from Katherine’s I took Jamie through campus too, so he’s seen all my old stomping ground now.


I need to go on holiday more often.

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