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Yay, dentist is over now. All in all, it wasn't so bad. Had my check-up, he took his x-rays, and advised me that I need three fillings. Well, I need one new filling, one old filling replacing, and one old filling repairing, to be more accurate.

Appointment booked for 5th February, is going to cost me lots of money (well, £185) but will be worth it I think in the end. My new dentist is from South Africa, and he's very friendy and useful and explained things in a sensible way and everything. Of course, it remains to be seen how nice a dentist he is as he has not yet been anywhere near my mouth with needles or drills!

When I came home, Crotchspider was the cat greeting me at the door, not Fidget. Which was a little weird. A quick search for Fidget located him fast asleep in his bed upstairs. So I am currently sitting in the living room with Crotchspider for company. I know I shouldn't, and the RSPCA told me not to encourage him, but he's so cute and friendly. I can't help myself.
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And while yesterday I was looking forward to it with a degree of excitement, today reality is biting and I am now somewhat dreading it, new shiny dentist or not, he's still a dentist!

Although I am interested to see what my x-rays look like, given the large increase in metal in my teeth since the last one I saw! I'm also looking forward to telling him my dentist story.

I have one more hour to go in work, and then I have to cheese it across town on my bike to get to the surgery. I rather sensibly booked the afternoon off, so this afternoon will be filled with going to the gym, laundry and housework. but not chocolate.
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So I rang my dentist this morning, to double check what time my appointment was for on Monday, as I didn't have it written in my calendar anywhere.

Apparently, my dentist no longer works Mondays and Tuesdays, and the earliest replacement appointment I could have was for 10.25am on Saturday 31st January.

"Screw this," says I, after my complaint to the woman at the dentist of "well I've been waiting to have this work done since August, and you keep cancelling my appointments" fell on seemingly deaf and uncaring ears. Went online, had a butchers for some new dentists. Rang a couple, to find out how much private dentistry costs.

The first practice I rang charged £80 for the introductory appointment, and then charged by time, not by treatment. £57 per 15 minutes. "Sod that," says I. This private dentistry lark is looking to be very expensive indeed. Then I found a much more reasonable one, very nicely situated next door to my vets on London Road. £65 for my inital appointment (including x-rays) and the charges per treatment seem very reasonable. I made an appointment for 12pm on Thursday 15th January. They are posting out the registration forms with my appointment card, so I just have to fill those out before I go.

I then phoned my current dentist back up to cancel the appointment on the 31st. "can I ask why you are cancelling?" says the woman. "I'm going private with a different practice" says I. "oh well, thats your choice" says the woman in what could be considered a rude tone of voice. I don't really care, love. At least now I'll actually get my tooth fixed!

Odd thing to be excited about, but I am slightly excited about the prospect of actual dental 'care', as that seems to be somewhat lacking in the NHS service at the moment.

i die now?

Dec. 9th, 2008 02:09 pm
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Second exam went ok. was in the slightly warmer hall, so with my extra layers I was warm enough. Still felt pretty rubbish by 12 though. I am now curled up in bed with Fidget (I've got my dressing gown on, which he loves, so while i sit up and drink my lemsip he is curled up on my lap, underneath the duvet), drinking my lemsip and listening to Saint-Saens. I dont want to sleep, but I need a lie down as i'm all achy. cycling in the cold really doesnt help!

chances of me going to work tomorrow nosediving.

oh, but i did call in my dentist on the way home, and got a new appointment for the 12th Jan.
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This is fucking ridiculous.

Back in August (the 25th, I think), I broke my tooth eating some frozen chocolate buttons. On the 26th I phoned my dentist, and managed to get an appointment for the 10th September (!)

I went to my appointment, where the surgery was in chaos as their computer system had died and they were unable to do any procedures. "Thats ok," says I. "I'll have my checkup anyway."

So I had my check up, and they told me I needed to have my filling replaced. I paid for my checkup (using my card, for which I have proof on my bank statement). They said "Call back in a couple of days, because we can't make you an appointment without the computer system."

It took me ages to get through to them and actually make an appointment, the earliest date for which they had available was something around the 13th November (ish, I can't remember the exact date). It was a Thursday, I remember that much.

Anyway, I get a phone call on the Tuesday morning the week of my appointment. "Dentist is sick, we're cancelling your appointment". Earliest available re-schedule was for today, 4th December, at 2pm.

So I had today off, was going to study in morning, then go to dentist. Get a phone call at about 1.15pm, just as I am about to leave the house. "Dentist is going home sick, we're cancelling your appointment." The message on my phone told me to call back to arrange a new appointment, so i did. The phone rang, and was answered with "Can you phone back in 20 minutes as I'm really busy cashing up and have to phone and cancel all the appointments this afternoon!".

So I haven't called them back yet, as I was distracted by a post-exam visit from [ profile] black_faery and now its too late.I shall call them tomorrow morning. If they try and tell me the earliest they can see me is the middle of January I will not be impressed!!! Its been three-and-a-half months since I broke my tooth, and its starting to really annoy me now.

Stupid useless NHS service.
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And for the first time in 7 or 8 years, I'm not at Renewal. This is only now starting to feel weird. Every now and again, we look at the clock and say "if we were there, we'd be doing this right now..." and for some reason I'm not desperately wishing I was!

Yesterday was what bank holidays should be about. Lazy morning, trip to Asda to buy food and booze (we may have overspent this week - three bottles of wine and a huge bottle of vodka we werent expecting to buy... ooops), spent most of the day playing Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms (the Americas campaign, as New Spain), then spent the evening playing Champions of Norath on Andy's PS2 (Thanks to Ros for the heads up on this game - we found it in Bournemouth in a Gamestation while looking desperately for Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2).

We didnt go to bed till 3am, we were enjoying the looting so much!

Today is Jamie's birthday, so far all we have done is play with his birthday present (a Creative Zen Stone mp3 player) and search fruitlessly for an NHS dentist who actually answers the phone. See last night I was eating some giant chocolate buttons what I had put in the freezer, and I managed to break off the side of one of my teeth. Luckily (!) it was one that was already filled, so instead of exposing nerves its just exposed filling. I called my dentist this morning, and the woman was very rude at me and talked over me and didnt really listen to me, and wouldnt give me anything sooner than the 10th September. So I've been looking on the internets for any other NHS dentists in the area and trying to call them, but noone is answering. Lines are all busy. And there's only about three practises actually registering NHS adults, and I can't afford to go private. So I guess its going to have to wait 2 weeks, which is really irritating. It doesnt hurt, but I can't stop playing with it, cos it feels all weird. I wonder how he will fix it?

Plan for the day is mostly relaxing. Will almost definately involve more computer games, and also hopefully the dyeing of my hair. We have chicken for lunch (thighs and drumsticks - we had them roasted last night with lemon and [homegrown] tarragon, today we'll have them with the 'seasoning for chicken' because we're lazy) and we're having aubergines for dinner, provided we can go out and find some as Asda didnt have any yesterday. The starter I had in the restaurant on Saturday was aubergines in a tomato sauce with mozarella on top, and we have a recipe for it from the James Martin Collection, so we're going to try it out. So we'll need to go on an aubergine hunt later on as well.

Fidget's been excessively soppy since we got back, is following us around like a lost puppy, constantly leaping up for cuddles and not leaving us alone. its very cute. last night he fell asleep on his armchair while we were playing games, and ended up fast asleep on his back with all four legs in the air! I took pictures, will post at some point.
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Just a quick one for you all, to let you know that nothing horrible happened to me in hospital yesterday!

I survived my operation intact (well as intact as one can be when one has had needles stuck in you and 4 teeth ripped out). Being under a general anaesthetic was very weird. It was like one minute I was completely awake, watching my heart rate rapidly increasing as I got mildly panicky about the needle going in the back of my hand, then the next thing I know its 55 minutes later, I'm i a completely different room and my mouth is all numb (cos I had a local anaesthetic as well - aren't I special). All in all, it was cool cos I got to the hospital at 7.30am, and left just before 1pm. And they fed me Weetabix complete with loads of sugar and warm milk before I left too. My mouth now feels very strange, cos I'm not used to not having all my teeth yet. Not really in much pain, more of a dull ache that set in when the local anaesthetic wore off. so I've been merrily supping my soluble paracetemol/codeine combo, and when the rest of the general anaesthetic leaves my system later on today, I may up my dosage and add in some ibuprofen too, but that depends on how bad it hurts.

So I now have the rest of the week off!

Spent most of yesterday afternoon pottering about and generally chilling, although I did get quite a bit of tidying and reorganisation done in the house. Most of the evening was spend cuddled up to the black cat Crackwhore on the sofa, as he decided to move in last night! We managed to kick him out when we went to bed circa 1am, but when I went outside this morning to check the weather when I got up at half seven, he was sitting waiting for me in the garden and raced straight into the house! He left again, after I'd given him a bit of turkey. I'm sure he'll be back later.

Its pleasantly not-hot today, compared to yesterday's horror, and I'm kind of enjoying walking around town in the rain. Don't really feel much like I shouldnt be in work, so its like extra holiday rather than proper sick leave. Which is awesome.
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Well, I am impressed with the Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospital. Not only is it within walking distance of my house, but it is very easily navigatable, its corridors are clean and nicely decorated, what I saw of its facilities were good; I arrived early for my appointment (9.40ish, my appointment was at 10.10) so was set for a long wait, but lo! at 9.45 did a voice issue from the desk calling my name, and I was in and out before 10am! Verily I am pleased.

Basically, he had a look at my wisdom teeth - obviously the one with the huge cavity of doom has to come out, but my dentist though the bottom left one would too. The orthodontist looked at them and said "ah what the hell, we'll take out all four". He then gave me the choice of having them taken out under local anaesthetic, or having a general and having them taken out in a proper operation. I have opted for the general anaesthetic, as he started talking about nasty things like cutting gums to get the teeth out etc and I really would rather not to be awake and aware of it.

So there we go, now I'm just waiting for the letter in the post, to tell me when the operation is. I've been referred to the hospital in Newbury, because the waiting list there is shorter. It means Jamie will have to take me there and back, but I'll only be there half a day.

Its all good.
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Okay, so I don't post on here as much as I used to...

Lets see, whats happened recently:

Rugby! Six Nations started in earnest. Saturday was pretty much given over to the rugby, we watched Ireland vs Italy here, then raced to the pub to watch Wales vs England. Game was good, marred only by three things:

  1. Wales lost.
  2. There was a complete twat of an English fan in the pub who was a) obviously ex-public school boy b) didn't know anything about rugby c) extremely loud/racist/offensive towards the Welsh (of whom there were a fair number in the pub).
  3. Jamie and I got very very drunk and (Jamie in particular) were rather unwell. This resulted in bad moods and arguing and stuff.

Sunday was nice and sedate, we had a lie in, went to the supermarket, watched an awesome game of rugby (Scotland vs France).

Rest of this week has been fairly normal, except the servers in Jamie's office broke because of some stupid guy fixing the lifts, so he had two days off work, which wasnt good as he has had loads of stuff going on in work that he needed to be there for.

Yesterday evening, Jamie and I went to the South Reading Leisure Centre, for our gym inductions. A lovely Austrian man gave us forms to fill in, took our money, took terrible photos of us to put on our membership cards, and showed us how to use all the equipment. I was a little scared and nervous cos I'd never been to a gym before, but it was nice. It wasn't too busy there, as there weren't that many people about. None of the machines are complicated, and its all good. After he finished showing us how to use everything, we stayed for a bit longer and did a bit of exercise, but not too much. On Tuesday next week we're going to have fitness assessments done, to see how unhealthy we really are, and to help us work out an exercise plan. All I need to do really is get my general fitness levels up, and lose the slightly wobbly belly I seem to have developed.

The gym membership is actually very good, we're paying 21 quid a month, which gets us unlimited access to 3 Fitness Factory gyms (two of which are within walking distance of our house) and 7 swimming pools, as well as free access to all the group exercises e.g. aerobics classes. And free fitness assessments in the gym. How cool is that.

We're aiming for getting all fit and stuff in time for the start of LRP season. Its going to be cool.

I'm not going to bother with extensive whinging about my job etc now, cos i'm in a pretty good mood and I dont want to spoil it. I have the day off tomorrow, as I am off to hospital in the morning for my consultation with the orthodontist, about the removal of my wisdom teeth. My appointment is at 10.10am, but apparently I have to go to X-ray first, and it says to go there at least an hour before your appointment. however, it then says they wont take another x-ray if your dentist took one in the last 6 months, and i have the one my dentist took at the start of december, so do i need to go to x-ray at all? I'm confused. I guess I'll go to x-ray anyway, and then sit around with a book and my mp3 player until my appointment. it does give me the rest of the day off to do useful things that i otherwise dont have the time to do (don't ask me what they are, I dont know).

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Lets see, a number of new and exciting things have happened to me in the last few days.

Lets see if I can remember them all.

Friday morning - dentistry )

Friday - work news )

Today - Jamie's hair cut )

Today - scary relationship type stuff )


Dec. 1st, 2005 06:13 pm
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well i went back to the dentist today.

He x-rayed my teeth, discovered millions of cavities, and gave me 2 fillings.

he's referred me to hospital for the removal of my wisdom tooth, and i have to go back at least 3 or 4 times to get the rest of my teeth filled. the smaller ones he is going to leave, and when i get my checkup in 6 months he will check them again, and see if they've got bigger.

i'm under strict instructions to brush my teeth properly at least twice a day, floss my teeth properly and use mouthwash. i am also trying to reduce the amount of sugary snacks i eat.

regarding smoking, i am now on 5 days of course, and am finding myself completely lacking in cravings. there is a cigarette sitting on the desk in front of me, and i am 100% not tempted to even pick it up. how cool is that.


Nov. 24th, 2005 05:07 pm
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ok well i went.

it was scary, but not as scary as its going to be

i need to have 2 teeth removed, 4 fillings etc etc etc

not nice at all.
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well I found an NHS dentist. I have an appointment for 3.30pm. I'm very scared

As I was driving in to work this morning I had a strange sick feeling in my stomach. Its not good.

In other news, Jamie's work collegue Andy managed to lock his keys/mobile etc in the office last night (including his set of the keys for the office), so Jamie brought him home and he crashed at ours. I like this Andy, he's a nice friendly bloke. We sat round watching telly mainly, as the new David Attenborough thing was on. Which was very good. Then we watched Tremors. Which is an awful movie, yet also a brilliant one.

I am very tired this morning.


Nov. 23rd, 2005 08:26 am
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ok, time to face my fears.

I have a slight problem with one of my teeth, in that it has a gaping hole in it (too much cherry coke, not enough dental care..)

last night, while tucking in to a lovely shepherds pie I made, i got a peppercorn stuck in said hole. This hurt like hell.

i got it out, sat going ow for a bit, then discovered a bit of my tooth had come off.

so i now have to ring a dentists and get an appointment.

i am very scared of going to the dentist. probably why i've been putting it off for so long.

Jamie says he'll come with me though, and hold my hand.

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