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ok so zero improvement in Jamie's condition overnight, so this morning (after returning the van) I whisked him off to casualty. we were there for just under three hours, they took his blood to test, they took his blood pressure (which was still low, although not as dangerously low as it was on saturday), and they put him on a drip, to try and combat the extreme dehydration he was still suffering.

I tried to make him eat when we got home, but he threw it up again, so instead he slept lots. he's eaten some eggs now, the Irish nurse who was looking after him said that eggs would be good for him. eggs and 7up.

he seems a bit better now, but its going to take a while for him to get over this. he's lost a lot of weight too.

am undecided as to whether i want to leave him on his own tomorrow and go to work, or stay here to look after him. guess we'll see in the morning
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Well I have got Jamie home again. Drove up to Stone this morning, got there around half eleven. it took a while to find him, cos noone knew where he had been sent to go sleep. but we found him in the end

he had very acute food poisoning, so said the doctor at the hospital. apparently if he'd been ill for much longer before being seen he would have gone into a coma, which seems ridiculous given that 3 hours of his illness was waiting in Casualty to bee seen. but they gave him lots of injections, and he has drugs to take, including funky blackcurrant and citrus flavoured electrolytes to re-hydrate him.

I feel like shit, I hardly slept last night, and left early this morning (losing an hour to daylight savings didnt help much). Driving is knackering me at the moment because of all my sore aching muscles, and my flu is still with me (moved down into my chest now, so I have an agonising sore throat, and feel like I cant breathe). I'm ridiculously tired, but unable to sleep. It all nearly got a bit too much to deal with on the way home, but I managed to get us both here. Jamie looks very very ill, it really scared me to see him like that, especially since he was so much worse last night. He is sleeping now.

Looks like I wont be going to work tomorrow, either, as I have to take the van back to the rental place and stay here to make sure Jamie drinks and eats and stuff. No way I'm leaving him on his own to deal with this.

Massive Gold Star goes to Drew, for being such an angel and taking Jamie to the hospital yesterday.


Mar. 25th, 2006 11:07 pm
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trip to Cambridge went well, drive there was nice, had fun chatting to Beav and Laura about stuff, briefly saw Jen and Jan as well, drive home was nasty wet bad rain, but got home in plenty of time.

however, got a call from Jamie at half 8, he was on his way to Casualty, he's not very well at all. Am still waiting to hear from Drew to find out what the doctors said, was told at 9.30 that it would be at least 90 mins before they saw him. J sounded awful on the phone, I really really want to be there with him to make sure he's ok, if needs be I will drive up there tonight, but I'm waiting to see what they say before setting off as its dark and my legs are still sore and i'm very tired, I'd rather sleep and go in the morning than have J worrying about me driving up there in this state. i just wish someone would phone and tell me whats going on, I'm worried sick and I'm scared. I think I'll go to bed and try and sleep while I wait for the call.
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Jamie and I have a new monitor for Jamie's computer. Its amazing. one of them flat screen things, 19". Its huge! But takes up so less space than the old one.

me like a lot.

Although its very poo cos Jamie's all ill, and I'm exhausted, so we can't take full pleasure in geeking with it and Rome Total War.


Today is also the 11th anniversary of my kitten Daisy being run over and killed. I hadn't really thought about it much lately, but I was sat in work and as I typed in the date for the umpteenth time, all of a sudden my brain started reciting the poem I'd written for her all those years ago, and it all came flooding back. I nearly cried, but had to stop myself cos I was sat in the office and didn't want to look like an idiot.

Strange how things get - not forgotten, more like pushed aside - in our minds, and then something will just bring every memory rushing back. I could see her standing on my desk, in one instant both the fragile little kitten and the strong, adventurous cat she was growing into. I miss her.
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I appear to have come down with a serious outbreak of geekage. This is totally Jamie's brother's fault, for if Stuart had not bought Jamie "Rome Total War" for Christmas (albeit a rather late present, since we only picked it up on sunday last), I would not have become totally horribly and irrevocably addicted to it.

In other news, my whole going to the gym thing is working out really well. I went on my own for the first time on Tuesday, and wasnt scared (although it was full of pimply, stringy, weasely looking chav teenage boys all showing off on the weights). I can definately feel a difference from a fitness point of view, I have more energy and stuff and its all cool. I may even have lost some of my wobbly fat bits too, for although my weight is not changing, I am changing shape. Which means the fat is going and the muscles are getting better. So its all good.

Work has been very odd of late, we've finally been allowed to do all the stuff we've been trained to do, which is good. Sophie (one of the girls who started the same time as me) handed in her notice at the start of the week, because she's been struggling with having to deal with the crap job, not having anywhere to live, and her boyfriend-of-six-years's mother slowly dying from motor neurone disease. Anyway, the mother-in-law-to-be died earlier on this week, and my boss has managed to convince Sophie to stay, by being really nice to her and giving her loads of time off and stuff. Which is cool. Speaking of which, if anyone is feeling in a particularly generous mood, pop to and have a read, Sophie's partner Ian is running the Reading Half Marathon in April, and he's raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Foundation, who have been helping out loads with his mum over the last few years. Please, if you are able, donate something, even if its just a couple of quid. One of the last conversations his mum ever had was with Ian about how well his fundraising efforts were going.. Over the last few months I've been sharing in a lot of Sophie's anxiety and stress over the whole situation, and I was genuinly upset to hear that she had passed away. So please go and read what Ian has to say.

I have new cd's, classical stuff, Jewish cello music and Faure's Requiem. I got the Jewish cello stuff cos the first track is Kol Nidrei, the sonata that Jamie played on his double bass for his MA. A fabulous piece of music, I just wanted to know what the original sounded like. I have to say I prefer Jamie's version for the bass, but then its always going to have a special place in my heart. And the cello version is good.

I got stuck in hideous traffic on the way home, some accident on the M4 involving an arctic lorry, a van and two cars. GOING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. so all the closed lanes etc was on the other side of teh carrieageway. But I still got stuck in a crawl cos of everyone slowing down to look. Although, when I got there, I could see why. all the vehicles were in the ditch, the cars were all smashed up and the arctic lorry was on its side. bit of a nasty one. the queues were going all the way back to the M25. I feel sorry for all the commuters who have had to sit and wait in it on their drive back home for the weekend.

I'm off to go be useful now I think, I've rambled on for far too long. Then more Rome Total War, when Jamie gets home from work :-)

It occurs to me that I havent actually properly spoken to any of you in a long time. I'm crap at keeping in touch with my friends. I really am. i know it may seem like I have been ignoring you all, but I really havent. i'm just rubbish.

i love you all!
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well she came and we drank and she went. is the kind of short version of Gemma's visit

we did some shopping, had lunch at Watergates Bar (very yummy food), wandered back to teh flat, started on the red wine at about half 3pm, and didnt stop drinking it till 3am. there was tapas at La Tasca (also yummy food). there was much chattage and drinking and it was very nice indeed. conversation flowed very freely, there was no awkwardness. so all was well.

we were all very hung over this morning, myself particularly, as between us we drank our way through six bottles of very nice wine :-) so we wandered into town and had lunch in Wetherspoons.

I've been rather fragile all day, and kept feeling like I wanted to be sick, but at half 2, as we were leaving teh flat to walk Gemma to the train station, my hang over suddenly disappeared, and i feel great now.

so yes, a very pleasant and successful weekend.

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