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was supposed to go running, but it was too hot!

went straight to gym from work, on a stupidly hot bus, which almost failed to stop by the park. The studio was nice and cool again, what with all the air conditioning, but within 5 mins of starting my workout I was dying of heat-related hideousness.

Am currently playing with different combinations with the warm up and cool down. I think my favourite warm up is A (because it plays Dido) and my favourite cool down is C (because it plays Robbie Williams). Am still working with main body A, because I am determined to get better at it. I start with all the good intentions of following level 2, but I get halfway through and start to die, so I have to sit out on the 'waves' section. I do feel myself getting better though, so it won't be long before I can stick with level 2 all the way through :-)

Jamie was supposed to come with me last night, but he bailed on me at the last minute. Just as well though, as although there are many  bikes and screens, only 3 of them appear to be working at the moment, and they were all in use.
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So as I am driving up to Milton Keynes tonight after work, I am unable to go for my Thursday night run as usual.

So I've done it at lunchtime instead. We're almost right on top of the Thames here in my office - it's only a short walk away. So I ran down the Thames path, from Caversham Lock up to the mouth of the Kennet, and back again. Pretty much took me almost all the way home - the Kennet's mouth is just round the corner from our place.

I now face an uncomfortable afternoon being all sweaty in the office - we have no showering facilities!

Am recouperating with a nice ham and cheese panini and some squash :-)
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So I failed to update last night when I did my spinning, so here goes a double whammy on the exercise updates for you!


Spinning! Got the bus from work straight to the gym, and this time did option C for the warm up, work out and cool down sections. Hard work again, although I've realised I'm sort of halfway between level one and level two, because I can mostly keep up with the main woman but every now and again I have to admit defeat and chill out at level one.

I think I prefer options A, to the others. I will test this theory by doing options A again on Wednesday and seeing how that goes.


Today was Couch to 5km running! When I came home from work, it was very hot and sunny outside, so we opted for waiting till it cooled down. So we chilled out and had dinner (chilli and tacos), and then when it was cool, we headed out. Because we'd recently eaten, we didn't think it was wise to push ourselves too hard, so we stuck to the 90sec/120sec rotation for one more session.

The first 90secs were horrendous, but then I warmed up into it and in the end it wasn't so bad!

Remains to be seen how well I cope by the end of the week. Spinning again tomorrow!
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So Jamie forced me out running today (literally, about half an hour ago - we've only just got back in)

90 secs running/2 mins walking, six repeats.

I am hot and sweaty and tired, but also feel good. It was not particularly horrendous, so starting this week we are bumping up a notch, and moving onto the next stage, which is two repeats of the following:

Jog 90secs/walk 90 secs/jog 3 mins/walk 3 mins.

I expect to find it very difficult, at least for the first try on Tuesday. Thursday should be better.

There will also be myride spinning tomorrow evening.
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Workout Five

So today was the difficult day. As last week showed, Thursday is a day when I come home from work and simply cannot be bothered to exercise. Today is made worse by the absense of my training partner, who is oop North getting rained on in a muddy field!

However, big thank you goes to [profile] utopia_necro for making me do it anyway.

Any fears I had that I would get rained on were unfounded, because the sun came out as I was walking to the park.

So 6 repeats of run 90secs walk 120secs later, and I feel great! Right leg started to feel a bit odd on the last cycle, I am attributing this to my sticking to the paths today instead of running on the grass, because it was all damp and I didn't want to a) fall over or b) get wet feet and ankles.

Out of curiosity, I did some heart rate counting while I was out. Didn't do it before I left (which was silly of me), but after my 5 min warm up walk to the park I was on 124 bpm (all numbers are approximate, as I was using the count-for-15-seconds-then-multiply-by-four method, rather than my heart rate monitor). After my first running section, it was more like 138. At the end of my last session, it was still up in the 130s, around 132. When I got home, it was closer to 128 and now I've been sat here for about five minutes, its down to 104. As I said, I have no idea what my normal, resting heart rate is, nor do I know whether these numbers are good or bad.

I think for Sunday's run I will dig out the heart rate monitor and keep track of it all the way around.
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Workout Four

So week two of the programme began in earnest today, stepping up from last week. This week I get to enjoy 90secs run/2 min walk cycles, a total of 6 for the 20 mins.

Psychologically, this was good, because although I was running further each time, overall I felt like I was running less, because it was only six times instead of eight!

The first cycle was really tough, but once I eased into it, it got better.

Thursday's gonna be tough, without Jamie's support!

I think I'm going to stretch this level of the programme for a couple more sessions, just to make sure I don't overdo it.
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Workout Three

So today was the last of the 60secs/90secs rotations. Next week we move onto 90secs/120secs.

Today was much hotter than previous two workouts. Direct sunlight for much of the circuit, plus bizarre cross winds. I do have to get used to running in the sun though, because on 19th July at 3pm its likely to be sunny (I got sunburn last year).

Today I struggled a little bit, possibly a combination of the heat, having a full belly before starting out (there was a much smaller time-gap between breakfast and run, than between lunch and run when I go after work) and maybe not having had a proper nights sleep. Anyway, I was complaining of a stitch after the first 60 second run, and by the 4th cycle I was really starting to struggle. So once we'd done six cycles, we stopped and leaned against a bench in the shade of a rather fabulously old and large beech tree. After a brief rest, I was good to go, and we managed to get through the last two repetitions, neatly finishing at the traffic lights!

Jamie had a massive headache as well, so I'm actually really pleased we made it through.

I only have Jamie for company for one of the workouts next week, as he's away from Wednesday evening till Monday evening. So Thursday and Sunday this week I'll be running on my own, and possibly Tuesday next week also.

Am interested to see how I cope with the new workout...
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Workout Two

Well I got home from work today and really didn't feel like doing my running workout. Jamie was pretty tired as well (on account of the having to get up really early to take the car to the garage for 8am), but he made me do it.

And I am very glad that he did. A cunning plan to start our workout on the opposite end of the park to the entrance meant we actually finished at the gates, so there was a shorter walk home and a longer walk to warm up with. It was cooler today, as the sky has clouded over, which actually made it easier.

My shins are not very happy, and are the first part of my body to start hurting when I run. However, improvements on Tuesday - I didn't develop a stitch in my side until the 6th repetition, whereas on Tuesday I had one after the first two. So my infallible logic suggests I wont get one at all next time, which is likely to be Sunday morning.

Now I'm just waiting for my dinner to finish cooking - I put jacket potatoes in the oven before we went out for our run, and they're not ready yet,

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Week One, Workout One

Brisk walk - 5 mins (warm up)
Alternate Jog 60 seconds, Walk 90 seconds for twenty minutes (8 repetitions)

All in all, it worked out pretty well. The walk from our house to Palmer park is 5 mins exactly, when walked briskly (I timed it). And then there's a handy wall against which to stretch the relevant muscles before embarking on the jog/walk bit.

I bought a new watch today, with both a countdown timer function and a stopwatch function. So I set the countdown timer for 21 minutes, to time the overall workout, and used the stopwatch to time the individual sections. Overall distance covered is approximately 1.5 miles, which was a lap and a half of the park. The 60 second running section was just long enough to have me feeling "Oh god I want to stop running now", but not so long that I actually died at any point. And the 90 seconds of walking felt like it went by just as fast as the 60 seconds of running!

We both (for Jamie is doing it all with me to support me) managed it without any real problems, and felt pretty good afterwards.

Repeat performance on Thursday, then again on Sunday.

Week two, if we're feeling ready for it (!) we up the times, i goes to 90 seconds/120 seconds (jog/walk)

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