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WooHoo I got a 2:ii thats exactly what I was expecting and what I needed so I'm happy :)
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I'm starting to feel extremely strange. I get my degree results in 3 hours or so, so I'm all nervous about that. Beaver is here, but not -here- so thats a little weird too. And I've just taken down all my photos and cards from my pinboards, my drawings from the wall and my door; my room now looks more like an empty shell with some stuff in it, rather than my room. Which is very sad and depressing.

I think its actually sinking in now that I'm leaving York in just a few days. I just know I'm going to miss everything about it, even though for the last term and a half all I've done is work and play on my computer and not socialise at all really. I'm leaving all the people, all the weekly social events, all the pubs and restaurants I love, for a town and a place that I hardly know at all, where noone else in the world seems to live, or anywhere close by.

Why am I doing this again?
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being woken up by the fire alarm test is not fun

it raining is not fun

having to wait till 4pm before I get my degree results is not fun..
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Well I successfully avoided having a bloody Viva for my degree, but not before they dragged out the process of posting the list by forcing us all into a really hot lecture theatre to be told all about vivas by the senior external examiner, who was trying very hard to make us feel less nervous and scared but failing miserably..

but the list went up and Ben and I werent on it, so we went straight to the pub to celebrate our relief.. and ended up spending nearly half an hour trying to open the damn bottles of beer without a bottle opener...

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