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Back from our flying visit to Wales. I am currently cold, and a little bit hungry, and tired and I have a headache. So thats not great. But I've had a lovely few days.

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Oh dear

Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:18 pm
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Jamie fell off his bike on the way home. He bashed his right wrist, and grazed his left knee pretty nastily, and his left thigh as well. His left shoulder is also very sore. I don't think he's broken anything, although he may have cracked the bone in his wrist, we're going to see what its like in the morning, because we can't really face an evening up in casualty tonight!

He is being very pathetic about it. I put germoline on his grazes, and a big plaster on the graze on his knee, and cooked him a tasty tasty meal of mushroom, garlic and honey lamb steaks and jacket potatoes with loads of butter. Then we watched the Baa-baas playing Australia, because Shane Williams was playing for the Baa-baas.

We have also ordered our Christmas presents from Jamie's parents to us (they wired us the money today) - Jamie is getting the new season Osprey's replica shirt (he gets one every year), and I am getting a pink waterproof mp3 player.

Fidget continues to be ridiculously cute - I cannot sit down in this armchair of an evening without having him permanently attached to my legs in a variety of upside-down poses. And when we go to bed he spends the whole night alternately curled up and stretched out along my side/back. Its cute enough I suppose, but every now and again it gets very irritating!
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So a brief post about my weekend so far... Friday drive to Jamie's parents was marred only by the closing of the M4 just as we were going through Port Talbot, so Jamie took us on a detour through Swansea (during rush hour) and across the Gower through the marshes to get to the house. Then there was tasty chicken curry, lots of awesomely cute puss cat (Rosco and Bo are huge! and gorgeous! and so sweet!), a nail biting finish to the Scarlets game, a nice quiet drink in the pub and bed. Then there was being woken up by Rosco's demands for cuddles and love, driving into Cardiff, having a look around the area we're thinking of moving to (very nice, actually, even managed to find the right street without any kind of map), finding an awesome place to park right next to town, pottering around town (in the very freezing cold), getting a red dragon painted on my face, buying a new memory card for my camera (as I'd forgotten mine!), buying a proper women's fitted replica rugby shirt from the WRU shop outside the stadium, hot pasties eaten outside Cardiff Market, and the most awesome game of rugby viewed from the awesome seats of awesome that my Dad got me (12 rows from the front, five seats away from the tunnel). Then there was a painless drive home, a Mr Cod takeaway dinner and lots of Fidget cuddles!

Now we are re-watching the game, as there are a couple of incidents we want to have a look at again, and to see what all the pundits say. Because WE WON THE GAME!!!! 21 - 18. The only northern hemisphere team to beat a southern hemisphere team this Autumn Test Series. It was brilliant. Real edge-of-the-seat stuff. Atmosphere in the stadium was brilliant, I'm so glad I was there!!!

So in short, the weekend is going really well so far. Also, it feels like Sunday night, so I will be very happy when I get up tomorrow and I don't have to go to work!

I did take photos this weekend, I will get them onto my computer tonight (need to go find the cables for my phone and camera) and do another post later on. You will definately want to see the Bo and Rosco ones, as they are lovely.
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So this weekend we went to Wales to visit Jamie's parents, see Bo and Rosco for the first time since they left Caro's, and to swap the Metro for the new Ford Ka.

Was lovely to see D&T, they were in fine form as always. Across the two days, they managed to call Jamie by the names of all three of their sons (!) and at one point, when telling me about something (Jamie not even in the room), D refered to T as "your mother" instead of "Tydfil", which made me smile.

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Right I'd best go do some work!
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So today is important for two reasons.

Reason number one - its our anniversary! 3 years together! I can't believe its been that long already, it really doesnt feel like it! No big plans, other than nice breakfast (once the Sainsbury's man arrives!) and lots of chilling out and stuff. Mainly because I am mostly busy this afternoon with:

Reason number two - Race for Life 2008 is today!!!!! 

So I'm very much looking forward to that. Weather is looking good, I'm just sorting out my stuff now. Have a picture of me and granny and I'm just working out what to write next to it to go on my back.

We've reached £675, but thats still short of our target of £800. Please please please, if you haven't already sponsored us, go to and donate something, anything, to help us to our target! it doesnt matter whether its £2 or £20! whatever you can donate is extremely appreciated! 
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So, first Jamie's cat dies. Then he gets told his car is unrepairable and should be scrapped. 

What could be worse? What else could possibly happen to make things any worse than they already are?

Try being run over by a black taxi (who doesnt stop).

Seriously, he's been the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Not a serious one, thank god, but still. The cab bumped the rear wheel of his bike, and he fell off it onto the pavement. Fortunately, years of martial arts training mean he knows how to fall, so has only suffered a slight injury to his shoulder. The cab didnt stop. Jamie didnt manage to get the registration number or anything though, so there's not much we can do about it. Bike looks ok, we'll have to have a proper look at it in the morning.

So yeah, this week kinda sucks.

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