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So the rearranging of the bedroom furniture went fairly well in the end, we're both pleased with the end result. However, I'm still struggling to get in a full night's sleep, which is very irritating. Saturday night was by far the worst night I've had in a good while, hardly slept a wink, between Jamie's snoring and Fidget's rather irritating "lets go exploring the bedroom in the middle of the night" antics. Last night was better, but I still woke up more times than I'm used to (the one time I get woken up by Fidget wanting a cuddle under the duvet I don't mind so much). We think Jamie may be subconsciously afraid of the lack of wall to his right, as when I woke up this morning I was on my side facing out of the bed, but very close to the edge. Jamie was on his side, facing away from me, but with his back right up against mine with miles of space on the other side.

So tonight we are going to see if we should sleep the other way around. Which may be a blessing in more than one way, as Fidget tends to wake up the person on the left of the bed for cuddles in the night, so sleeping on the other side I would avoid that as well.

Other than furniture moving, cleaning and general sneeziness from the dust, the weekend consisted of indulgent food (fry-ups, biscuits, ice-cream and home-made fish and chips among the offerings), lots of Guinness (well, for Jamie, anyway), much rugby, some painting of miniatures (I did my night goblin fanatics, Jamie started his handgunners) and the watching of Sweeney Todd.

Among the failed acheivements was me not dying my hair, us not making it as far as the gym all weekend and us not having done any laundry or tidying up downstairs. But considering what we did get done, this isn't really all that bad.

This week is mostly all about getting back into the habit of doing things. Going to the gym. Not eating too much crap. Tidying up some more. Boss is on holiday so work should be quiet, which is handy given how tired I am. Highlights of the week are going to include the first episode of Battlestar Galactica new series (or second half of last series, if you want to look at it like that), and the rugby at the weekend. Also, Jamie had a surprise phone call from one of his oldest friends the other day, so on Sunday we are going to go and see him and his fiance as well, which will be interesting.

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What happened to my afternoon off? I came home, chilled out for a bit, went to the gym, came back, started undercoating miniatures in the bathroom and watched the first episode of Lark Rise to Candleford (somehow I failed to realise there was a series 2, when I accidentally discovered it at the weekend and it was already three episodes in - God bless the BBC iPlayer!), and now its 5pm already.

There were so many things I was going to do this afternoon! Oh well, at least I've made a start on the mammoth task that is undercoating a Games Workshop army. Ought to put some washing on as well, I suppose. Don't think I'll be attempting the washing up though, I'll leave that one for Jamie to tackle when he comes home.
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I am very proud of myself today. As well as having done lots of revision, I have also started assembling my Orcs and Goblins army. I started with the Giant, because it would be fun. That was pretty entertaining, because its incredibly customisable and there are so many parts! I had to be careful not to go too crazy, because I was tempted to use so many of the bits. I had to keep reminding myself that I had to paint the damn thing at some point, so I managed not to go over the top.

I have also successfully assembled my goblin archers regiment.

Next to come will be one of my chariot units I think, I've kind of run out of enthusiasm today for huge units of men with teeny tiny arms.

Fidget has managed to demonstrate unprecedented levels of laziness today. He's been outside for a grand total of about 45 minutes, spread over three different outings. The rest of the time he's been fast asleep, upsidedown on his armchair, in various stages of cute. So ridiculously lazy! although, with his latest getting up and moving exercise, he's managed to knock over my goblin regiment with his tail. Twice. very irritating!

Jamie has also been busy assembling. He's done his Empire cannon crew, his Knightly Order (which took forever!) and now he's working on his handgunners. There is, on the handgunner sprue, a monkey. A monkey wearing a pirate hat (complete with big feather). Its carrying a barrell (presumably of blackpowder) and has a lit match in its tail. It is supposed to sit on the base of the champion. Its kind of insane. There are 2 in the set, so Jamie is thinking of putting them with the war machine crews. Very silly!

I will be taking pictures of this army as I paint them, sort of before, during and after shots. Mostly for my own sake, but I will probably put them on the website anyway. If anybody cares.


Nov. 14th, 2008 06:49 pm
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Jamie came home and so we have started opening the boxes! its awesome, its like Christmas :-)

is it too early to put up the Christmas tree?
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ok, I want to open boxes now. I did study, I was good! but now I am unable to concentrate, and want to play with my new toys!
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we went, we geeked, we spent, we now have millions of Warhammer miniatures :-)

they had almost everything we wanted. all we are missing is a goblin spear chukka, the tomb king guard, a tomb scorpion and the tomb king icon bearers. So thats pretty good going.

Now i have to resist the temptation to open anything and have a play with stuff, because I have to study instead. Jamie will be cross with me if anything is open, and since its all vaccuum sealed in the boxes he's going to know if I do have a look at anything. So i'm just going to pile it all up in here and not look at it. variance analysis is far more fun, anyway.

See my geekery!

epic fail

Nov. 14th, 2008 10:45 am
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i forgot to put my out of office auto reply thingy on when I left work last night, ooops.

i'm sure it wont really matter though, very few people email me from outside the office anyway (I love not having a customer facing role).

so far today, I have failed utterly in doing anything vaguely useful. well apart from fixing my root-regrowth problem (the one downside to being blonde, is you have to keep redying it constantly to stop yourself looking awful). So I now have a more uniform blondeness again. I has also booked myself in for a hair cut, as its started to get too long and out of control. Not sure how short I am going to go, I may be brave and go shorter than last time, we shall see. that is in 2 weeks time, so its cut and styled all nice the morning of the day we go down to Wales for the weekend, to see Jamie's parents, Bo and Rosco, and the Wales vs Australia international.

I have to be in town to meet Jamie for 12, so I don't have much time this morning left for studying. I have rescued my F5 books from upstairs (where my desk is surrounded by laundry and other rubbish, and is inaccessible), but I need to pop to the shop to get food first otherwise I will starve and die. So its a small amount of work this morning, followed by much more this afternoon. I am just going to look at F5 today, because its the easier one of the two, and I should be able to get through quite a lot of it by the time Jamie comes home from work. Of course, as soon as he comes home, I will be far to busy opening all the Games Workshop stuff (I like it when Christmas comes early!), eating steak and watching the rugby and Children in Need to do anything else!

Tomorrow is the hard part, because I have to study while there are so many more cool things to do, plus Jamie will be here to distract me :-(
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Saw Quantum of Solace today. Enjoyed it lots. Also enjoyed not having to pay for it, as I realised this morning I could use my Nectar points to buy tickets at the Vue (1000 points per ticket).

Car was in the carpark you have to pay for. One of those get the ticket on the way in, pay for it at the machine before you leave jobs. We went to the supermarket in town after the film ended, to get dinner and cat food for Mr Fidget. As we were walking back to the car, I saw the time was about ten past 3. I didn't know the exact time we got into town, but I knew it was sort of between ten past and twenty past 12. So we hurry back, hoping to get in before the hour flicks over and we have to pay more. Get to the machine which is nearest the car. There's a foreign woman there, being slow. Checked the time on the ticket - 12.15. Checked the time on the machine. 15.13. Shit, thinks I, i'm not going to make it. So I run down the car park to the other stairwell. There's a man there too! Paying with really small coins so taking ages. I'm bouncing up and down behind him, willing him to speed up. He finally finishes, and the machine spits out his ticket. Within seconds I had mine in the machine. It charged me for 3 hours. I had about 20 seconds to spare!

I am now officially allowed to drive Jamie's Ka. I drove it to the indian restaurant last night when we went to pick up our takeaway. Its very weird, and all kinds of different to my car (which we drove today). Mine feels really heavy and slow and clunky compared to his. But I do love it so.

I have also been doing lots of work on updating I've re-arranged it a little bit, and have been busy uploading photos I've taken of the Games Workshop miniatures we've been painting. I've started on the bloodbowl teams, as thats what we've got the most of, although there are a few Chaos Space Marines which Jamie found for me to photograph. I have to say, I'm really pleased with the close-up function of my camera - its awesome.  Go check it out!


Nov. 1st, 2008 10:49 am
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Jamie is paying the price for his outing last night - the mix of Champagne, wine and beer (in that order) has given him a horrendous hangover. He got up way before me, but has now gone back to bed to try and sleep the worst of it off. Its very funny. He's not really been drinking at all for about two months or so, at most he's had maybe two bottles of Magners over an afternoon of rugby. So to go out and drink loads of booze (especially that mix of booze) has really affected him. He says he drank less than he would have done previously, but he feels worse!

So once again I am on my own. Painting more goblins. I finished the one regiment last night, I've started on the second one this morning.

Fidget isn't being quite so lazy today, after spending the night under the covers (first half of the night curled up in my arms, second half curled up with Jamie) He got up early (waking me up by standing on my hair in the process) and has even been outside already! When I got up he came barrelling up the path, and as soon as I sat down he was there, curled up and asleep in seconds. Now he's stolen my chair and is all curled up quite happily.

Plans for the day inclue:

painting goblins
Sainsbury's delivery
watching rugby

and very little else. possibly I might make some fairy cakes (in fact, I might do that this morning, while Jamie is asleep, and surprise him with them when he wakes up. That might be nice. But first, I must go to the shop and see if they sell crumpets, for I have a craving for crumpets for breakfast. and I can get some chocolate milk for Jamie too, as that will also cheer him up (plus its his money I'll be spending, as I have no cash!)
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I am impressed. I've made it to 8.30pm and not one trick-or-treater. This is down to one of three reasons:

a) no-one is actually doing the rounds here
b) they all remembered how rude I was to them last year and the year before so we've developed a reputation as the grumpy house noone bothers with, or
c) they are knocking, but cos I've turned the telly up so loud I can't hear them (despite being sat pretty close to the front door)

I disagree with trick-or-treating. Its no better than begging, and I disagree with that too.

Although this time of year always brings to mind a funny memory of my Dad and me, playing a joke on my Mum. See he was over the rugby club, and Mum was preparing dinner at home. She told me to go over the road and fetch me Dad home, cos he was late. It was Halloween, and it was raining. I walked over to the club, got my Dad, and we walked back home. Just as we were approaching the house Dad, who was a little worse for wear on account of all the Guinness, suggested that instead of going up the side path and in the back door like normal, we would crouch down and sneak around to the front gate (having to hide under a huge golfing umbrella!) and pretend to be trick-or-treaters. I remember it being very silly, and Mum not being very impressed!

Jamie is out this evening, its the first month in ages when they've made loads of placements - his team was the most profitable this month in the entire company (nationally). So the three of them have gone out for drinks and a meal (Champagne in the Sahara Bar, followed by a Thai restaurant, probably followed by more drinks in a bar) although Jamie promises he wont be out too late.

Which means I've been at home all alone all day, and all evening too! Am possibly going a little mad.

However, I have done much. I did all the laundry (although the last wash is still sitting in the machine, waiting to be taken upstairs and hung up to dry). I did Study, and I also went to Hobbycraft and Homebase and picked up the necessary bits and bobs to make a curtain for the stairs, and to fix Jamie's necklace. I am now relaxing in front of the telly, with Cardiff Blues vs Bath in the Anglo-Welsh Cup final pool round. Blues win or draw, they're in the semis. If they lose, there's all kinds of mathematical possibilities as to who would go through. Its a similar situation for my boys tomorrow (up in Northampton) and for the Ospreys on Sunday (here in Reading, what we have tickets for and everything). Game is quite enjoyable and exciting at the moment. I have a very happy Mr Fidget curled up on my lap, fast asleep with all kinds of upside-down face and big stretched out paws. It is making it awkward though, as I am painting miniatures and I thought I had all the paints I needed on my table, but I've just realised I need the bronze paints, and they're over there on Jamie's painting table, and he's not here to pass them to me!

Also, I'm getting very hot but am unable to take off my cardigan, as Mr Fidget is sleeping on it.
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And for the first time in 7 or 8 years, I'm not at Renewal. This is only now starting to feel weird. Every now and again, we look at the clock and say "if we were there, we'd be doing this right now..." and for some reason I'm not desperately wishing I was!

Yesterday was what bank holidays should be about. Lazy morning, trip to Asda to buy food and booze (we may have overspent this week - three bottles of wine and a huge bottle of vodka we werent expecting to buy... ooops), spent most of the day playing Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms (the Americas campaign, as New Spain), then spent the evening playing Champions of Norath on Andy's PS2 (Thanks to Ros for the heads up on this game - we found it in Bournemouth in a Gamestation while looking desperately for Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2).

We didnt go to bed till 3am, we were enjoying the looting so much!

Today is Jamie's birthday, so far all we have done is play with his birthday present (a Creative Zen Stone mp3 player) and search fruitlessly for an NHS dentist who actually answers the phone. See last night I was eating some giant chocolate buttons what I had put in the freezer, and I managed to break off the side of one of my teeth. Luckily (!) it was one that was already filled, so instead of exposing nerves its just exposed filling. I called my dentist this morning, and the woman was very rude at me and talked over me and didnt really listen to me, and wouldnt give me anything sooner than the 10th September. So I've been looking on the internets for any other NHS dentists in the area and trying to call them, but noone is answering. Lines are all busy. And there's only about three practises actually registering NHS adults, and I can't afford to go private. So I guess its going to have to wait 2 weeks, which is really irritating. It doesnt hurt, but I can't stop playing with it, cos it feels all weird. I wonder how he will fix it?

Plan for the day is mostly relaxing. Will almost definately involve more computer games, and also hopefully the dyeing of my hair. We have chicken for lunch (thighs and drumsticks - we had them roasted last night with lemon and [homegrown] tarragon, today we'll have them with the 'seasoning for chicken' because we're lazy) and we're having aubergines for dinner, provided we can go out and find some as Asda didnt have any yesterday. The starter I had in the restaurant on Saturday was aubergines in a tomato sauce with mozarella on top, and we have a recipe for it from the James Martin Collection, so we're going to try it out. So we'll need to go on an aubergine hunt later on as well.

Fidget's been excessively soppy since we got back, is following us around like a lost puppy, constantly leaping up for cuddles and not leaving us alone. its very cute. last night he fell asleep on his armchair while we were playing games, and ended up fast asleep on his back with all four legs in the air! I took pictures, will post at some point.


Jun. 14th, 2008 04:46 pm
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I finished my Dwarveses! And we've assembled the Bull Centaurs and I've filled in the gaps in them with the green stuff, am just waiting for it to cure so I can file them back and undercoat them.

Probably wont paint them till tomorrow, though. Am considering getting the hobgoblins done this evening, and then all I'll have to do tomorrow is to paint the bull centaurs and base everything, and my team will be finished a full two weeks before I actually need them :-)

There's also been lots of rugby today, but no results have gone our way yet!

Wales U20s v France U20s is up next!



Jun. 9th, 2007 09:57 pm
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Its not often I will join in with the mass of squee that infests my friends list every Saturday evening, however tonights episode definately warrant it.

very creepy indeed, and very clever too. awesome
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Jamie and I have a new monitor for Jamie's computer. Its amazing. one of them flat screen things, 19". Its huge! But takes up so less space than the old one.

me like a lot.

Although its very poo cos Jamie's all ill, and I'm exhausted, so we can't take full pleasure in geeking with it and Rome Total War.


Today is also the 11th anniversary of my kitten Daisy being run over and killed. I hadn't really thought about it much lately, but I was sat in work and as I typed in the date for the umpteenth time, all of a sudden my brain started reciting the poem I'd written for her all those years ago, and it all came flooding back. I nearly cried, but had to stop myself cos I was sat in the office and didn't want to look like an idiot.

Strange how things get - not forgotten, more like pushed aside - in our minds, and then something will just bring every memory rushing back. I could see her standing on my desk, in one instant both the fragile little kitten and the strong, adventurous cat she was growing into. I miss her.
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I appear to have come down with a serious outbreak of geekage. This is totally Jamie's brother's fault, for if Stuart had not bought Jamie "Rome Total War" for Christmas (albeit a rather late present, since we only picked it up on sunday last), I would not have become totally horribly and irrevocably addicted to it.

In other news, my whole going to the gym thing is working out really well. I went on my own for the first time on Tuesday, and wasnt scared (although it was full of pimply, stringy, weasely looking chav teenage boys all showing off on the weights). I can definately feel a difference from a fitness point of view, I have more energy and stuff and its all cool. I may even have lost some of my wobbly fat bits too, for although my weight is not changing, I am changing shape. Which means the fat is going and the muscles are getting better. So its all good.

Work has been very odd of late, we've finally been allowed to do all the stuff we've been trained to do, which is good. Sophie (one of the girls who started the same time as me) handed in her notice at the start of the week, because she's been struggling with having to deal with the crap job, not having anywhere to live, and her boyfriend-of-six-years's mother slowly dying from motor neurone disease. Anyway, the mother-in-law-to-be died earlier on this week, and my boss has managed to convince Sophie to stay, by being really nice to her and giving her loads of time off and stuff. Which is cool. Speaking of which, if anyone is feeling in a particularly generous mood, pop to and have a read, Sophie's partner Ian is running the Reading Half Marathon in April, and he's raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Foundation, who have been helping out loads with his mum over the last few years. Please, if you are able, donate something, even if its just a couple of quid. One of the last conversations his mum ever had was with Ian about how well his fundraising efforts were going.. Over the last few months I've been sharing in a lot of Sophie's anxiety and stress over the whole situation, and I was genuinly upset to hear that she had passed away. So please go and read what Ian has to say.

I have new cd's, classical stuff, Jewish cello music and Faure's Requiem. I got the Jewish cello stuff cos the first track is Kol Nidrei, the sonata that Jamie played on his double bass for his MA. A fabulous piece of music, I just wanted to know what the original sounded like. I have to say I prefer Jamie's version for the bass, but then its always going to have a special place in my heart. And the cello version is good.

I got stuck in hideous traffic on the way home, some accident on the M4 involving an arctic lorry, a van and two cars. GOING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. so all the closed lanes etc was on the other side of teh carrieageway. But I still got stuck in a crawl cos of everyone slowing down to look. Although, when I got there, I could see why. all the vehicles were in the ditch, the cars were all smashed up and the arctic lorry was on its side. bit of a nasty one. the queues were going all the way back to the M25. I feel sorry for all the commuters who have had to sit and wait in it on their drive back home for the weekend.

I'm off to go be useful now I think, I've rambled on for far too long. Then more Rome Total War, when Jamie gets home from work :-)

It occurs to me that I havent actually properly spoken to any of you in a long time. I'm crap at keeping in touch with my friends. I really am. i know it may seem like I have been ignoring you all, but I really havent. i'm just rubbish.

i love you all!

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