Dec. 1st, 2005 06:13 pm
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well i went back to the dentist today.

He x-rayed my teeth, discovered millions of cavities, and gave me 2 fillings.

he's referred me to hospital for the removal of my wisdom tooth, and i have to go back at least 3 or 4 times to get the rest of my teeth filled. the smaller ones he is going to leave, and when i get my checkup in 6 months he will check them again, and see if they've got bigger.

i'm under strict instructions to brush my teeth properly at least twice a day, floss my teeth properly and use mouthwash. i am also trying to reduce the amount of sugary snacks i eat.

regarding smoking, i am now on 5 days of course, and am finding myself completely lacking in cravings. there is a cigarette sitting on the desk in front of me, and i am 100% not tempted to even pick it up. how cool is that.
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well Jamie's failed his first hurdle.

the withdrawal symptoms were too much. he was getting increasingly angry and irate, snapping at anyone for anything, and was becoming afraid of losing control and lashing out. so he has decided to go for a different method. he is smoking this evening - it was remarkable to see the effect it had, instant calming, he was like a totally different person. although we have banned him from smoking inside the house - he is forced out into the icy cold garden, all by himself.

tomorrow, while we are in town taking me to the Dentist (*shudder*) he is going to go to Boots and get some form of Nicotine replacement - most likely gum, as he has tried patches before to no effect.

what is good though, is that mentally, he is determined to beat this. he wants to quit. which was one of the main hurdles we had to face here. I am a little disappointed that he couldnt do it this time, but i am glad he is determined and stuff.
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Ok well I tried to update yesterday but it crashed and wouldnt update, so here goes again

Computers! We have new computers! Jamie's is working perfectly, mine however is not. Jamie and Andy are at this minute driving to RL Supplies in Watford, to get the motherboard replaced as it is faulty.

When it is working however, it will be beautiful!

In other news, Jamie and I have given up smoking. Today is DAY 4. I am coping admirably, no cravings or anything. I am however getting snappy, and have a tendency to want to cry more than is usual. Jamie is coping badly. He has massive cravings, especially first thing in the morning, he's extremely irritable and isnt feeling particularly well. He is starting to improve, however, and being off work means he can do things like clean the kitchen, and play Half Life 2 (on his shiny new machine) to keep his mind off it.

So all in all, its not going too badly
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ok so experiments from the beginning of the week show, that I cannot quit smoking while Jamie continues.

Which sucks cos i really really want to quit

so Jamie and I are going to quit together, I'm going to make him do it.

we're going to sit down and come up with some sort of plan today.

went out to the TUC last night with Jamie, Andy and Chris (plays Drak in the Evil Sunz). I got a little bit drunk, Andy was completely wasted, Jamie stayed sober cos he wasnt feeling well.

it was fun.

however I feel like crap now.


Oct. 31st, 2005 01:53 pm
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Jamie's going home from work early. its not fair. bloody computer system crash

which also meant he hasnt been emailing me in work like normal, whch means this morning has gone by very slowly. hopefully he wont stay too long in the office doing paperwork before he goes home, cos then he'll be able to email me from home and make my afternoon go quicker.

still, only 3 hours to go. and it does mean he'll be home when I get home, which means we get more of an evening together. which is always nice. not sure what we're going to do though.

as far as fags are concerned - i have not had one today (so far) but I have also not been craving them. which is good


Oct. 31st, 2005 08:34 am
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well i didnt have any yesterday. i nearly cracked at about 11pm, but rolling one was enough to sort me out, and i didnt smoke it.

we played Grave Robbers II: Skippy's Revenge, and Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island

although i lost the rules for KFS, so we didnt know what the special attacks did, but it was still much fun

i won the game of KFS but Andy won GR2

fag update

Oct. 30th, 2005 07:52 pm
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almost 8pm.

have had no fags today (so far)

i'm starting to get a bit edgy now, i need to find something to do with my hands. unfortunately I dont have any huge balls of wool to knit pointlessly with my fingers, but I may have to buy one as i think its a good idea. maybe i'll try drawing something. just something to do with my hands to stop me reaching for the baccy.

its not helping that i get to spend the evening watching telly with Jamie and Andy, who will both chainsmoke their way through the evening. especially since Andy smokes Malboro lights, and they smell worse than Jamie's rollies


Oct. 30th, 2005 12:33 am
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my resolve is not perfect it would seem

Matt and Amanda's engagement party was much fun, even though I was driving so not drinking.

I caved after a while, and had a cigarette. but i only had 2. so its not so bad.

had a chat to Jane about quitting, she's reading a book about it at the moment, and was saying about how smokers lie to themselves very well. I am aware that me saying "2 fags is better than 10" is pure crap, but there we go

Jamie is very drunk, I am stone cold sober. This is not helping matters. I dislike being around drunk people when I am sober, but I refuse to start drinking now to "catch up"

so we shall play some worms with andy and then go to bed.
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Yesterday I made a decision. I ran out of tobacco, so instead of running to the nearest shop to buy some more, I gave my rizlas to Jamie and said "No More!"


so here is day one.

since we went out last night (and got a bit drunk), and I ate rich food and Jamie made me feel ill by eating lobster and talking about eating shellfish, i am not feeling 100%, so its been easy not to have a fag so far this morning. in a short while, we shall be going to the swimming pool for a bit of exercise, via Argos to buy a new phone for the house.

later on, we have Matt and Amanda's engagement party to go to.

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