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A good way to start the morning perhaps?

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In other news, I have proper red hair again, instead of the pink/ginger that my hair had become. Gone back to the Feria colours, as they are better to start with, and last longer. Plum Power, this time, which means Intense Deepest Red, so its a bit darker than the last one. It looks very nice though, so far everyone has said so.
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Anyone else out there back in work today? I'm the only person in from my particular bank of desks, so I'm all alone with noone to talk to! Fortunately for me, I have tons of work to do and music to listen to, so its not going to be awful. Just dull and quiet.

Doesnt really feel like I've been off for any real length of time, or had a real break. I guess the 3 hour drive to Wales doesn't really help with that!

Hopefully my 4 day weekend this week will feel more like a break - we're not doing anything for New Years (as usual) so there's no huge drive, no massive drinking, no lack of sleep to contend with. Just 4 days off with nothing to do except relax and have fun. With added trip to London on Saturday to see the Lion King in the theatre, which I am very excited about!

Did enjoy coming into work with my bright red hair and seeing how people react. Lots of raised eyebrows and similar. Although it does mean I have to go to Boots at lunchtime and buy new shampoo, as all the shampoo/conditioner I have at home is the John Frieda Sheer Blonde stuff! Need some sort of colour-protecting shampoo for this one I think, as red has a tendency to fade quickly.

Crotchspider is still making a nuisance of himself - we've bought some cheap cat food so when we do cave and feed him, he's not eating the [slightly less cheap] food we buy for Fidget. Am thinking we might try and get in touch with his owners again using the collar method - we really ought to have kept their details the last time we did this!

epic fail

Nov. 14th, 2008 10:45 am
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i forgot to put my out of office auto reply thingy on when I left work last night, ooops.

i'm sure it wont really matter though, very few people email me from outside the office anyway (I love not having a customer facing role).

so far today, I have failed utterly in doing anything vaguely useful. well apart from fixing my root-regrowth problem (the one downside to being blonde, is you have to keep redying it constantly to stop yourself looking awful). So I now have a more uniform blondeness again. I has also booked myself in for a hair cut, as its started to get too long and out of control. Not sure how short I am going to go, I may be brave and go shorter than last time, we shall see. that is in 2 weeks time, so its cut and styled all nice the morning of the day we go down to Wales for the weekend, to see Jamie's parents, Bo and Rosco, and the Wales vs Australia international.

I have to be in town to meet Jamie for 12, so I don't have much time this morning left for studying. I have rescued my F5 books from upstairs (where my desk is surrounded by laundry and other rubbish, and is inaccessible), but I need to pop to the shop to get food first otherwise I will starve and die. So its a small amount of work this morning, followed by much more this afternoon. I am just going to look at F5 today, because its the easier one of the two, and I should be able to get through quite a lot of it by the time Jamie comes home from work. Of course, as soon as he comes home, I will be far to busy opening all the Games Workshop stuff (I like it when Christmas comes early!), eating steak and watching the rugby and Children in Need to do anything else!

Tomorrow is the hard part, because I have to study while there are so many more cool things to do, plus Jamie will be here to distract me :-(

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