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So, I have a sparkling clean fridge, and its full of tasty food now the Sainsburys man has been. It amazed me actually, how quickly the thing cooled down again once we'd plugged it in. It was a lot of hard work though. Jamie spent ages bent over the bath cleaning all the drawers, shelves and so on with the shower hose, while I scrubbed and scrubbed to get the main bits clean. The front of the fridge was covered in grease (probably from the time Jamie exploded hot oil all over the kitchen), and the inside was just horrible. However, its all done now.

Here is a glimpse of the horror I had to deal with today - this is where the fridge came out of:
see the horror... )
Have powered our way through most of the work now, stopping only for lunch (which was a lazy takeaway from Mr Cod round the corner, was very weird, felt like we were in the middle of moving in and having to eat takeaways because of a lack of cooking facilities). We've just removed the useful things from the shed that we needed (the 12 dinner plates bought for LARP, spare cutlery and the blankets which are supposed to be covering the armchairs in the living room), and now we have to tackle getting the crockery into place inside the sideboard. Then all thats left is the food cupboards above the work surface (a quick empty them out, clean them, fill them back up again job) and the cupboard under the sink, which is full of cleaning stuff. Then the last jobs are the oven/hob, and around the washing machine, which looks similar to where the fridge was, except we can't pull the machine out. And then mop the floor. And then its done.

Also, having been out in my very autumnal looking garden (the huge sycamore is dropping all its leaves at the moment), I spotted the gorgeous blue and purple berries on the climbing plant over our fence are out, so I took some pictures. Thought you might like to see them!
picture here )
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So last week, 

[personal profile] rhube started talking about cute fuzzy baby things that existed in her general vicinity (more specifically, ducklings and cygnets). Having expressed interest in seeing our swan's nest, I endeavoured to photograph it for her (and anyone else who cares).

I forgot to do it on Friday morning. I failed miserably to do it yesterday, so this morning I put my camera in my bag (complete with fully charged batteries) and made sure to take photos on the way to and from work.

Unfortunately, this meant I got completely and utterly soaked, as it decided to rain both on the way in and on the way home (worse on the way home).

Still, I persevered, and took some photos.



I also saw my old manager when I was walking home (you know, the one who got fired for writing rude things about us and the company on his livejournal). I smiled and said hello, and he pointedly ignored me. Ah well.

None of my seeds are sprouting yet. I know I should wait more than a day but i'm impatient dammit!

Also, today I bought bird feeding devices and have hung them up on the washing line. Should be able to watch them from the sofa, and when the weather is better, from the bench in the garden.

I have a plan(tm) for the front garden - I'm going to wait till the weather gets nicer, clear it out (will need skip) and turn it into a herb garden with lots of pots of herbs in it. It gets more sun than the back, and has more space for pots and things. Plus it will be nice to look out onto when the front room becomes our living room.

I suppose I ought to do useful things. I can't be bothered though, thats the problem.

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On a more cheerful note, the rest of the weekend was lovely!

Beautiful hot sunshine (well apart from when you're on a train crowded with fat sweaty rugby fans) which was fabulous. managed to get some exposure to sunlight without burning, thanks to my new transparent spray on sun protection. I can do my own back! How cool is that.

Saturday was mostly spent on the rugby. left house at around 11am, wandered into town to pick up some bits and pieces (including a new bra, because I didn't have a strapless one and my new red vest what I bought to wear to the game didn't look right without a bra under it). Had time to kill before the train, so we went to the Walkabout and had lunch. I was very brave, and had the chicken noodle stir fry thing. And it was very nice. then we chilled out outside in the sun (I actually did some sunbathing!) before getting on the train. Then there was rugby, then there was drinks in a pub in Twickenham, wandering round Twickenham trying to decide if we wanted to stay there and eat or just come home, before getting back on a train and coming home. We had Mr Cod for dinner in the end. The Thames was still over its banks in Twickenham, not by much, but an appreciable amount.

Sunday was a day of being useful. First off, we tidied up the garden, putting LRP kit away and such like. The Marquee roof had been out on the bathroom roof all weekend drying out, so we brought that in too. Then I pulled up lots of weeds, and we moved all the rubbish from the back to the front (old furniture etc). We put the bench in a decent place, which meant we could put the table out properly. Now I have a real garden.

There is a definite need for some sort of feature at the bottom of the path though, as there's this path which goes down the border to the holly, but it kind of ends in a composting heap, and doesnt really go anywhere or serve any purpose except to look rubbish. we've currently got a huge green barrell there (the one we used to store arrows in) but it looks ugly. Some sort of statue, perhaps, or a water feature maybe.

All that remains regarding LRP kit sorting from Fayre is to fold up the marquee and get it back in the shed, and to wash the dishes and hand wash some mud off some kit.

Should get it finished in time to start worrying about Renewal!

Work has been kind of crap so far this week, the girl that replaced me in my old role of invoicing has been signed off sick, which means I'm having to do my old job again this week, which sucks loads, cos I hate doing it. unfortunately, there's only me and Shelley who can do it and she's too busy. So its all a bit stressy and rubbish. But I will get through it.


Jun. 10th, 2007 03:44 pm
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earth all moved. rubbish cleaned up. garden all pretty.

front garden looks rubbish though, and smells of cat poo.

i also look rubbish, for i am all bruises and muddy smudges and blisters. and sweat. lots of that too. its stupidly hot and sunny, and i have been toiling for some time.

need a shower methinks, then I must do the washing up, otherwise jamie will shout at me when he gets back.
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I now own a wheelbarrow. its green, and rather cheap and nasty I have to say. B&Q value wheelbarrow - you have to construct it yourself!

its working well enough though, the only problem is my house is a ridiculous shape/design. this means I have to wheel my barrow (full of dirt) from the garden, down a narrow alley, round a 90 degree turn through the back door (up a large step) then an immediate 90 degree left turn through the kitchen/living room door (up an even larger step), then through the living room around all the furniture, down the hall (again, very narrow), and going through the front door involves going up over a step and then down two steps. And if that wasn't bad enough, the front garden design is so rubbish I have to go up another small step before I can unload.

I've done seven trips so far (I think) but its very very hot and very hard work. But the pile of earth is now starting to look smaller, which is good.

I measured it before I started, and just ran the numbers through a calculator - there was nearly 19 cubic feet of soil piled up in the garden!

Hopefully it wont take me much longer to move the rest, and then I can focus on sweeping up the rest of the mess and having a general tidy up. Then I'll be able to sit out in my garden and actually enjoy it (at least I would, if I had anything to sit on - all the garden furniture is at the LRP event!)
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Ok, I rock. its official. What was a hole in the ground is now a plant and bark chip filled beauty. Of course, it will look much nicer when all the plants are flowering and my lobelias have grown and spread.

but, if anyone cares, please check out my before and after shots at

*is all pleased*
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I feel very grown up. Having finished digging my big long hole in the garden, I have today gone to Homebase and purchased many bags of multi-purpose compost, and a variety of easy-to-care-for bedding plants.

I now intend to spend some time out in my garden (cheerfully ignoring the weed and cat-wee filled mountain of earth on my patio), filling in, watering, covering to prevent weeds and then planting up my lovely new empty border.

I want to go for the wow factor when Jamie comes home tomorrow evening, to a garden hopefully devoid of earth and weeds and full of lovely pretty flowers.

This of course relies on me getting the planting done today, and finding a wheelbarrow that fits through my house tomorrow morning (another trip to homebase, but if I'm only getting a wheelbarrow I can walk).

I don't have any really exciting plants, lots of pansies and petunias and lobelias (because they spread quickly), and fuschias. I love fuschias. I have six very small ones, and one bigger one that is already in flower (for impact). There are also two asters, one pink and one purple. Hopefully all the flowers will be pink, purple, blue and yellow and it will look lovely.

Don't really need to worry about height, because next door have an enormous honeysuckle, which is growing all down our side of the fence too. I might start training that to grow along the fence rather than down though.

so yay, I feel all grown up for gardening and buying plants and things. Like a real person.


Sep. 17th, 2006 08:34 pm
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Yay! The shed is finally up! And in the right place! I have my garden back!

This weekend has been a weekend of productivity. Yesterday we changed Jamie's flat tyre, and filled the car up. This involved jump starting the car from my car twice, as it turned out the battery is also dead (his car has been sat not doing anything for about a month). 

Today, we bought lots of food, washed Jamie's car, cleaned the oil out of my boot (my spare tyre, jack, boot carpet and the entire inside of the spare tyre compartment have been soaking in engine oil since my bottle of Castrol emptied itself into the boot, after that idiot motorcyclist rammed the back of my car), checked my exhaust to find out why its rattling, re-levelled out the corner of the garden where the shed goes, hacked the holly back some more (after we discovered with our first attempt at moving the shed into place that we hadn't hacked it back enough), got the shed in position, made sure it wasnt wobbly, and made a floor for the shed out of Homebase's budget decking tiles. Jamie merrily filled all the gaps in the floor with expandable builders foam, as I used the last of the decking to make a step. Garden now looks awesome, the turkish (possibly) family next door with the irritating-as-hell daughters, and the chavs next door to them are now completely blocked from view (yay), there's still a gap big enough for the cat to get over the fence, and I can now get on with sorting out the rest of the garden.

I found in Homebase this morning a big 5 kilo bag of yellow daffodil bulbs for 6.99, once I have dug out the borders I shall buy them and plant them, so when the spring comes it will be a riot of Welsh-ness in the garden, and it will look pretty for relatively little cost/effort (after all, we'll be moving out in July).

We even managed to dig a hole in all the LRP kit and washing in the front room so I can get to my piano, and we put up the coat hook we've been meaning to sort out for weeks. I'm still in a sorting out stuff kind of mood, but Jamie's knackered and doesnt want to do any more. which is annoying as it means I can't tidy the living room, as both him and Andy are couch-potatoed in front of the telly watching Sahara. Maybe I'll tidy in here or upstairs instead...

We were going to have a lovely ginger and garlic turkey stir fry for tea, but Jamie can't be bothered, so he's ordered a curry from the awesome curry house down the road. Mmmmm curry.
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So much that I haven’t posted about! Its just occurred to me that I never said anything about Renewal when I got back from the event, so distracted was I by the handing in of my notice etc. Not to mention all the stuff from this weekend.


Renewal )


Now then, on to more recent events.



Saturday )


Sunday )


Got into work today to discover one of my work mates has won over £14 grand in a London Casino at the weekend, so she treated us all to lunch today in the pub. Which was nice, although the alcohol is making me sleepy now!

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as it says, sundays are for gardening, and other weekend type activities. so this afternoon was spent hacking at the death trap in the corner of our garden. There was a huge patch of stinging nettles and bind weed. now there is just bare gravel and a few shoots we missed. we also downsized the holly bush somewhat.

this is all in an effort to create room for our new shed. Jamie has to level the ground out one evening this week, and then we're good to go with putting the shed up (apparently it takes 2 people 10 hours!!) on Saturday.

In the course of our gardening, we discovered the extent to which the fence between us and next door is full of holes, we found a large toad, I found an enormous harvestman spider thing, and we found 2 snails mating, which was very unusual.

photos of the snail porn to follow when i have uploaded them!

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